Race for No. 1: 49ers plummet; Raiders up to No. 2

first_imgRemaining schedule: at … How the race for the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft is playing out going into Week 16 after the 49ers upset Seattle and the Raiders fell in Cincinnati:Arizona (3-11)Lost to Atlanta 40-14Appear to be cruising to the No. 1 overall pick after blowout loss (coupled with 49ers win). Remains to be seen what remaining division opponents will be playing for in terms of playoff seeding. The Cardinals hold an advantage over the Raiders based on strength of schedule.last_img

Giants roster battles to come down to the wire

first_imgSCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–Manager Bruce Bochy insists the Giants aren’t focused on the batting averages of those competing for jobs this spring and instead evaluating the quality of a player’s plate appearances.That’s great news for many of the Giants’ roster hopefuls because the stat lines from Cactus League play aren’t exactly encouraging.“You just look at the quality of the at-bats, the swings they’re getting off,” Bochy said. “With some of them, I think you see them picking up.”After the first …last_img

Business confidence continues to improve

first_img8 September 2010The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci) Business Confidence Index for August, released this week, shows a jump by 3.3 points to 87.6 from 84.3 in July – the highest level so far this year.The level of the Business Confidence Index (BCI) for August is 4.6 points above the level for the same month in 2009, the chamber said in a statement this week.In comparing August 2010 with July 2010 (month-on-month) and with August 2009 (year-on-year), nine of the sub-indices of the BCI improved on both counts. Between July 2010 and August 2010, two sub-indices were negative and two were neutral.The sub-index on the volume of merchandise imports again recorded a relatively strong performance compared to previous months.“It can be expected that the spike in the SACCI Business Confidence Index during August 2010 will be followed by a correction, as unusual positive developments on the trade account and net financial inflows from the rest of the world created the positive shift,” the chamber said.“However, the BCI will probably continue its generally positive trend in the medium term smoothing out the short-term volatility.”Public servants’ strikeEarly signals are that the third quarter will continue in the same vein as the second quarter as South Africa continues to be plagued by strikes.These labour disputes have unknown dimensions for policy and crippling implications, says the chamber, for instance where there are still public service delivery backlogs.“The outcome of the public servants’ strike will have serious consequences for already tight fiscal circumstances as well as unintended consequences for employment prospects.”Interest rate cutsThe chamber argues that there is a case for lowering interest rates, “thereby alleviating some of the financial pressures associated with servicing debt and potentially stimulating an improvement in current levels of economic activity”.Credit extension to the business sector declined by 0.7% year-on-year in nominal terms in July 2010.“SACCI however acknowledges that interest rate reductions are not a panacea for sustainable economic growth.“Such growth must be underpinned by economic discipline with regard to expenditure and labour remuneration, and a higher rate of fixed investment, which would promote business confidence.”SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

South Africa to offer women free implant contraceptives

first_imgSouth Africa will make trans-dermal implant contraceptives freely available in the country’s public clinics from next week.According to online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the implant is among the most effective birth control methods, preventing pregnancy by releasing hormones that stop ovaries from releasing eggs and by thickening cervical mucous. (Image: Flickr)Brand South Africa ReporterSouth Africa will make trans-dermal implant contraceptives freely available in the country’s public clinics from next week, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced in Cape Town on Tuesday.Speaking during the debate on the President’s State of the Nation address in Parliament, Motsoaledi said the contraceptive, which will be available for free, is implanted below the skin of the arm and is effective for up to three years.“The implant gives women freedom to control their own lives,” Motsoaledi said. “It can be taken out any time, and if they want to [fall pregnant], it only takes few weeks to conceive – unlike Depo Provera, the contraceptive injection, which takes at least 12 months to leave the system before a woman can conceive again.”According to online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, the implant is among the most effective birth control methods, preventing pregnancy by releasing hormones that stop ovaries from releasing eggs and by thickening cervical mucous.A number of nurses have already undergone training in inserting the implant, and 4 000 more are to be trained.Motsoaledi said the new contraceptive would be available in all public hospitals by 27 February would reach all public clinics by the middle of the year.HPV campaignAt the same time, Motsoaledi announced the launch of a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme to be administered to grade 4 girls in public schools.The programme will see the learners being vaccinated against HPV, which causes cervical cancer. The cancer is responsible for the deaths of about 3 500 women in South Africa every year, he said.“About 550 000 learners will get the first dose in March and again after six months, and every year after. Through the programme, we will have a new generation of women who are protected from cervix cancer.”Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Kallis calls an end to international career

