Secrets of the New XPS 13 Thermal Engineering

first_imgOn January 4, we unveiled the new small but speedy Dell XPS 13. Already winning awards and heralded by outlets like PCWorld for setting the trend for thin, light and small (but mighty).The team involved in its overhaul are celebrating (rightfully so) and experiencing a bit of nostalgia recounting how we went from idea to reality! I thought you’d enjoy some of the “inside baseball” on the thermal engineering of XPS 13 – a big part of how we made the world’s favorite laptop even better (it’s a little geeky but that’s what makes it cool).As Jason Evangelho noted in Forbes, “the same material that protects Mars Rover makes Dell’s XPS 13 a better notebook.”Here’s an excerpt from an email exchange I had with the engineer behind it all: Dell Thermal Engineering Technologist Travis North P.E.“The material wrapped around the heat pipes is called Aerogel laminate. The material is a silicon aerogel in a ePTFE liner.  The liner from GORE (a really cool company – still family owned and killing it in industries from apparel to aerospace and now computing) was critical, allowing us to thin out the product for feasibility use in the PC industry.  Dell is first to launch with this material – it has the lowest conductivity known to man. Launching tomorrow, you’ll see a second product with this material – the first with 0.1mm material thickness (thinnest material). Net-net – this allowed for close to a 3C reduction in skin which equates to close to a 4W increase in overall PL1 level performance at steady state.“Additionally, we’re using our dual ultrathin fan with dual heat pipes, which allowed us to support the full turbo range on R and G as well as elevated sustained levels of steady-state power.”GORE Thermal Insulation was with us on the big stage at CES today – check it out by watching the replay on our Alienware team’s Twitch channel.Travis’ manager weighed in, reinforcing:“It (XPS 13) uses a cutting-edge thermal insulator (Silicon Aerogel, NASA technology) with allows us to reduce the skin temperature by 3 degrees. This has been the primary limitation of performance. This gives us a significant boost in sustained performance when you run for a longer duration  – can be 15-40%. Most thin systems throttle the performance in minutes – you can see the comparison of our system versus the competition over multiple runs (leads by a mile).”You can see a chart for comparison below. And if you are curious about what aerogel looks like (I know it’s been keeping you up at night 🙂 ) – here you go. “So many companies are always abusing the phrase ‘space age technology,’” Evangelho said. “Well, Dell’s definitely backing it up.”It took time to get here with some failed attempts, but we made it.In the end, the ePTFE liner from GORE was what was able to encapsulate the silica aerogel while allowing us to achieve thickness sub 0.3mm which was required for our products. The material is almost as light as air and has a Styrofoam type feel.Join us in congratulating Travis and the team for their innovation and drive. Each and every ingredient innovation is what makes our products the best in the world — and our team even better!last_img read more

Start Exploring and Driving the 4-Socket Opportunity

first_imgHigh-performance PowerEdge R940 server can help drive business for you and your customersIn today’s fast-changing business world, constantly increasing application and end-user demands drive many organizations to seek server performance and efficiency benefits that were typically previously only achievable with hyperscale solutions. But now the new Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio can deliver almost everything that IT managers are looking for – and more.The latest PowerEdge servers are built from the ground up to deliver high performance plus unmatched systems management with versatile onboard storage configurations, all of which is optimized for key enterprise applications.Perfect for powering mission-critical applicationsThe Dell EMC PowerEdge R940, our highest performing, 4-socket server, is designed to power mission-critical applications and make real-time decisions, enabling organizations to drive IT transformation.The new R940 rack server was specifically developed to provide your customers with the perfect server solution for extremely demanding, mission-critical workloads – like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), dense virtualization analytics and very large in-memory databases.Significant performance benefitsThe Dell EMC PowerEdge R940 will be an attractive proposition for customers ranging from SMBs to large enterprises and public sector organizations. IT department heads and managers running complicated IT environments with multiple servers or storage products should be primary targets for your server refresh conversations – especially around the benefits of 4-socket solutions.The PowerEdge R940 is available with up to 24 2.5” drives and as many as 12 NVME drives – in just 3U. Inside, it’s powered by up to 4 next-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. With a scalable business architecture, intelligent automation and integrated security built-in as standard, this affordable but incredibly high-performing server delivers significant customer benefits:50 percent more NVMe than previous R930 server;Up to 48 DIMMs, totalling 6TBs of memory with up to 12 NVDIMMs;Highly optimized design, reducing footprint from 4U to 3U;Up to 28 cores per processor (27 percent increase) and increased memory bandwidth (50 percent increase).* customers to explore 4-socket opportunitiesWith the Dell EMC PowerEdge R940 server, increased performance for mission-critical applications is easily achieved without rip-and-replace system upgrades. So be sure to reach out to any customers with ageing servers that are still in active service but are now out of warranty and to lapsed customers with very old servers. Customers that require UNIX to Linux migrations will be especially interested in the benefits of 4-socket servers.Stepping up to a 4-socket solution also enables them to take advantage of dense virtualization, allowing the spin-up of multiple VMs, either for production or for development, and making it easier to maximize the utilization of the single-server environment.  Scaling up can be accomplished easily by adding RAM and/or processors. The more VMs you can get per U of rack space, the larger the potential overall savings.Start driving the conversationTo help you engage customers and promote the benefits of 4-socket servers, and the PowerEdge R940 in particular, we’ve created an introductory email for you to send out. You can also access a whole range of materials – including Battlecards, product spec sheets, product videos and technical guides – to help you steer the conversation and drive demand.Send the PowerEdge R940 Rack Server email to your customers(Translated email files are available in the Partner Playbook)* Based on Dell internal analysis, comparing the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor to Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 processor, March 2017last_img read more

