Phish Played Over 200 Songs On Their 20-Show Summer Tour

first_imgLast night, Phish wrapped up a fun summer tour that saw the band play a total of 20 shows in 13 cities. While the band still has more performances on the docket, including two nights at LOCKN’ Festival and three nights at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park over Labor Day weekend, the bulk of the band’s scheduled travels are now complete. Naturally, while we wait for rumored fall tours and new albums to be announced, we wanted to reflect on the tour as a whole.In total, the band performed 205 songs over 20 shows, including a full eighty-four songs that were only played once all summer. In contrast, last year Phish played only 171 songs from the start of their summer tour through Magnaball, which was a total of 22 shows. In 2014, their 25-show tour brought 156 songs. Sufficed to say, Phish dug deep into their catalog and brought out a lot of classics, including jams like “The Sloth,” “The Lizards,” “Tela,” “McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters.” They also brought out tunes like “Let Me Lie,” “Round Room,” and “Demand,” as well as the full Fuego album (including bust outs of “Sing Monica” and “Wombat”) for the tour.The band also found some new covers for their 2016 rotation, including the biggest bust out, “Dear Prudence,” as well as “Cry Baby Cry” from The White Album. They also played another Beatles song, “I Am The Walrus.” “I Found A Reason” from Velvet Underground’s Loaded album made its first appearance since 1998, but the biggest surprise for covers was the debut of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” The a cappella arrangement that has been performed throughout this summer has been a perfectly Phish-y tribute to the late great Thin White Duke.As far as debuts go, the band brought out a total of eight new original compositions. Here they are, in order of their debut: “Miss You,” “Breath and Burning,” “Things People Do,” “Waking Up Dead,” “Friends,” “Tide Turns,” “Let’s Go” and “Ass Handed.” The jury is still out as to whether “Ass Handed Reprise” from last night’s closer counts as its own song. Regardless, with Trey Anastasio recently telling fans that their album was finished, it should only be a matter of time before we have new information about this upcoming release. Lest we not forget that a whole host of new Phish songs, including “Blaze On,” “No Men In No Man’s Land,” “Shade,” “Mercury,” “How Many People Are You,” “Can’t Always Listen,” “Steam” and more, have yet to find homes in the studio. And there’s still a “15-minute piece with classical percussion” that we have yet to hear, if we’re to believe Hamilton percussionist Andrés Forero. Read more about that here.Interestingly, a few songs were left off the table in 2016, including fan-favorites like “Foam,” “Dirt,” “Esther,” “Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird,” and more. While “Fluffhead” did make its triumphant return this year, the absence of “Roses Are Free” suggests that something may be in store for LOCKN’, with Ween and Phish both performing. Fingers crossed.Of course, with over 200 songs played, the one notable absence from the tour was the long jam. The band’s setlists seemed more focused on going from song to song, as opposed to stretching any particular number out. The band relied heavily on instrument swapping this summer though, bringing out the Marimba Lumina on a near-nightly basis. Having witnessed the “Drive-In Jam” at Magnaball and the New Years’ “No Men In No Man’s Land” at MSG, it’s safe to say that the band isn’t quite tapped out from their exploratory jamming, but its absence from the summer run was surprising. With a handful of exceptions, like the SPAC “Moma” and “Chalk Dust,” the Hartford “Disease” or the BGCA “Sally,” there weren’t any individual jam moments that truly stood out along this tour.That all being said, some of these sets really gel collectively, especially the first set of the final Bill Graham show or the tease-filled second set at The Gorge opener. When we consider how many years Phish was absent from our lives in the earlier part of the 2000’s, the fact that they’re still trying new things – sharing new music, busting out old songs, etc. – is a testament to the band’s incredible legacy. Long live Phish.All stats here appear courtesy of IHOZ/Zzyzx. You can see the full 205 songs, with a count of how many times each one was played, listed below:Blaze On – 6 (30%)Fuego – 6 (30%)46 Days – 5 (25%)555 – 5 (25%)Backwards Down the