Northern Foods dismisses bakery division sale rumour

first_imgNorthern Foods has dismissed press reports it is planning to sell its £300 million turnover bakery division as “pure speculation”. A report in the Sunday Times on April 23 said Northern Foods’ board would discuss a potential sale of the division at a meeting this week. The division includes premium cake and pastry supplier Park Cakes, Fox’s biscuits, Christmas puddings company Matthew Walker and the Smiths flour milling business.In March, Northern Foods announced a strategic review, saying its bakery and pastry divisions had been seriously hit in the early weeks of 2006 (British Baker, March 17, pg 4). Biscuit sales were down 12% year-on-year and pastry sales down 11% in January and February, it said.The results of the review will be revealed at the company’s AGM on May 31.last_img read more

News story: Company behind Charnwood Lodge hotel wound-up in court

first_img [YouTube]( Office currently closed during the coronavirus pandemic. It is urgent that members of the public with reservations at Charnwood Lodge contact my office to receive information regarding their booking. If you know of anyone with plans to stay here, please reach out to them. This service is for journalists only. For any other queries, please contact the Insolvency Enquiry Line.For all media enquiries outside normal working hours, please contact the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Press Office on 020 7215 1000. LinkedIn Press Office Email [email protected]center_img Media Manager 0303 003 1743 Customers with bookings should provide their full name, full contact details and date of booking to: Official Receiver, Level One, Apex Court, Nottingham NG2 4LA; Telephone: 0115 8525009; or Email: [email protected] You will then be contacted by the Official Receiver’s office.Notes to EditorsCharnwood Lodge (Loughborough) Limited (Company number: 08845469).The Winding-Up Order was handed down by Judge Barber in the High Court at Manchester on 22 May 2019.Further information about the work of the Insolvency Service, and how to complain about financial misconduct, is available here.Contact Press Office Twitter You can also follow the Insolvency Service on: The company behind the hotel, Charnwood Lodge (Loughborough) Ltd, was wound up on 22 May 2019 by Judge Barber at the High Court in Manchester following a creditor petition.The Official Receiver, Steven Baxter, has been appointed as liquidator and is calling for all guests with upcoming bookings to contact the Official Receiver’s office in Nottingham.At the hearing to consider the petitions to wind-up the company, the court heard that the company, incorporated in January 2014, had operated as the Charnwood Lodge hotel and guest house on the Leicester Road in Loughborough.By January 2019, however, the company could not pay its debts and its creditors petitioned the courts to wind-up the company.Steven Baxter, Official Receiver at the Insolvency Service, said:last_img read more

Phish Played Over 200 Songs On Their 20-Show Summer Tour

first_imgLast night, Phish wrapped up a fun summer tour that saw the band play a total of 20 shows in 13 cities. While the band still has more performances on the docket, including two nights at LOCKN’ Festival and three nights at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park over Labor Day weekend, the bulk of the band’s scheduled travels are now complete. Naturally, while we wait for rumored fall tours and new albums to be announced, we wanted to reflect on the tour as a whole.In total, the band performed 205 songs over 20 shows, including a full eighty-four songs that were only played once all summer. In contrast, last year Phish