Former Yacolt town clerk calls for investigation

first_imgA former Yacolt town clerk’s recent request for a Washington State Auditor’s Office probe into local officials’ alleged unethical behavior is the latest example of the ongoing tensions between leaders, former leaders and residents in the town.Lynne Oldham accuses town officials of purposefully attempting to humiliate her by including an attachment in the council minutes suggesting she raised her middle finger at the town’s former mayor, Joe Warren. Warren’s mother-in-law, Linda Lesbo, submitted the statement to the council June 20, but did not read the part about the alleged obscene gesture.Mayor James Weldon denied Oldham’s allegations of wrongdoing. The town removed the attachment from its website in a timely manner, he noted. The Washington State Auditor’s Office will investigate Oldham’s allegations of unethical behavior this fall, spokeswoman Mindy Chambers said. If it concludes that wrongdoing occurred, the body has no authority under state law to issue sanctions.Chambers said she had never heard of any complaints filed with the auditor’s office involving an attachment to council minutes.Oldham is peeved with Yacolt’s town officials, who she believes either didn’t read the minutes or purposely left the statement in to tarnish her reputation. She views the attachment as an ethics breach and is seeking other avenues of recourse, she said.Oldham vehemently denied that the incident with Warren happened.“I’m 62 years old,” Oldham said. “I’m not running around flipping people off.”Warren maintains the obscene gesture happened. However, he too questioned why no one omitted the unread portion of Lesbo’s prepared statement from the attachment included in the minutes.last_img

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