Number Line – 5 (25%)Breath and Burning – 5 (25%)Carini – 5 (25%)Chalk Dust Torture – 5 (25%)Ghost – 5 (25%)Harry Hood – 5 (25%)Martian Monster – 5 (25%)Mike’s Song – 5 (25%)No Men In No Man’s Land – 5 (25%)Run Like an Antelope – 5 (25%)The Line – 5 (25%)The Moma Dance – 5 (25%)Twist – 5 (25%)Weekapaug Groove – 5 (25%)Wolfman’s Brother – 5 (25%)Also Sprach Zarathustra – 4 (20%)Back on the Train – 4 (20%)Bathtub Gin – 4 (20%)Bouncing Around the Room – 4 (20%)Character Zero – 4 (20%)Down with Disease – 4 (20%)Free – 4 (20%)Halfway to the Moon – 4 (20%)Heavy Things – 4 (20%)Horn – 4 (20%)Kill Devil Falls – 4 (20%)Light – 4 (20%)Sample in a Jar – 4 (20%)Sand – 4 (20%)Stash – 4 (20%)Tube – 4 (20%)Tweezer Reprise – 4 (20%)Walls of the Cave – 4 (20%)Birds of a Feather – 3 (15%)Cavern – 3 (15%)Cities – 3 (15%)Divided Sky – 3 (15%)Farmhouse – 3 (15%)First Tube – 3 (15%)Fluffhead – 3 (15%)Golden Age – 3 (15%)Golgi Apparatus – 3 (15%)Halley’s Comet – 3 (15%)Julius – 3 (15%)Lawn Boy – 3 (15%)Loving Cup – 3 (15%)My Friend, My Friend – 3 (15%)Piper – 3 (15%)Possum – 3 (15%)Rift – 3 (15%)Rock and Roll – 3 (15%)Saw It Again – 3 (15%)Simple – 3 (15%)Slave to the Traffic Light – 3 (15%)Space Oddity – 3 (15%)The Wedge – 3 (15%)Theme From the Bottom – 3 (15%)Tide Turns – 3 (15%)Tweezer – 3 (15%)Uncle Pen – 3 (15%)Waiting All Night – 3 (15%)Water in the Sky – 3 (15%)Wingsuit – 3 (15%)Yarmouth Road – 3 (15%)You Enjoy Myself – 3 (15%)A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing – 2 (10%)AC/DC Bag – 2 (10%)Ass Handed – 2 (10%)Axilla – 2 (10%)Billy Breathes – 2 (10%)Boogie On Reggae Woman – 2 (10%)Bug – 2 (10%)Crosseyed and Painless – 2 (10%)Daniel Saw the Stone – 2 (10%)David Bowie – 2 (10%)Dear Prudence – 2 (10%)Devotion To a Dream – 2 (10%)Friends – 2 (10%)Good Times Bad Times – 2 (10%)Gotta Jibboo – 2 (10%)I Am the Walrus – 2 (10%)It’s Ice – 2 (10%)Joy – 2 (10%)Limb By Limb – 2 (10%)Maze – 2 (10%)Meatstick – 2 (10%)Miss You – 2 (10%)My Sweet One – 2 (10%)Ocelot – 2 (10%)Party Time – 2 (10%)Pigtail – 2 (10%)Poor Heart – 2 (10%)Prince Caspian – 2 (10%)Reba – 2 (10%)Roggae – 2 (10%)Scent of a Mule – 2 (10%)Seven Below – 2 (10%)Shade – 2 (10%)Shine a Light – 2 (10%)Sleep Again – 2 (10%)Sleeping Monkey – 2 (10%)Sparkle – 2 (10%)Split Open and Melt – 2 (10%)Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan – 2 (10%)Sugar Shack – 2 (10%)Suzy Greenberg – 2 (10%)The Dogs – 2 (10%)The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony – 2 (10%)The Sloth – 2 (10%)Things People Do – 2 (10%)Timber (Jerry) – 2 (10%)Twenty Years Later – 2 (10%)Undermind – 2 (10%)Wading in the Velvet Sea – 2 (10%)Waste – 2 (10%)What’s the Use? – 2 (10%)Wilson – 2 (10%)A Day in the Life – 1 (5%)Alumni Blues – 1 (5%)Army of One – 1 (5%)Big Black Furry Creature from Mars – 1 (5%)Bittersweet Motel – 1 (5%)Bold As Love – 1 (5%)Buried Alive – 1 (5%)Camel Walk – 1 (5%)Cars Trucks Buses – 1 (5%)Contact – 1 (5%)Crowd Control – 1 (5%)Cry Baby Cry – 1 (5%)Dem Bones – 1 (5%)Demand – 1 (5%)Destiny Unbound – 1 (5%)Driver – 1 (5%)Drowned – 1 (5%)Fast Enough for You – 1 (5%)Fee – 1 (5%)Fire – 1 (5%)Frankenstein – 1 (5%)Fuck Your Face – 1 (5%)Funky Bitch – 1 (5%)Grind – 1 (5%)Guelah Papyrus – 1 (5%)Gumbo – 1 (5%)Guyute – 1 (5%)Ha Ha Ha – 1 (5%)Happy Birthday to You – 1 (5%)Hold Your Head Up – 1 (5%)How Many People Are You – 1 (5%)I Am Hydrogen – 1 (5%)I Didn’t Know – 1 (5%)I Found a Reason – 1 (5%)Let Me Lie – 1 (5%)Let’s Go – 1 (5%)Letter to Jimmy Page – 1 (5%)Llama – 1 (5%)Love You – 1 (5%)Makisupa Policeman – 1 (5%)Manteca – 1 (5%)McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters – 1 (5%)Meat – 1 (5%)Mound – 1 (5%)NICU – 1 (5%)Nellie Kane – 1 (5%)No Quarter – 1 (5%)Paul and Silas – 1 (5%)Punch You In the Eye – 1 (5%)Quinn the Eskimo – 1 (5%)Rocky Top – 1 (5%)Round Room – 1 (5%)Runaway Jim – 1 (5%)Sanity – 1 (5%)Scents and Subtle Sounds – 1 (5%)Show of Life – 1 (5%)Silent in the Morning – 1 (5%)Sing Monica – 1 (5%)Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley – 1 (5%)Soul Shakedown Party – 1 (5%)Steam – 1 (5%)Strange Design – 1 (5%)Taste – 1 (5%)Tela – 1 (5%)The Ballad of Curtis Loew – 1 (5%)The Birds – 1 (5%)The Curtain With – 1 (5%)The Horse – 1 (5%)The Landlady – 1 (5%)The Lizards – 1 (5%)The Mango Song – 1 (5%)The Old Home Place – 1 (5%)The Squirming Coil – 1 (5%)The Very Long Fuse – 1 (5%)Timber – 1 (5%)Vultures – 1 (5%)Waking Up Dead – 1 (5%)Walk Away – 1 (5%)Waves – 1 (5%)When the Circus Comes – 1 (5%)Winterqueen – 1 (5%)Wombat – 1 (5%)Ya Mar – 1 (5%)Your Pet Cat – 1 (5%)last_img read more