played only 171 songs from the start of their summer tour through Magnaball, which was a total of 22 shows. In 2014, their 25-show tour brought 156 songs. Sufficed to say, Phish dug deep into their catalog and brought out a lot of classics, including jams like “The Sloth,” “The Lizards,” “Tela,” “McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters.” They also brought out tunes like “Let Me Lie,” “Round Room,” and “Demand,” as well as the full Fuego album (including bust outs of “Sing Monica” and “Wombat”) for the tour.The band also found some new covers for their 2016 rotation, including the biggest bust out, “Dear Prudence,” as well as “Cry Baby Cry” from The White Album. They also played another Beatles song, “I Am The Walrus.” “I Found A Reason” from Velvet Underground’s Loaded album made its first appearance since 1998, but the biggest surprise for covers was the debut of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” The a cappella arrangement that has been performed throughout this summer has been a perfectly Phish-y tribute to the late great Thin White Duke.As far as debuts go, the band brought out a total of eight new original compositions. Here they are, in order of their debut: “Miss You,” “Breath and Burning,” “Things People Do,” “Waking Up Dead,” “Friends,” “Tide Turns,” “Let’s Go” and “Ass Handed.” The jury is still out as to whether “Ass Handed Reprise” from last night’s closer counts as its own song. Regardless, with Trey Anastasio recently telling fans that their album was finished, it should only be a matter of time before we have new information about this upcoming release. Lest we not forget that a whole host of new Phish songs, including “Blaze On,” “No Men In No Man’s Land,” “Shade,” “Mercury,” “How Many People Are You,” “Can’t Always Listen,” “Steam” and more, have yet to find homes in the studio. And there’s still a “15-minute piece with classical percussion” that we have yet to hear, if we’re to believe Hamilton percussionist Andrés Forero. Read more about that here.Interestingly, a few songs were left off the table in 2016, including fan-favorites like “Foam,” “Dirt,” “Esther,” “Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird,” and more. While “Fluffhead” did make its triumphant return this year, the absence of “Roses Are Free” suggests that something may be in store for LOCKN’, with Ween and Phish both performing. Fingers crossed.Of course, with over 200 songs played, the one notable absence from the tour was the long jam. The band’s setlists seemed more focused on going from song to song, as opposed to stretching any particular number out. The band relied heavily on instrument swapping this summer though, bringing out the Marimba Lumina on a near-nightly basis. Having witnessed the “Drive-In Jam” at Magnaball and the New Years’ “No Men In No Man’s Land” at MSG, it’s safe to say that the band isn’t quite tapped out from their exploratory jamming, but its absence from the summer run was surprising. With a handful of exceptions, like the SPAC “Moma” and “Chalk Dust,” the Hartford “Disease” or the BGCA “Sally,” there weren’t any individual jam moments that truly stood out along this tour.That all being said, some of these sets really gel collectively, especially the first set of the final Bill Graham show or the tease-filled second set at The Gorge opener. When we consider how many years Phish was absent from our lives in the earlier part of the 2000’s, the fact that they’re still trying new things – sharing new music, busting out old songs, etc. – is a testament to the band’s incredible legacy. Long live Phish.All stats here appear courtesy of IHOZ/Zzyzx. You can see the full 205 songs, with a count of how many times