first_img31 July 2014Jacques Kallis announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket on Wednesday, bringing down the curtain on a career which established him as the leading all-rounder of his day, and one of the greatest players of all time.Kallis retired from test cricket at the end of 2013, but had signalled his intention to compete for a place in the South African team for the 2015 ICC World Cup.‘A bridge too far’“I realised in Sri Lanka that my dream of playing in a World Cup was a bridge too far,” Kallis said in a statement.“I just knew on that tour that I was done. The squad that was in Sri Lanka is an amazing one and I believe they have a good chance of bringing the trophy home in March.“I would like to thank Cricket South Africa, the team, the team sponsors, my sponsors, the fans and all the people who have been involved in my career. It has been an amazing journey.“I am not retiring from all cricket as I have a two-year contract with the Sydney Thunder and, if possible, to help the Kolkata Knight Riders defend the IPL title we won earlier this year,” he concluded.In 2013, Kallis was named one of Wisden’s Cricketers of the Year, and he signed off his test career with a 45th century, second only to Sachin Tendulkar in history.Unmatched and unchallengedBy the sheer volume of his all-round contributions, Kallis is unmatched and unchallenged in the long history of cricket.He scored 13 289 test runs at an average of 55.37, while with the ball he took 292 wickets at 32.65. In addition, he also claimed exactly 200 catches.To put those figures into perspective, he finished his test career third on the all-time run scoring list. He is currently 29th on the list of wicket-takers and tied for second with Mahela Jayawardene for the number of catches taken.During his one-day international career, he tallied 11 579 runs at an average of 44.36, claimed 273 wickets at 31.79, and bagged 131 catches.Those figures leave him in seventh place among batsmen, 17th among bowlers and sixth among catchers.‘Jacques is a legend’South African test captain Hashim Amla said in a statement: “Jacques is a legend. Sportsmen like him only come around once every five decades.“He is an astute professional who always gave 100 percent for his country and I believe a lot of youngsters coming up can learn a lot from the way he shaped his career. He will be sorely missed in the dressing room, and in the slips where he was a trademark figure.“It has been a pleasure to have shared the crease with him on a number of occasions, and I wish him well for the future. He has earned his break.”De Villiers on KallisCaptain of the Proteas ODI team, AB de Villiers, weighed in: “”His value and statistics on the field speak volumes, but his presence in the change room and willingness to teach the youngsters was immense.“He has played a big role personally for me since making my debut for South Africa in 2004, and is a huge loss for South African cricket.“It’s unfortunate that he won’t be making the journey with us to the World Cup, but we will definitely carry his resilience and professionalism with us out on the field.”‘We respect and support him’“It was an unexpected decision, but we respect and support him,” Proteas’ coach Russell Domingo said. “I must commend his attitude and professionalism all the way until his last ODI for South Africa in Sri Lanka.“It has been a pleasure working with him. I always admired his dedication and passion for the game. He will be missed, there is no doubt about that, but hopefully the nation can celebrate one of the greatest cricketers we have produced.”‘One of the greatest players ever’Cricket South Africa (CSA) Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat, commented: “South Africa has been blessed with one of the world’s greatest cricketing talents in Jacques Kallis. He is undeniably one of the greatest players ever to have graced our wonderful game and he has certainly been the Proteas’ standard-bearer of excellence for nearly two decades.“He has played a huge part in making cricket a truly national sport of winners and, in doing so, contributed so much to the important process of nation building.“He is a true professional and it has been an absolute privilege to have worked with him both as Convener of selectors and now as Chief Executive.“To say that we will miss him on the playing field is stating the obvious. Each one of us from this day on will treasure the many fond memories of his awesome career.“On behalf of CSA and all our stakeholders, I would like to sincerely thank Jacques for his huge contribution to the game of cricket and wish him only the best as he moves on from the international playing arena.”last_img read more

