Weekly Market Review: June 29, 2020

first_imgAs the number of new infections and deaths reported each week was trending downward through early June, the S&P 500 continued a bull market run that started in late March. When states began to reopen, investors seized on the optimism that our worst pandemic days were behind us. But a recent surge in reported infections in the heavily populated states of Texas and Florida forced the hand of their governors, causing stock investors to take notice. With just two trading days remaining in the first half of 2020, the S&P 500 is down 6% YTD (total return). Stock valuations, at least for last week, seemed to reflect the economic reality faced by many Americans nationwide (source: BTN Research).Millions of U.S. homeowners got in over their heads financially during the global real estate crisis that began in 2008. Too much mortgage debt and not enough cash flow for distressed homeowners resulted in lenders repossessing 1.1 million homes in 2010 alone. The pandemic has caused 15.2 million Americans to lose their jobs in the last three months. Not surprisingly, the number of Americans more than 30 days behind on their monthly mortgage payments as of May 2020 is at its highest level since November 2011 (source: Black Knight Inc.).The response of the U.S. Federal Reserve to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been historic. By the end of 2020, the Federal Reserve is forecasted to inject $5 trillion into the U.S. money supply, largely in the form of low-cost loans for businesses, individuals, states and municipalities (source: BTN Research).Notable Numbers for the Week:MASSIVE JOB LOSSES -First-time applications for unemployment benefits in the last three months through 6/20/20 (47.2 million) were more than 15 times the number of first-time applications for jobless benefits filed (3.1 million) in the three months before the pandemic struck the United States (source: Department of Labor).HE SAID IT – Scott Pelley of “60 Minutes” asked Fed Chair Jay Powell on 5/17 /20 “where does it (the money flooding our system) come from?” Powell responded “We print it digitally. So as a central bank, we have the ability to create money digitally. And that actually increases the money supply” (source: 60 Minutes).MONEY MULTIPLIER – When the Fed acquires assets from banks, e.g., Treasury securities, the Fed issues electronic credits to the banks in exchange for the assets. Banks use the money from the asset sale to make loans of 10 times the amount of money digitally created by the Fed (source: Federal Reserve).A LOT BIGGER – The Fed’s balance sheet reached $6.14 trillion as of 6/24/20, up from $3.89 trillion as of3/ 11 /20, largely the result of purchases of Treasury securities (source: Federal Reserve).Mark R. Reimet, CFP®CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™Jodie BoothFinancial Advisorlast_img read more

Move Over Turkey, it’s Santa’s Time to Shine

first_imgBy LESLEY GRAHAMResidents and visitors alike, were treated to a visit from Santa Claus throughout Ocean City on Friday.Making his way around town on an Ocean City Fire Department truck, the jolly man in the red suit, brought joy and smiles to kids of all ages as the city prepares itself for the holiday season.Four-year-old Silas Deckard was thrilled to see Santa pass through his neighborhood.“I yelled, ‘Hi, Santa and I’m pretty sure he heard me. That made me so happy and it was really cool,’” Silas exclaimed.His mother, Lauren Deckard, was excited to be able to share in the excitement of Christmas with her son and create new traditions.“The city always does such a great job hosting events around the holidays, so even during a pandemic it was great to see those traditions continue,” Deckard said.Santa Claus, making the long trip from the North Pole, started his trip in town at the Fire Station Headquarters and weaved his way down streets and through neighborhoods from north to south before returning to downtown Asbury Avenue.Once Santa returned to Asbury from the south end, the city participated in the annual lighting of the Christmas tree at City hall, enjoyed by many who observed safely six feet apart and masked to ensure public safety.The ride throughout Ocean City capped off the Miracle on Asbury Avenue celebration in which stores offered holiday shopping specials and horse and carriage rides. The event culminated with the lighting of the tree at City Hall.Families enjoy a night with Santa and the city’s tree lighting ceremony. Back row: Nicole Piergross, Ron Schmid Sr., Denise Schmid, Joann Smith, Ron Schmid Jr. Front Row: Luci Schmid, Ashley Schmid, Rori Schmid.Ashley Schmid and her family enjoyed the tree lighting downtown as a part of their annual family tradition.“It’s been a tradition with my family for years to see Santa arrive at City Hall and even though this year was different, we still wanted to enjoy Santa and the lighting of the tree,” Schmid noted.Although the city has had to cancel the majority of its longstanding holiday activities due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Santa was able to safely travel to town to kick off the holiday season and bring holiday joy and cheer.Santa was only here for a quick trip — as he has returned to the North Pole to keep his eye on the elves and check his list, twice.Lauren Deckard and her 4-year-old son, Silas, and Stephen Swerline with his 2-year-old son, Sutton, wave to Santa as he drives by.City Hall is illuminated and decorated for the holidays.Santa heads to the south end of the island with his firefighting motorcade. Santa makes his way through the Merion Park neighborhood.last_img read more