each one was played, listed below:Blaze On – 6 (30%)Fuego – 6 (30%)46 Days – 5 (25%)555 – 5 (25%)Backwards Down the Number Line – 5 (25%)Breath and Burning – 5 (25%)Carini – 5 (25%)Chalk Dust Torture – 5 (25%)Ghost – 5 (25%)Harry Hood – 5 (25%)Martian Monster – 5 (25%)Mike’s Song – 5 (25%)No Men In No Man’s Land – 5 (25%)Run Like an Antelope – 5 (25%)The Line – 5 (25%)The Moma Dance – 5 (25%)Twist – 5 (25%)Weekapaug Groove – 5 (25%)Wolfman’s Brother – 5 (25%)Also Sprach Zarathustra – 4 (20%)Back on the Train – 4 (20%)Bathtub Gin – 4 (20%)Bouncing Around the Room – 4 (20%)Character Zero – 4 (20%)Down with Disease – 4 (20%)Free – 4 (20%)Halfway to the Moon – 4 (20%)Heavy Things – 4 (20%)Horn – 4 (20%)Kill Devil Falls – 4 (20%)Light – 4 (20%)Sample in a Jar – 4 (20%)Sand – 4 (20%)Stash – 4 (20%)Tube – 4 (20%)Tweezer Reprise – 4 (20%)Walls of the Cave – 4 (20%)Birds of a Feather – 3 (15%)Cavern – 3 (15%)Cities – 3 (15%)Divided Sky – 3 (15%)Farmhouse – 3 (15%)First Tube – 3 (15%)Fluffhead – 3 (15%)Golden Age – 3 (15%)Golgi Apparatus – 3 (15%)Halley’s Comet – 3 (15%)Julius – 3 (15%)Lawn Boy – 3 (15%)Loving Cup – 3 (15%)My Friend, My Friend – 3 (15%)Piper – 3 (15%)Possum – 3 (15%)Rift – 3 (15%)Rock and Roll – 3 (15%)Saw It Again – 3 (15%)Simple – 3 (15%)Slave to the Traffic Light – 3 (15%)Space Oddity – 3 (15%)The Wedge – 3 (15%)Theme From the Bottom – 3 (15%)Tide Turns – 3 (15%)Tweezer – 3 (15%)Uncle Pen – 3 (15%)Waiting All Night – 3 (15%)Water in the Sky – 3 (15%)Wingsuit – 3 (15%)Yarmouth Road – 3 (15%)You Enjoy Myself – 3 (15%)A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing – 2 (10%)AC/DC Bag – 2 (10%)Ass Handed – 2 (10%)Axilla – 2 (10%)Billy Breathes – 2 (10%)Boogie On Reggae Woman – 2 (10%)Bug – 2 (10%)Crosseyed and Painless – 2 (10%)Daniel Saw the Stone – 2 (10%)David Bowie – 2 (10%)Dear Prudence – 2 (10%)Devotion To a Dream – 2 (10%)Friends – 2 (10%)Good Times Bad Times – 2 (10%)Gotta Jibboo – 2 (10%)I Am the Walrus – 2 (10%)It’s Ice – 2 (10%)Joy – 2 (10%)Limb By Limb – 2 (10%)Maze – 2 (10%)Meatstick – 2 (10%)Miss You – 2 (10%)My Sweet One – 2 (10%)Ocelot – 2 (10%)Party Time – 2 (10%)Pigtail – 2 (10%)Poor Heart – 2 (10%)Prince Caspian – 2 (10%)Reba – 2 (10%)Roggae – 2 (10%)Scent of a Mule – 2 (10%)Seven Below – 2 (10%)Shade – 2 (10%)Shine a Light – 2 (10%)Sleep Again – 2 (10%)Sleeping Monkey – 2 (10%)Sparkle – 2 (10%)Split Open and Melt – 2 (10%)Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan – 2 (10%)Sugar Shack – 2 (10%)Suzy Greenberg – 2 (10%)The Dogs – 2 (10%)The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony – 2 (10%)The Sloth – 2 (10%)Things People Do – 2 (10%)Timber (Jerry) – 2 (10%)Twenty Years Later – 2 (10%)Undermind – 2 (10%)Wading in the Velvet Sea – 2 (10%)Waste – 2 (10%)What’s the Use? – 2 (10%)Wilson – 2 (10%)A Day in the Life – 1 (5%)Alumni Blues – 1 (5%)Army of One – 1 (5%)Big Black Furry Creature from Mars – 1 (5%)Bittersweet Motel – 1 (5%)Bold As Love – 1 (5%)Buried Alive – 1 (5%)Camel Walk – 1 (5%)Cars Trucks Buses – 1 (5%)Contact – 1 (5%)Crowd Control – 1 (5%)Cry Baby Cry – 1 (5%)Dem Bones – 1 (5%)Demand – 1 (5%)Destiny Unbound – 1 (5%)Driver – 1 (5%)Drowned – 1 (5%)Fast Enough for You – 1 (5%)Fee – 1 (5%)Fire – 1 (5%)Frankenstein – 1 (5%)Fuck Your Face – 1 (5%)Funky Bitch – 1 (5%)Grind – 1 (5%)Guelah Papyrus – 1 (5%)Gumbo – 1 (5%)Guyute – 1 (5%)Ha Ha Ha – 1 (5%)Happy Birthday to You – 1 (5%)Hold Your Head Up – 1 (5%)How Many People Are You – 1 (5%)I Am Hydrogen – 1 (5%)I Didn’t Know – 1 (5%)I Found a Reason – 1 (5%)Let Me Lie – 1 (5%)Let’s Go – 1 (5%)Letter to Jimmy Page – 1 (5%)Llama – 1 (5%)Love You – 1 (5%)Makisupa Policeman – 1 (5%)Manteca – 1 (5%)McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters – 1 (5%)Meat – 1 (5%)Mound – 1 (5%)NICU – 1 (5%)Nellie Kane – 1 (5%)No Quarter – 1 (5%)Paul and Silas – 1 (5%)Punch You In the Eye – 1 (5%)Quinn the Eskimo – 1 (5%)Rocky Top – 1 (5%)Round Room – 1 (5%)Runaway Jim – 1 (5%)Sanity – 1 (5%)Scents and Subtle Sounds – 1 (5%)Show of Life – 1 (5%)Silent in the Morning – 1 (5%)Sing Monica – 1 (5%)Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley – 1 (5%)Soul Shakedown Party – 1 (5%)Steam – 1 (5%)Strange Design – 1 (5%)Taste – 1 (5%)Tela – 1 (5%)The Ballad of Curtis Loew – 1 (5%)The Birds – 1 (5%)The Curtain With – 1 (5%)The Horse – 1 (5%)The Landlady – 1 (5%)The Lizards – 1 (5%)The Mango Song – 1 (5%)The Old Home Place – 1 (5%)The Squirming Coil – 1 (5%)The Very Long Fuse – 1 (5%)Timber – 1 (5%)Vultures – 1 (5%)Waking Up Dead – 1 (5%)Walk Away – 1 (5%)Waves – 1 (5%)When the Circus Comes – 1 (5%)Winterqueen – 1 (5%)Wombat – 1 (5%)Ya Mar – 1 (5%)Your Pet Cat – 1 (5%)last_img read more

Dead & Company Deliver Dream Setlist, Double Encore In Joyous Tour Closer At Folsom Field [Photos/Videos]

first_imgPhoto: Bill McAlaine On Saturday night, Dead & Company returned to Boulder, CO’s Folsom Field for the second time in as many nights, finishing off the band’s summer tour with a standout showing. With no shows left on the books in 2018, save for a two-night appearance at LOCKN’ in August, the Grateful Dead-inspired six-piece left a lasting impression on the packed arena.While Friday night saw some technical difficulties and a slow start to the show, Dead & Company clearly had worked out the kinks when they took the stage on Saturday evening. In contrast to Friday’s somewhat slower “Iko Iko”, the band came out strong, opening with an energized combination of the beloved traditional duo, “China Cat Sunflower” and “I Know You Rider”.Dead & Company – “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider” [Pro-Shot][Video: Dead & Company]With the audience captivated from the start, the group continued this upbeat start to the show, deftly moving into “Shakedown Street”, embracing the song’s disco influence by projecting a giant disco ball on the screen behind them featuring appropriate overlays of the Colorado flag as well as weed leaves and stealies. While the song started out with a slower tempo, the group’s spirited improvisation after the initial verses pushed the song’s speed forward, eventually ending in an extended improvisational section housing a fun vocal jam.While Bob Weir had led the vocals on the first three songs of the night, John Mayer got his first opportunity to step up to the mic and lead during a soulful take on “Brown Eyed Women”. Maintaining the momentum of three upbeat opening numbers, the song kept the audience enthralled and singing along. The song was highlighted by Jeff Chimenti‘s skillful work on the baby grand piano, as he offered up a spirited solo before eventually inviting Mayer to join in the fray. One thing that has become apparent during Dead & Company’s summer tour is the ever-growing chemistry between Mayer and Chimenti—an electric energy that has only grown since the keyboardist switched stage positions with Oteil Burbridge during the group’s penultimate summer tour stop in Albuquerque.Following the show-opening run of uplifting and easy-grooving tunes, the band moved into fan-favorite, a captivating and heartfelt rendition of “Althea”, with Mayer leading the way with his velvet vocals searing guitar riffs. After a pause, the offered up a Cadillac-sized “Cassidy”, getting lost on the country miles with a winding, jazzy jam that steadily built up sonic tension before emphatically arriving at the song’s final refrain. From there, the group dropped immediately into a rendition of “One More Saturday