Glenn Harsh, Oct. 5

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The rain slowed us up a little bit but we had projects to catch up on anyway so it has been a little bit of a relief. We are coming along with beans and they are running through nicely after the problems we saw with the insect damage in that first field. It was an early field and I think it was a timing thing with the insects. We had some damage from stink bugs and we also had some damage from the bean leaf beetle, which causes Phomopsis.We have combined some corn and got a good start on one farm. It is doing very well yield wise and quality is good. It is drying down fast. The corn we are in is right about 21% and it is full season corn, but it was planted early. The first field we were in had some gravel knolls and the stalk quality was deteriorating quickly. The gravel knolls were right at 140 and there were spots around 220 bushels in the good ground. The next field of corn is more even and doing very well. Some of the things we did to push yield look like they are working in that field.The other fields I have checked are standing pretty well. You don’t have to go too far, though, where stalk issues are becoming a problem. Corn wise I have not seen quality issues and I have checked quite a few fields.There are some beans in really black soil that are really leaning to maybe down on the ground, but we can still get underneath them. You don’t like to see that because we are losing some bushels there. That will be a challenge with some of these fields planted at too high of a population.With the beans, the first field was around 50 to 55 and the next fields have been doing quite a bit better than that. I feel good about harvest. We just have to keep the combine rolling.last_img read more

Fake food: Is it better for you and the environment?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Don “Doc” SandersMany activists proselytize how bad animal agriculture is for the environment. Most of them operate on the premise that big is bad and that we should return to small family farms — or eliminate food animal agriculture altogether.They also advocate a vegan diet. But I’m not concerned about people who choose that lifestyle for themselves, so long as they don’t mess with my getting a steak once in a while. Regardless of what they say, I’m convinced that we can’t rely solely on small family farms if agriculture has any chance of providing worldwide food security. This leads me to my topic for this month: the recent introduction of fake foods. Namely, the increasing presence and popularity of plant-based alternatives to dairy and meat. Are these fake foods based on good or bad nutrition? Well, it depends.Promoters’ claims of health benefits are common for alternative foods. For instance, Whole Foods, Walmart, Amazon and others tout Himalayan pink salt (HPS) for its supposed health benefits due to alleged trace minerals. And like many other products, HPS is promoted for being made without GMO ingredients. This GMO claim, of course, is a bunch of hooey, because salt does not have genes. It’s not a living organism. And many other products promoted by large food retailers as non-GMO are made of ingredients, like oats, that are never genetically modified. Himalayan pink salt, mined in Pakistan, is just ordinary salt that’s pink. Like the good old Morton brand, HPS contains a smidgen of trace minerals. Though HPS marketers claim the salt may contain over 80 minerals, these minerals account for only 2% of HPS. The rest is sodium chloride. That is, salt. I only mention HPS because it illustrates the length that food marketers will go to make a buck.You can also find at the grocery almond milk, oat milk, soy milk and a host of other spin-offs that allegedly supply required nutrients. At best, an eight-ounce serving of any of these products supplies about a third of the nutrients in an eight-ounce glass of whole milk. This is provided you aggressively shake up the sludge from the bottom of the fake milk carton before pouring. The sludge contains most of the added nutrients that allegedly boost the nutritional value.While you are savoring a fresh glass of one of these alternative “milk” products this: Although Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claims the environment is being ruined by cow farts, the credible environmental research of Dr. Frank Mitloehner at UC-Davis shows quite the opposite. His research shows that food animal ag accounts for only 2.8% of the global environmental impact. AOC and the naysayers she references claim livestock contribute 28% of the ill effects on the environment.I don’t want to get too technical, but any of you working around cattle know that cow farts aren’t a major issue. Rather, cows burp frequently. They burp methane gas.I visited Dr, Mitloehner’s lab at UC-Davis a few months back. He maintains a group of cows in one facility and a group of fattening steers in an adjacent lab. After repeated trials, his work demonstrated that the burps of cattle contribute about 2.8% to global warming because of methane release. His research also showed that methane in the environment does not increase from cattle ruminations, but from a natural cycle.As more methane is released into the atmosphere, existing methane in the air is being degraded at about the same rate as cattle release methane. His work demonstrated this occurs in a 10-year cycle.In the meantime, numerous start-up companies are developing fake meat with the stated goal of eliminating the cattle industry by 2035. They each claim that fake meat is healthier and/or more wholesome for you than real meat, plus being good for the environment. These claims are not supported by science.These alternatives are commonly marketed as burgers made from plants, which sounds pretty wholesome. In reality, they fully qualify for the NOVA definition of “ultra-processed foods,” which many (or most) nutrition scientists, dietitians and clinicians warn us about constantly. In 2018, a report in The British Medical Journal uncovered a link between ultra-processed foods and an increased risk for cancer. And now, most recently, a study from JAMA Internal Medicine associated a high consumption of ultra-processed food with an earlier death.Faux hamburger patties are as ultra-processed, with almost identical ingredients, as dog kibbles. I challenge you to look at the three ingredient labels I provide here, and tell me which one is for vegan dog food and which two are recipes for fake meat. No peeking at the answer!From: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/impossible-burgers-dogfood/   (see bottom for answer)From left to right is  Beyond Meat, premium vegan dog food, Impossible Burger.last_img read more