Outdoor Updates: The Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peaks Friday Night

first_imgHiker lost in Florida wilderness uses cell phone light to flag down helicopter A major meteor shower will grace the night sky this Friday night. The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks on Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning. Under clear skies, viewers can spot over 100 meteors per hour shooting through the sky. The meteors will originate from near the constellation Ursa Major, aka the Big Dipper, but shooting stars will be visible throughout the sky. An experienced hiker exploring the Flatwoods Wilderness Park in Thonotosassa, Florida became lost after dark on Sunday. Libia Marsack says that she’d been hiking for a few hours when she set out on a new trail she discovered just before dusk, thinking she could finish it quickly. “I figured it was just a small loop they had there, so I decided to explore that last little trail before I leave and that’s when things started getting bad for me because the trail ended up being much longer than I expected,” Marsack told WTSP News. Unfortunately for those of us in the eastern U.S., a storm system could prevent a clear view of the sky. Rain is expected from New England down into the Appalachians, but if the clouds begin to part, it will be well worth braving the cold to take in Mother Nature’s lightshow. Bushfires continue to burn across Australia, fueled by severe drought and extreme temperatures As the sun set, Marsack began hiking towards what she thought was the trailhead, but ended up on a dirt access road deep within the park. As the battery drained from her cell phone, Marsack called 911. A rescue chopper was dispatched and the hiker flagged it down with the flashlight on her cell phone. Once Marsack’s exact location had been determined, a park ranger on at ATV arrived to collect her.  Look up! The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks Friday night Massive bushfires are burning across Australia. In the most impacted state, New South Wales, fires have burned more than 9.9 million acres and destroyed over 900 homes. Twelve people have died in the fires, including three volunteer firefighters. In New South Wales alone, 100 fires are burning, half of them uncontained. Flames of 230 feet, higher than the height of the Sydney Opera House, have been recorded. The fires are fueled by high winds and record-breaking high temperatures. In December, Australia twice broke its record for all-time highest temperature. For years, scientists have warned that hotter and drier temperatures will contribute to more intense and frequent wildfires.last_img read more

