Drew Carey Makes Joke About The String Cheese Incident On “The Price Is Right” [Watch]

first_imgCome on down, you’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right! If you’re lucky, you might even get host Drew Carey to crack a joke about a jam band.That’s what happened on a recent episode of the long-standing game show, when Carey used an actual string cheese to poke fun at the lengthy guitar solos that one might expect from The String Cheese Incident. The joke came during the pricing game “Pick a Pair,” where contestants have to choose items that have the same price.When the contestant Adam chose string cheese, Carey says “The String Cheese Incident… 45 minute guitar solo…” before revealing the price of the cheese. Watch it all go down below. While the original episode appeared in March, we didn’t catch the joke until the rerun today. Keep on Cheesin’, Drew!last_img read more

Math festival helps educate students

first_imgThe Mathematics Graduate Students Association at USC held their second annual Math Festival in Hahn Plaza on Wednesday, where different branches of mathematics were explained to students.Can Oguz, a Ph.D. student in mathematics at USC, was the president of MGSA last year. He came up with the idea of the math festival and manned the algebra table.“I really like the idea of having this math festival. I am a TA and I get more questions like, ‘What else is there in math?’” Oguz said. “The courses in math are limited and I think this festival was our only way to communicate what else is there beside the regular curriculum in mathematics.”Six tables represented each area of mathematics that were highlighted: topology, geometry, combinatorics, algebra, probability and analysis. Students had the chance to win prizes depending on the number of stars they won for math games, like forming shapes out of pentominoes and dividing a shape into a number of other equal shapes on the combinatorics table. Each table had graduate students explain different math concepts.Ezgi Kantarci, the president of MGSA and a graduate student in mathematics said that the highlight of the festival were the games.“Organizing this festival was hectic, but it is also fun,” Kantarci said. “I get to play games with people all day, and plus we get a lot of positive reactions about math. So that is the best part.”The topology table depicted the area of mathematics that studies different types of knots, links and braids. It was explained by the secretary of MGSA, Ilknur Egilmez.“It is interesting to know that people actually study knot theory and it is something that is never shown in a class,” Egilmez said. “Mathematics is not only about integrals or something that you need to struggle with. So this festival will really change their [student’s] perspective towards math.”On the geometry table, students dipped different symmetrical geometric shapes formed out of wire into soap water to see how the film formed by the wire took on different shapes. Professor Francis Bonahon of the mathematics department explained the phenomenon of minimal surfaces formed by these soap films around symmetric shapes.Students had to solve analytical problems in order to earn a star at the analysis table. The probability table had a game of dice to teach students about probability.The graduate students of the math department organized this festival with the help of the Academic Culture Assembly. Two graduate students of the computer science department, Eric Heiden and Bhaskar Bandyopadhyay reflected on the festival.“I got to learn many new things about harmonographs, probabilities, complex algebra as well as combinatorics,” Bandyopadhyay said. “So it was very good.”Heiden also recapped the positive aspects of the festival.“It is a great event, and I think the math department got us some new things to see on campus, so it was really interesting,” Heiden said.last_img read more

Mere subterfuge and deception

first_imgDear Editor,There has certainly been a buzz around Guyana since the discovery of oil in commercially exploitable quantities.  Every day you can read something about Guyana internationally, be it in the Oil & Gas Journal, the New York Times, and so on.  But no one speaks about the Guyanese economic prospect of the high risk of wasting all these funds because of corrupt ruling politicians and weak national institutions.When President Granger spoke from the Parliament Buildings on May 16, 2015, he said, “Let us now put past rivalries behind us and work in unity to banish poverty, ignorance, fear, and hatred. We assemble here today to witness the swearing in, not of a party leader, but of the President of all the people. I shall be a good President for all the people”. Editor, what do you think of his rhetoric now?Between the rhetoric and the reality, all we got from Team Granger so far was a fairy tale after they spent some $1.1 trillion of taxpayers’ money.One is struck by the complete lack of commitment and competence by Team Granger toward this concept of the “good life”. After four (4) years of Grangerism, the road to a new Guyana appears littered with the wreckage of the usually empty PNC messages from the past. These messages – “the good life”, “a Government of national unity”, “the opportunity to offer democratic renewal”, and so on, were all offered by Mr Granger personally.But since that offering, all that Team Granger has done was embark on a massive administrative disaster fuelled by high levels of policy paralysis and gross incompetence. This situation is nothing but a bad omen for the Guyanese people.They have delivered very little of what they promised after these four (4) years. It was Team Granger who promised to “free the people from the shackles of racism” but yet in every single appointment they have made, the evidence reveals a ratio of them choosing, 9 out of 10 times, people who are “kith and kin” (Hoyte’s words) and “PNC people” (Volda’s words).These people promised to solve the endemic problems of corruption, nepotism and crime but they have not. It was Mr Granger himself who promised to “protect our citizens” using his military training to guide policies to allow the Guyanese people to feel safe.  Today every woman, man, and child are at a greater risk of being robbed, murdered or physically harmed at the hands of domestic terrorists (drug-infused-kick-down-the-door armed bandits included).Thus, if one reflects on these Granger phrases, they appear as mere subterfuge and deception.  All that talk on the foyer of the Guyana Parliament on May 15, 2015, were really a smokescreen for the real agenda, which Team Granger pursued diligently since coming to the office.The rational middle not was fooled because regardless of how you dress up Team Granger, it is nothing but the same old PNC with its nepotism, political intolerance, major acts of conflict of interest, executive incompetence and financial squander.That is their legacy.  The Granger legacy!  The PNC legacy!Regards,Sasenarine Singhlast_img read more