Holiday plants

first_imgBy Bodie V. PennisiUniversity of GeorgiaAs the winter holidays near, the first flower that comes to mind is probably the poinsettia. Against a backdrop of evergreens, its bold, red foliage creates a dramatic, living decoration.Available in many colors now, poinsettias’ popularity is well-deserved. But other deserving flowering plants will nicely complement your holiday decorations, too.All of these plants will add living color to your holiday decoration and help you enjoy the yule-flower spirit throughout the season:Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera — Zygocactus — species) is an old-time favorite that gets its name from its dependable holiday flowering.A succulent perennial from the tropics, Christmas cactus is an epiphyte, which means it lives on other plants. Unlike a parasitic plant, which gets nutrients from its host, epiphytes use their host simply as substrate, a place to live. And unlike many cacti, this one has no spines.Christmas cactus is one of the most widely cultivated and enjoyed groups of cacti in the world. They have been extensively hybridized to produce many colors of flowers, including magenta, white, pink, salmon and orange. Keep plants in bright light and on the dry side.Christmas peppers (Capsicum annuum) are cultivars of our garden peppers that have been selected for fruit color and form. The fruits, which are often quite hot to the taste, can be globe- or cone-shaped and range from yellow, orange and red to green and purple.Buy plants with good fruit color, as good color won’t develop in the low light of home environments. Since this is a true annual, discard the plants when the fruit fades.African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) are rosette-forming perennials with oval, medium to dark green leaves that are covered with hairs. The leaves may be ruffled, scalloped, quilted or even variegated. The flowers are produced year-round in blue, lavender, pink, red, white and bi-colors. Miniature varieties also are available.African violets grow best with bright (but not direct) light, constant conditions and high humidity.Gloxinias (Sinningia speciosa), close relatives of African violets, are tuber-forming perennials with rosettes of oval to oblong, scalloped, dark green leaves that are covered with velvety hairs.They produce single or clustered, trumpet-shaped red, violet-blue, pink, white or bi-colored flowers. A 6-inch gloxinia will have a dozen or more buds and will continue to flower for three to four weeks, if properly cared for.Treat gloxinias as African violets: Avoid high-intensity, direct sunlight. Water them from the saucer with warm water (at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit). Keep them on the moist side but not waterlogged. And avoid cold or hot drafts.Reiger begonias (Begonia hiemalis) look very similar to the garden tuberous and “Nonstop” begonias. The leaves are somewhat glossy and can break easy. Both single and double flowers may be found on the same plant.Riegers are relatively tolerant of sun exposure and temperature and prefer a slightly moist medium. A high-quality plant will be at least half-covered by flowers.Kalanchoe (genus Kalanchoe) is perhaps the most durable of the red-flowering potted plants you can find in the holiday season. It has a fleshy stem and toothed or scalloped, fleshy leaves.Kalanchoe will be happy when warm and dry. However, drought stress will shorten the flower life.Blushing bromeliad (Neoregelia carolinae) is an epiphytic bromeliad with an open rosette of strap-shaped, toothed, mid-green or variegated leaves. The inner leaves are purplish to red, and the flowers are violet or lavender.Bromeliads like bright light and warmth. Be careful to not overwater the soil, but keep the central vase formed by the leaves filled with rainwater or distilled water. Feed them by spraying the leaves with a dilute fertilizer solution.last_img read more

Machine sales & interactive growth boost Scientific Games Q1 performance

first_img Scientific Games confirms Michael Eklund as inbound Group CFO  May 22, 2020 StumbleUpon Perelman fund reviews majority shareholding in Scientific Games July 16, 2020 Share Related Articles Scientific Games appoints Rich Schneider as group product strategy lead April 22, 2020 Submit Share Publishing its Q1 2016 results Nasdaq-listed Scientific Games Corporation (SGC) has published its ‘sixth consecutive quarter of growth’, driven by strong machine gaming sales and its interactive division.Q1 2017 revenues rose 6% to $725 million, up from $682 million a year ago. Revenue growth was supported by a 24% increase in global unit shipments and a 33% increase in interactive revenues.A strong Q1 revenue performance would support the firm’s operating income, which increased 75% to $88 million  (Q1 2016: $50.3 million).The Las Vegas company continues to pay installments on its reduced corporate debt of approximately $8 billion. The firm would report a period Net loss of $100 million compared with $92.3 million in the prior-year period, as the increase in operating income was offset by a $29.7 million loss on extinguishment and modification of debt and a $35.9 million increase in the income tax provision.Kevin Sheehan, Chief Executive Officer of Scientific Games commented on company performance“Our continued steady improvement in revenue and margin are a direct result of our focus on creating innovative products that drive demand and our commitment to operational excellence,”“This is a great start to the year, with all three of our business segments contributing to growth. We have a tremendous global team firmly focused on unlocking the power of our brands, strengthening our commitment to innovation, and executing a disciplined fiscal approach to enhance long-term shareholder value. We are building for our future.”last_img read more

MP Bob Zimmer concerned over intended purpose of Bill C-71

first_imgZimmer says he will have to wait and see where this bill goes but feels that C-71 is aimed at the wrong people.“We’ll see where it goes. It’s just that I think C-71 is just, again, aimed at the wrong people.”Bill C-71 is now awaiting Royal Assent and approval by the Govern General before it becomes law. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Federal Liberal Government has passed its firearm legislation, Bill C-71, through the Senate on Tuesday night.According to the Government, the Bill, which oversees background checks and gun sale records, aims to reduce and deal with gun violence across the Country.Local Conservative MP, Bob Zimmer, says while he supports background checks for gun owners, he has concerns that this bill will not be used for its intended purpose for keeping guns out of the hands of criminals but instead targets law-abiding owners.- Advertisement -“It’s got its challenges and the whole C-71 is a document that was supposed to be written to combat gangs and guns in our cities but gangs isn’t even mentioned in the legislation and it reestablishes a back door registry, a front door registry and makes many changes to add red tape to lawful firearm owners.”According to Zimmer, the Liberal Government treats all gun owners as criminals and does not seem to recognize the fact that many gun owners are law-abiding citizens.“Lawful firearm owners are some of the most law-abiding citizens we have in our country. It’s like the Liberal side doesn’t understand that and treats anybody with a firearm as though they are a criminal.”Advertisementlast_img read more