ICS to honor Jamaican comedian Oliver Samuels

first_imgThe Washington-based Institute for Caribbean Studies (ICS) plans to bestow the Marcus Garvey Lifetime Achievement Award on Jamaican comedian, actor and playwright Oliver Samuels during its 25th Caribbean-American Heritage Awards Gala, on November 16.One of Jamaica’s thespian luminaries “For his outstanding body of work and for bringing ‘Brand Jamaica’ to the performing arts locally and internationally, Samuels will be awarded the Marcus Garvey Lifetime Achievement Award at the Caribbean American Heritage Awards Gala, which has as its theme, ‘A Celebration of Excellence and Service,’” said Dr Claire Nelson, ICS’ Jamaican-born founder and president. She said Samuels is “widely considered to be one of Jamaica’s thespian luminaries.”Born on November 4, 1948, in Harmony Hall, St Mary, Jamaica, Nelson said Samuels grew up on a banana plantation, where his father worked as a casual laborer and his mother sold items on the estate.“His involvement in drama began at the age of seven, when he and the other children on the plantation would sing and recite poetry on Friday nights,” Nelson said. “It was to be the beginning of a lifetime love for all things dramatic for the poor boy who made good by adopting his mother’s belief that with hard work he could make it out of poverty.”Trained at the Jamaica Theatre School from 1971 to 1973 where he participated in various productions, Samuels has appeared in no fewer than 13 national pantomimes, playing major roles, Nelson said.Writing his own playCurrently, Samuels is dedicating his time writing his own theatrical material. “His latest piece, ’56 East Avenue’ opened in Miramar , Florida, on September 1 to very enthusiastic response,” Nelson said.She said other honorees will include Reggae Foundation Grammy Winning Inner Circle Band, widely known for their song “Bad Boys”; Jamaican microbiologist and current president of the J. Craig Venter Institute, Dr. Karen Nelson; Rising Star of the Opera, Alyson Cambridge, who is of Guyanese heritage; and Sherry Herbert, vice president of Black Enterprise, who hails from Nevis.last_img read more

TOUCHLINE: How hockey curtailed Rama Brew’s sporting career

first_imgUltimate Paradise may well be considered as one of the best TV series ever produced in Ghana. The famous series shown in the 90’s captured the imaginations of all and sundry.Rama Brew become an household name following her sensational acts in the said movie which landed her best actress in Ghana award.On this week’s edition of Touchline, the beautiful veteran actress, Rama Brew talks about her love for Tennis and how she quit hockey because she often injured herself with the hockey stick.The Panel also holds a discussion on the Euro 2016, the final is upon us this Sunday. Host nation France and Portugal have defied the odds to reach the finals and will be hoping to clinch the ultimate.With Lionel Messi thrice failing to win a silverware with Argentina, will his great rival Ronaldo show him how it’s done?There’s also a look at Mourinho’s first presser as Manchester united coach and also Pep Guardiola taking charge of his first training session as Manchester city boss. Watch this week’s edition. read more