Speech: Preventing the heinous use of chemical weapons by Non-State Actors

first_imgThank you Madam President. And let me begin by thanking the Ambassador of Indonesia for his briefing and for his work since assuming the Chair of the 1540 Committee.Madam President, the 1540 Committee is an important cornerstone of the international non-proliferation architecture and as such, it’s a key part of the rules-based international system. The Committee plays a vital role in helping states prevent the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons to Non-State Actors and thus strengthening our collective efforts to deter and eradicate the use of these weapons.We only need to look at instances of recent years where chemical weapons have been used by groups such as Daesh in Iraq and Syria to realise what is at stake. We cannot stand by and allow the unconscionable use of such weapons to take place. The UK therefore is and will remain a strong supporter of the work of the Committee. We are pleased that this year’s programme of work has been adopted swiftly and see two key priorities for the Committee’s work this year under the leadership of the Indonesian Ambassador.First, implementation of Resolution 1540: All states with the assistance of the Committee should work to ensure that their legislation, national control frameworks and mechanisms for both internal and international cooperation are up to date and fit for purpose. It is particularly important that States whose specific circumstances, such as being nexus points in global supply chains, take extra care to ensure that they are implementing Resolution 1540 effectively.As the Ambassador from Indonesia has mentioned this morning, developing voluntary National Action Plans and assigning national points of contact are practical steps that all States can take and we commend these steps to all UN Member States today.We also join the United States in urging all States who have not yet voluntarily reported their implementation of Resolution 1540 to the Committee to do so as quickly and as practically as possible. In an interconnected world, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And the responsibility lies with all of us. Looking ahead, we recognise that the next comprehensive review of the implementation of 1540 will take place in 2021 and the UK stands ready to do all we can to make sure that process is thorough, effective and leads to practical outcomes in deterring and preventing the proliferation of WMD.Second, Madam President, a second priority should be assistance to States. Again, I am grateful that the Ambassador from Indonesia highlighted this issue in his remarks this morning. Effective implementation of Resolution 1540 isn’t straightforward, however vital it may be. I welcome the work already being done by the Committee to facilitate the provision of assistance to States who have requested it, including by helping coordinate this with States and international organisations who have the capacity to provide it.The UK stands ready to provide legal and regulatory expertise as well as broader support to States looking to meet their obligations and strengthen their national frameworks. In this regard, the work of Working Group 2, coordinated by France, is particularly important and I take this opportunity to thank France as well as Peru, Cote d’Ivoire and the United States who coordinate the other working groups for their diligent work here.I also take the opportunity to recognise the vital work undertaken by the Group of Experts, coordinated by Mr. Raphaël Prenat. The UK notes with concern the financial situation highlighted by the Ambassador from Indonesia and we’ll be following this issue very closely.Madam President, the work of the 1540 Committee focuses on preventing the use of weapons of mass destruction by Non-State Actors. However, I cannot conclude my remarks without also touching briefly – as my colleague from Equatorial Guinea did – on the use of weapons of mass destruction by State Actors because when we see States using chemical weapons in flagrant breach of international law, there are proliferation consequences. The use of such weapons by an organisation as craven as Daesh is unconscionable, as is government use of chemical weapons against its own people, as in the case of Syria, or against another state, as happened on the streets of Salisbury in the United Kingdom just over one year ago.Madam President, the rules-based international order has been essential to the security and safety of the international community for over 70 years. If we are to continue to enjoy that security and safety it must be and must remain our collective duty to uphold that rules-based international order and prevent the heinous use of such weapons by whomsoever they are used.Thank you.last_img read more