Great Kaskaskia Dragon — Geocache of the Week

first_imgDifficulty:1.5Terrain:1.5 As the quest for thirteen legendary Hidden Creatures enters its final phase, we search the world for the last of the elusive beings. There is quite a stir in the midwest region of the United States where a dragon, who once devoured maidens and guarded his treasure-filled cave, now watches over a sacred Traditional Cache. He may even be a distant cousin of this summer’s infamous dragon and could hold the key to finding more creatures of lore.Image by NRL Location:Illinois, USAN 38° 58.467 W 089° 07.191 Regarded as one of the longest staring contests known to man or beast, the Great Kaskaskia Dragon stands opposite a knight in freshly painted armor. The dragon plays with gentleman’s honor and never blinks, all while donning a dapper top hat. TraditionalGCHWFZby Barronvondobbin We hope he doesn’t realize one of these days that the knight is unmanned and release a fiery blast upon us all!Image by Infinity TeamWhen the top hats come off, the real show begins! In actuality, the Great Kaskaskia Dragon has a nearby business at its beck and call, covering all sacrifice…err…dragon feedings including the fuel that lights the way for any geocacher who stops by. Visitors are bequeathed a golden coin inscribed with the little-known adage, “Dragon fire brings good luck, make a wish” which may be sacrificed to appease the Great Kaskaskia Dragon, resulting in a fiery blaze from his magnificent mouth.Image by LedbettePlease note, you may use the knight as an inhuman shield, but you will have no success coaxing him for the cache container. Only when you politely request an audience with The Great Kaskaskia will you be free to search within his scaled, metal body for the modest micro container. May the luck of the dragon’s fire be with you all in the final quest for this geocache and all other Hidden Creatures!Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedBeyond Here, Lay Dragons (GCH52C) – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 17, 2013January 16, 2013In “Community”Geocaching country souvenir: IndonesiaDecember 12, 2018In “News””Wawel” GC2CZCX GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 28, 2011November 28, 2011In “Community”last_img read more