Dyson meets dogs in this awesome yet horrifying dogshaped vacuum

first_imgIf your dog is as omnivorous and disgusting a pooch as mine, he’s probably a living, breathing vacuum cleaner already. I certainly know that when I spill a drink on the floor, or drop a piece of pizza, or accidentally knock over a jar of spaghetti sauce, Ralph Wrinkles can already be counted upon to bound insanely into the room and hoover it up before I’ve even got a chance to reach for the paper towels… a quality in the mutt that has, on occasion, backfired upon him, most notably during a particularly epic cocktail night in which several vodka martinis were knocked off the coffee table at once.So what’s the point of a vacuum cleaner that just looks like a dog? Easy: if your puppy is scared of the vacuum cleaner, this invention is meant to set him at ease.The dog-shaped vacuum cleaner was patented back in the 1970s by Ann Margaret Zaleski, and it’s entire purpose is to prevent a dog from being stressed out when you vacuum its hair after a grooming by shoving the vacuum into a dog-shaped chassis, Trojan Horse style.Sadly, the dog-shaped vacuum cleaner never went up for sale, which I think we can all be grateful for. It’s one of those inventions that is more perfect as a crystallized idea than as an actual product. God knows the inevitable calamity that would strike if such an invention was introduced into this household: given Ralph Wrinkles’ amorous inclinations towards anything even remotely dog shaped, the last thing I want to introduce him to is a canine doppelganger with a Dyson for an orifice.Read more at Futility Closet (via Technabob)last_img read more