Lauryn Hill, Andra Day, The Roots Perform Stunning Nina Simone Medley At Rock Hall Induction [Videos]

first_imgOn Saturday night, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame officially welcomed their 2018 induction class–including Nina Simone, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, The Moody Blues, and The Cars–at a lavish ceremony at Cleveland’s Public Hall. As always, the night was filled with star-studded performances celebrating the evening’s guests of honor.Other than special “Early Influencer” inductee Sister Rosetta Tharpe, none of the 2018 inductees date back farther than Nina Simone, who was born in 1933 and passed away more than a decade ago. The legendary singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist’s work continues to be directly referenced and reimagined in modern music by everyone from Michael Buble to Kanye West, though until this year she had somehow not been nominated since her first year of eligibility in ’86. Simone was inducted in a speech by Mary J. Blige.To honor Simone’s induction and legacy, the best backing band in the business–The Roots–held down the stage as modern-day vocal powerhouses Andra Day and Lauryn Hill each performed multiple selections from Nina’s extensive catalog, from hopeful anthems like “Feeling Good” to emotionally fraught protest songs like “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free”.Nina Simone’s music and the societal weight it carried had a profound impact on Andra Day, as it did on virtually every vocalist who followed her–particularly due to its socially conscious nature. Speaking of iconic Simone protest song “Mississippi Goddamn“, Day told Grammy.com in a 2017 interview, “It was a fight song for NinaIt ended up being an incredible anthem. She really rebelled against people who advised her against doing music like that. She was willing to say what was important at the time to the detriment of her own career. To me, that’s the definition of an artist.”Below, you can watch videos of Andra Day and Lauryn Hill paying tribute to the late, great Nina Simone at her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony:The Roots, Andra Day – Nina Simone Tribute -“I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction[Video: MarchofTheRashbaum]The Roots, Andra Day – Nina Simone Tribute – “I Put A Spell On You” – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction[Video: MarchofTheRashbaum]The Roots, Lauryn Hill – Nina Simone Tribute – “Ne Me Quitte Pas”, “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair”, “Feeling Good” – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction[H/T Rolling Stone]last_img read more

National 4-H STEM Challenge

first_imgThe National 4‑H STEM Challenge, formerly known as 4‑H National Youth Science Day, is an annual initiative to inspire kids everywhere to take an interest in science, technology, engineering and math through hands-on learning.The 2020 National 4‑H STEM Challenge, Mars Base Camp, will explore sending a mission to Mars with four different activities: Landing Zone Surveyor, Red Planet Odyssey, Crop Curiosity and Insight from Mars. Building a battery-operated rover, parachuting onto the planet’s surface and computer coding a story about Mars are some of the 2020 activities. Youth can choose to participate in one or multiple activities as part of the challenge. “With NASA’s focus on exploring Mars, the topics taught in the 2020 National 4‑H STEM Challenge are relevant and exciting,” says Kasey Bozeman, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension 4-H specialist for science and environmental education programs.  “I’m excited to see our county Extension offices across the state offer these activities to 4-H members in their communities. We have counties that lead these activities by partnering with schools, community centers and after-school care programs. Now that a family kit is being offered, families can participate from the convenience of home. It’s such an easy way to get youth engaged in science activities.”Since the program’s inception in 2008, National 4‑H Council has partnered with land-grant universities to develop fun, accessible challenges that allow young people to see how STEM skills can be applied to the world around them. More than 3,500 Georgia 4-H’ers have participated in the National 4‑H STEM Challenge to date, with nearly 1,000 youth participating last year.The program was recently renamed the National 4‑H STEM Challenge to encourage families and 4-H clubs to participate at any time, not just on a specific day as practiced in previous years. According to National 4-H Council, “it’s a name that better reflects the spirit of the program and allows us to continue making improvements that enable you to reach more kids, plan events more easily and showcase the impact of your STEM programs year-round.”Additionally, the National 4-H Council has created materials and guides for the activities in an easily accessible format for youth and adults available at 4-h.org/parents/4-h-stem-challenge. Family kits designed for one to four youth and educator kits with materials for 12 youth are also available for purchase.For more information, visit georgia4h.org or contact your local University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office by visiting extension.uga.edu.last_img read more

