Google Play tablet hinted at by domain registrations

first_imgKeeping an upcoming device as a secret is no small task. There are usually so many parties involved in the planning and production stages that avoiding leaks is nearly impossible. Sometimes even the smallest things can tip your hand. Like, for example, a domain registration.MarkMonitor, a brand protection firm that anonymously registers domains for big companies, just registered several “Google Play”-related domains. Judging by the accompanying keywords (downloads, apps, games, movies, etc.), it looks like Google Play is going to be a multitouch mobile device. Like, you know: a tablet.Could this be the rumored 7-inch Google tablet that Eric Schmidt first let out of the bag a couple of months ago? He said that it would be a Google-branded tablet “of the highest quality.” Later leaks suggested that it would be more of a budget 7-inch Kindle Fire competitor than a 10-inch iPad rival.Of course, it would be silly to think that a few domain registrations confirm the name of an unannounced tablet. We don’t even have confirmation that MarkMonitor was working on behalf of Google.Even so, signs are pointing in that direction. MarkMonitor works with lots of big companies: “over half of the Fortune 500,” according to its website. Some of its clients that have been made public include Time Warner, FedEx, and World Wrestling Entertainment. Would such a big company with relationships with many major corporations register Google-related domains for someone else? It doesn’t sound likely.So, though this is far from confirmation, we wouldn’t be shocked to see a Google Play tablet hitting the market soon. The 7-inch slate is rumored to have 1280×800 resolution, run Ice Cream Sandwich, and (possibly) run Google’s rumored Siri rival, Majel. Recent rumors said that it would go into production next month.via Fusible, via Slashgearlast_img

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