IndyCar at St. Petersburg: Firestone Grand Prix schedule, TV channel, live stream

first_imgThe 2019 NTT IndyCar Series season begins Sunday, March 10 with the 15th running of the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. For the ninth consecutive year, the IndyCar schedule will begin in the streets of the city on Florida’s western coast as drivers work through the 1.8-mile, 14-turn circuit.This IndyCar season not only arrives with a new title sponsor in NTT, but it comes a fresh TV deal with NBC Sports Group. Of the 17 IndyCar races on the schedule for 2019, eight will be broadcast on NBC, and nine, including Sunday’s Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, will air on NBC Sports Network. NBC will offer additional coverage of IndyCar practices and qualifying sessions on its NBC Sports Gold app. Throughout the season, INDYCAR Pass will provide live streams of all IndyCar practice and qualifying sessions. The service also will provide same-day replays of IndyCar races, live streams of Indy Lights races and more.IndyCar at St. Petersburg: Firestone Grand Prix track schedule(All times Eastern)Friday, March 8TimeSeriesEvent8:05 a.m.Indy LightsPractice 19:05 a.m.GT4Practice 19:55 a.m.TC AmericasPractice 110:45 a.m.IndyCarPractice 111:45 a.m.USF2000Race 112:40 p.m.Indy Pro 2000Race 11:35 p.m.Indy LightsQualifying 12:20 p.m.IndyCarPractice 23:30 p.m.GT4Practice 24:10 p.m.TC AmericasPractice 2Saturday, March 9TimeSeriesEvent8:30 a.m.Indy LightsQualifying 29:15 a.m.GT4Qualifying9:50 a.m.TC AmericasQualifying10:25 a.m.IndyCarPractice 311:25 a.m.Indy Pro 2000Race 212:20 p.m.USF2000Race 21:15 p.m.Indy LightsRace 12:30 p.m.IndyCar (results)Qualifying4 p.m.GT4Race 15:15 p.m.TC AmericasRace 1Sunday, March 10TimeSeriesEvent9:20 a.m.IndyCarWarm-up10:05 a.m.Indy LightsRace 211:20 a.m.GT4Race 21:40 p.m.IndyCarRace4:35 p.m.TC AmericasRace 2 MORE: Watch the Firestone Grand Prix live with fuboTV (7-day trial)The 2019 IndyCar championship battle will feature some familiar names, like Chip Ganassi Racing’s Scott Dixon, Andretti Autosport’s Alexander Rossi and the Penske Racing trio of Will Power, Simon Pagenaud and Josef Newgarden. But expect some new names like rookies Felix Rosenqvist, Marcus Ericsson and Patricio O’Ward to compete for wins.As for the first race of the season Sunday in St. Petersburg, Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy, who is an analyst on NBC’s “Football Night in America,” will give the command for drivers to start their engines — a solid way for the network to kick off its coverage of the 2019 IndyCar season.IndyCar at St. Petersburg: Firestone Grand PrixDate: Sunday, March 10Time: 1:30 p.m. ETTV channel: NBCSNLive stream: fuboTV (7-day free trial) | INDYCAR PassIndyCar at St. Petersburg: Firestone Grand Prix TV scheduleThe 2019 Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg will be broadcast live on NBC Sports Network as part of NBC’s TV contract, which splits the IndyCar season coverage between two networks, NBC and NBCSN.NBCSN’s coverage of the IndyCar race in St. Petersburg will begin with its pre-race show at 12:30 p.m. ET. The race is scheduled to take the green flag at 1:37 p.m. ET.Below is the full NBC broadcast schedule for all IndyCar events in St. Petersburg.MORE: Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg qualifying resultsDay, timeEventHow to watchFri., 10:45 a.m. ETPractice 1NBC Sports GoldFri., 2:15 p.m. ETPractice 2NBC Sports GoldSat., 10:15 a.m. ETPractice 3NBC Sports GoldSat., 2:30 p.m. ETQualifying (results)NBCSNSun., 9:15 a.m. ETWarm-upNBC Sports GoldSun., 12:30 p.m. ETPre-race showNBCSNSun., 1:30 p.m. ETRaceNBCSNIndyCar at St. Petersburg: Firestone Grand Prix live streamFirestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg practice sessions on Friday and Saturday, plus the IndyCar warm-up session on Sunday, can be streamed via INDYCAR Pass on NBC Sports Gold. As for qualifying and the race itself, live-stream presentations can be found on and the NBC Sports app.The Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg also can be streamed live via fuboTV. New fuboTV users can sign up with a seven-day free trial.last_img read more