Data Domain OS 6.2: Faster data protection, with expanded cloud ecosystem, and greater flexibility – Part 3

first_imgThis is the final blog in our series and will focus on enhancements to Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300, the appliance that is focused in the entry to mid-range segment of the market.What a start to the year 2019! Dell EMC Data Domain delivers another feature packed software release (Data Domain OS 6.2) with hardware component enablement. The key themes for this release are:Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300 Enhancements: We acted on the feedback from our customers related to DD3300, and are proud to announce faster networking, support for VTL use case over Fiber Channel, and more flexibility from a capacity upgrade perspective by introducing a new DD3300 model at 8TB that can grow-in-place up to 16TB and provides a clean upgrade path to 32TB on a single box.Increased Differentiation: We made significant strides in improving performance – single stream restore performance has improved up to 4X compared to the previous release (Data Domain OS 6.1.2), and so has the overall restore performance. We have expanded our Cloud ecosystem for both Dell EMC Cloud Tier and Dell EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) with support for Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud. In addition, DD VE also supports AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Cloud.Simplified Experience: Better management through automation and end-to-end data  protection visibility with Dell EMC Data Domain Management Center (DD MC)Serviceability and TCE enhancements: Get more from your Dell EMC Data Domain appliancesDell EMC Data Domain DD3300With the enhancements to the DD3300 appliance and in Data Domain OS 6.2, Data Domain is looking to expand its footprint in the entry to mid-range segment of the market. The DD3300 journey that started in January of 2018 is coming full circle with three big announcementsSupport for VTL use case using Fiber Channel: The DD3300 appliance has a new port that supports VTL backupsFaster networking: The DD3300 now comes standard from the factory with a 10GbE networking cardLearn more about the features and upgrades in DD3300 via our Virtual Rack, go ahead and touch it.Introduction of the new 8TB model that can grow-in-place up to 16TB and provides a clean upgrade path to 32TB on a single appliance. Based on the feedback we received after the launch, we now introduce the 8TB capacity model that is based on 16TB hardware to address the large gap between 4TB and 16TB offerings.Blog Series Conclusion This blog series was created with the intent of educating our readers on the latest enhancements inside of Data Domain OS 6.2 and our DD3300 appliance. In summary, the first blog in the series covered our enhancements for Data Domain in the Cloud; both for Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) and Cloud Tier. The second blog focused on improvements to the Data Domain (PBBA) appliance. This blog rounds out the series with content geared toward improvements to the DD3300.Further Resources Video: Dell EMC Data Protection Appliance Launch BroadcastBlog: Dell EMC Data Protection Appliance AnnouncementInfographic: Dell EMC Data Protection AppliancesData Domain OS 6.2 is a feature packed release that brings extreme value to our customers. We hope you will consider upgrading your Data Domain appliances with the latest Data Domain OS 6.2. To learn more about Dell EMC Data Domain, check out the Dell EMC Data Domain home page, read Data Protection blogs, and follow @DellEMCProtect on Twitter for our latest announcements and content.last_img read more

French lawmakers debate ban on wild animals in circuses

first_imgPARIS (AP) — French lawmakers are debating an animal welfare bill that would ban using wild animals in traveling circuses and keeping dolphins and whales in captivity in marine parks. Circus workers held a protest against the bill outside the National Assembly on Tuesday, saying the measure would cause circuses and jobs to vanish, if it becomes law. The wild animal ban would not apply to permanent shows or to zoos, but it would extend to outlawing the use of wild animals in television shows, nightclubs and private parties. The bill would also require new pet owners to obtain certificates guaranteeing they have the specific knowledge needed to care for their animals.last_img

Weinstein accuser demands deposition as settlement looms

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — A producer who says disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped her over seven years says she wants him deposed for a lawsuit despite a looming settlement. Alexandra Canosa maintained late Monday that she wants the deposition before deciding whether to join a settlement approved last week by a Delaware bankruptcy court judge. The settlement calls for roughly $17 million to go to Weinstein accusers. A lawyer for Canosa said in a Manhattan federal court filing that a deposition will help her decide whether to settle. The Manhattan judge reiterated Tuesday that Weinstein must be deposed by Feb. 12 unless the judge scraps the deadline. A Weinstein lawyer said evidence shows the Weinstein-Canosa relationship was consensual.last_img