Hitachi, Toshiba, Miraca to set up factory for coronavirus antigen tests

first_imgIn a rare partnership, Hitachi will provide engineering know-how, while Toshiba will offer facilities. Fujirebio currently produces test kits at a plant in southern Japan.The coronavirus has infected more than 6.6 million people and killed about 391,000 around the world. Japan has had about 17,000 infections and 910 known deaths to date. Larger output of antigen tests, designed for rapid detection of the virus, will help Japan do more surveillance of the virus. Japan is far behind many industrialized nations in testing for the virus, which critics say obscures the true scale of infection.”We believe we can contribute in providing a system that enables prompt testing should second and third waves come,” a Miraca spokeswoman said.Antigen tests scan for proteins found on or inside a virus, and typically test a sample taken from the nasal cavity using swabs. The tests can detect the virus quickly but produce false negatives at a higher rate than the currently dominant polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.It takes about 10 to 30 minutes to get a result with Fujirebio’s palm-sized antigen test kit, Miraca said, compared with four to six hours for a PCR test. Miraca does not disclose the false negative rate for the kits. Japanese industrial conglomerates Hitachi Ltd and Toshiba Corp will join with Miraca Holdings to increase production of antigen-based coronavirus tests, aiding in the country’s effort to screen more people for the new virus.The alliance will double production of Miraca subsidiary Fujirebio’s testing kits, which received government approval in May, to 400,000 a week, the three companies said in a joint statement on Friday.A new plant to make the kits will be established in Hokkaido prefecture, Japan’s northern island, and will start operations by December.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Court cancels Jokowi’s dismissal of KPU commissioner

first_imgRead also: KPU commissioner Evi Novida dismissed for manipulating vote results in West KalimantanMoreover, the plenary decision was taken by only four out of the required five DKPP members, Hasan added.Hasan emphasized that, although Evi was suing the President and not the DKPP, the PTUN had regarded that legal decisions taken by both parties were inseparable.“The presidential decree that follows up on the DKPP’s decision is two sides of the same coin, meaning that juridical defects in one of them will result in the nullity or invalidation of the other,” he said.Evi said she was grateful that all of her requests had been granted by the court, hoping that the President would accept the verdict.DKPP chairman Muhammad said the next steps for the case would all depend on the President.“The defendant is the President. What the PTUN corrected is the President’s decision.,” he said.However, he said the DKPP, as formulated in the Election Law, was an ethical institution tasked with overseeing alleged violations of ethics among election organizers. A DKPP verdict, he argued, should be binding and final.Presidential expert staffer for law Dini Purwono said the President would study the PTUN verdict before deciding the next step.Topics : “The President may submit an appeal, but until then, he must restore [Evi’s] position by delaying the implementation of the decree as the object of the dispute until it is legally binding,” Evi’s lawyer, Hasan Lumbanraja, told The Jakarta Post on Friday.Hasan said legal considerations taken by the PTUN included “serious juridical defects” by the DKPP during the decision-making for Evi’s dismissal.The defects included the non-fulfillment of Evi’s right of defense as the DKPP was proven to discharge Evi from the KPU without having previously questioned her, he explained.He further claimed another defect was that the DKPP was proven to continue its decision-making process even though the plaintiff, Gerindra Party candidate Hendri Makaluasc, had withdrawn his complaint. The Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN) has granted a lawsuit filed by General Elections Commission (KPU) commissioner Evi Novida Ginting Manik against President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s approval for her permanent dismissal.Jokowi issued Presidential Decree No. 34/2020 regarding her dismissal in late March after the Election Organization Ethics Council (DKPP) discharged her for falsifying the 2019 regional election results in West Kalimantan.The ruling ordered President Jokowi to revoke the decree, to rehabilitate Evi’s name and restore her position in the KPU, as well as to pay the court fee of Rp 332,000 (US$22.68).last_img read more

A Tweed baker has made a few tasteful renovations in this 60s home

first_img12 Stanley St Tweed Heads TASTEFUL decor and a gourmet kitchen made this 1960s home a baker’s delight, according to homeowner Matt Gordon. The local Tweed Heads bakery owner bought 12 Stanley St in 2006 and said he added his own brand to the design.“The kitchen was a delight when I first inspected the house,” the father-of-two said. 12 Stanley St Tweed Heads“Her hobby is one of the reasons we have decided to move, she wants to build and design our family home from scratch.”The bathroom has a baths tub and channels a beach-shack style with modern wallpaper paired with blue decor. 12 Stanley St Tweed HeadsMore from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North10 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa1 day agoThe backyard has an entertaining deck that overlooks the pool and garden.“There is a barbecue area with a bar fridge which is really popular for guests,” Mr Gordon said.“On the other side there is a daybed and across from that is a fire pit.“There are a handful of places in the backyard to entertain. 12 Stanley St Tweed HeadsClose to shops and schools, Mr Gordon said it was ideal for the families business. “We won’t be moving too far,” he said.center_img 12 Stanley St Tweed Heads“We never have to worry about the kids because they practically live in the pool.”The timber finishes are carried out throughout the home with the bathroom featuring a grey-timber wall. “My wife Brooke has an eye for design,” Mr Gordon said.“She completely redid the bathrooms with. 12 Stanley St Tweed Heads“When we moved in there were a few things we wanted to personalise but the kitchen was better left untouched.” The three-bedroom home has a seamless open-plan and indoor outdoor living spaces. Dark timber flooring is paired with rustic-style furniture and embraces the character of the home. On a 715sq m block, Mr Gordon said the family host parties twice a month in their outdoor entertaining area.last_img read more

Rio savours beating City and Reds

first_img Manchester United have all three clubs to face over the next month in what manager David Moyes has claimed is the Red Devils’ toughest start to a league campaign for 20 years. Chelsea are the team tipped by many to claim United’s title following the return of Jose Mourinho, so victory over the Blues at Old Trafford on Monday would be particularly significant. “Cricket is a great sport but it is over-crowded,” said Apollo’s vice-chairman and managing director Neeraj Kanwar. “First we went into tennis. We wanted to create Grand Slam winners in India. But we didn’t see that being successful. “It made sense to try a new sport. In India football is up and coming and there is interest in the Premier League. “Manchester United have 46million fans in the country and we believe our aims and aspirations are the same as theirs.” Meanwhile, Moyes is still mulling over whether to make an increased bid for Everton pair Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini. Having had a joint £28million offer branded “derisory” by the Toffees earlier this week, Moyes has resolved not to bid separately for the players, whom he knows so well from his time at Goodison Park. An increased offer of £35million has been suggested, although this might cause some head-scratching given there appears no obvious need to spend vast amounts on a left-back given the return to form of Patrice Evra over the past year. It is also anticipated impressive teenager Adnan Januzaj will be rewarded with a long-term contract over the next few weeks. Press Association Yet for all their money, charismatic manager and trophies over the past decade, for Ferdinand, the battles with Chelsea can never match those against Liverpool and City. “You look forward to playing every time you step out at Old Trafford,” he said. “It is a special place to play. “We all appreciate playing there in front of our home fans and we try to put on a show. “But the Liverpool and Manchester City games are usually hyped up a bit more than anyone else, so the feeling after winning one of those games is probably the biggest of the season.” Ferdinand was speaking at the launch of a new sponsorship between United and India-based Apollo Tyres, who will become the club’s official tyre partner in the UK. There is a novel aspect to the deal in that Apollo, through their “Go The Distance” campaign, have vowed to create football pitches for community use made out of recycled tyres. They intend for the first of those pitches to be constructed close to Old Trafford, with others intended for use in both the United Kingdom and India. It represents the company’s first venture into a global football sponsorship, having previously been involved in tennis, but not, interestingly, cricket. Rio Ferdinand does not believe beating Chelsea is as sweet as getting one over on old rivals Liverpool and Manchester City.last_img read more

Saints emails, lawsuits could be buried in church bankruptcy

first_img Associated Press Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditA bankruptcy filing by New Orleans’ Roman Catholic archdiocese freezes sexual abuse lawsuits and could help bury the details of alleged coverups of predator priests and thousands of internal emails documenting a behind-the-scenes alliance with the New Orleans Saints. Attorneys for those suing the church attacked last week’s Chapter 11 filing as a veiled attempt to keep church records secret, scrap a long-awaited legal deposition by Archbishop Gregory Aymond and deny victims a public reckoning that had been years in the making.“Those victims were on the path to the truth,” attorney Soren Gisleson wrote in court papers. “The rape of children is a thief that keeps on stealing.” “They don’t want this story out,” Stocker said. “It’s so ugly that they knew what was going on. They’re trying to control their brand and image.” ____Mustian and Rezendes reported from New York.,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 Saints emails, lawsuits could be buried in church bankruptcy The New Orleans archdiocese is the latest of more than 20 dioceses nationwide to declare bankruptcy, an action Aymond attributed to a “resurgence of the clergy abuse crisis” and liabilities of $100 million to $500 million deepened by the coronavirus pandemic. He said the filing would allow victims to be compensated directly through a “court-supervised process.”“There is not one single event or issue that prompted this filing,” the archbishop said in a video to parishioners. Attorneys for the men suing the church have already accused the archdiocese of understating the value of its total assets at also between $100 and $500 million. They cited an insurance declaration covering $2.1 billion in damages, adding the archdiocese “makes no attempt to explain this discrepancy” in court filings. An archdiocese spokeswoman declined to comment Tuesday. Aymond had been scheduled to give a deposition later this month in the Hecker case. Lawyers for Hecker’s alleged victims say they uncovered hundreds of incriminating records in discovery and still want a judge to make them public regardless of the bankruptcy. May 5, 2020 In previous court filings, they drew a direct parallel to the successful effort by The Boston Globe nearly 20 years ago to overturn a confidentiality order protecting documents produced during lawsuits filed by victims of Geoghan.That led to the resignation of the late Cardinal Bernard F. Law, who covered up for Geoghan’s abuses with the knowledge of five auxiliary bishops, including Alfred C. Hughes, who preceded Aymond as archbishop of New Orleans.“The public, media and law enforcement have no idea of the depth of Hecker’s disgusting crimes against children or the Archdiocese’s equally disgusting suppression of those crimes,” the filing alleges.But whether any of the dozens of clergy abuse lawsuits against the archdiocese will see the light of day is an open question.John C. Manly, an attorney who has represented clergy abuse victims through more than a dozen bankruptcy filings, said “it’s highly unlikely” the men suing the archdiocese will succeed in airing internal church records. Among the most explosive legal fights now in disarray is a lawsuit alleging Aymond and his three predecessors systematically concealed the crimes of the Rev. Lawrence Hecker, an 88-year-old priest removed from active ministry in 2002 after accusations that he abused “countless children.”A recent court motion drew direct parallels between the church’s handling of Hecker and John Geoghan, a serial pedophile who molested scores of children during his 30-year career as a Massachusetts clergyman.The bankruptcy also freezes a court battle over a cache of confidential emails describing the behind-the-scenes public relations work New Orleans Saints executives did for the archdiocese in 2018 and 2019 to contain fallout from clergy abuse scandals. While the Saints say they only assisted in messaging, attorneys for the men suing the church allege Saints officials joined in the church’s “pattern and practice of concealing its crimes.” The attorneys contend that included taking an active role in helping to shape the archdiocese’s list of 57 credibly accused clergy, a roster an Associated Press analysis found was undercounted by at least 20 names.AP, which has sought the release of the emails as a matter of public interest, said in court papers last week that it remains unclear why secrecy is warranted for “two high-profile and quasi-public institutions like the Saints and the Archdiocese.” “Clearly this is a focused effort to conceal the documents,” he said.Manley said attempts to keep the lawsuits alive are longshots because bankruptcy courts generally don’t want debtors to continue with legal action that may force them to spend more money.But Mike Finnegan, an attorney with Minnesota-based Jeff Anderson & Associates, said the bankruptcy filing pushes the fight to air the church records into the bankruptcy court, where the documents could be released after a lengthy process, possibly as a condition of a bankruptcy settlement.“There are so many people involved, and this is so important for the public and survivors, that the fight will continue,” he said. “I believe those documents will see the light of day, but it will be delayed by the bankruptcy process.”New Orleans’ bankruptcy reflects a strategy the church has pursued in other jurisdictions to simply “come up with a settlement and move on,” said Kevin T. Stocker, an attorney who sued the church in Buffalo, New York, before it recently declared bankruptcy. last_img read more