Night”, an appropriate—if not predictable—choice, given the day of the week.While some fans complain about this group’s tendency to savor songs and take them at a slower-than-usual pace, it seems as though Dead & Company has been experimenting with manipulating tempos. Much like “Shakedown Street”, “One More Saturday Night” got a slow start, giving Mayer the space to offer up bluesy guitar licks around Bob Weir’s vocals. However, the song continued to accelerate, amping the crowd up throughout its jam portion, and particularly during Chimenti and Mayer’s exchanging of solos. Clearly feeding off the energy of the audience, Weir hit his high notes and belted out emphatic howls as the song reached its climax and ended set one.Returning for set two, Bob Weir told the crowd, “We just need to get our ducks in a row,” before the band launched into a stellar “Scarlet Begonias”, Mayer’s guitar solo leading to peaks that drove the crowd into a frenzy. Next, the group detoured unexpectedly into “Franklin’s Tower”. Yet another upbeat tune, the song’s bounding groove was locked in by Burbridge, who elegantly weaved through Mayer’s melodic solo.Dead & Company – “Scarlet Begonias” [Pro-Shot][Video: Dead & Company]Recalling the second set’s opening number, “Scarlet Begonias”, Dead & Company finished off the opening song’s customary pairing with an extended, improvisation-heavy take on “Fire On The Mountain” with Oteil on lead vocal duty. The combination of “Scarlet Begonias” > “Franklin’s Tower” > “Fire On The Mountain”—three fan-favorite songs—was an uplifting way to start set two, and the crowd responded in kind to the rare combination.As the extended jam in “Fire On The Mountain” came to a discrete end, the band began to lay out a moving rendition of “He’s Gone”. Mayer’s blues-tinged guitar parts were a standout of the number, with the pop star-turned-Deadhead tastefully ornamenting the band’s tight vocal harmonies after each phrase. After the passionate song, a somewhat clunky transition harkened in the rumbling complexity of “The Other One”. After the song’s first verse, the band delved into a cacophonous jam, foregoing verse two in favor of “Drums/Space”.Like Friday night’s performance, Oteil joined the Rhythm Devils, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, for the driving, tribal-inspired percussion solo. When the rest of the band returned for “Space”, it was clear the group was ready for more adventurous improvisations; unlike Friday’s show, which quickly landed in a heavy, propulsive groove, Saturday’s “Space” was more exploratory and ambient. Led by Weir’s discordant guitar, “Space” morphed into an electronica-tinged jam, Oteil’s bass providing the jam’s framework.As “Space” dissolved into chaos, “The Other One” slowly reemerged, first identified by the recurrence of the song’s polyrhythmic drums. As the second set began to near its close, Dead & Company slowed things down with a mournful ballad, the Bob Weir-sung “Days Between”. The drummers anchored the easy-going jam, with Mayer soaring over the jam’s solid base as Chimenti offered up shimmering accents on the keys.Continuing the spacious tone carried through since “Space”, “Days Between” trickled to a close ahead of the celebratory set-closing rendition of “Sugar Magnolia”. A notably energetic and feel-good take on the number, particularly in contrast to the ballad that preceded it, the jubilant song energized both the crowd and the band, with all cylinders firing as they closed the second frame.For the encore, Dead & Company quickly jumped into “Uncle John’s Band”, with Mayer offering up an intricate and patient solo that matched the easy groove of the song. Following a darker bridge, Mayer and Chimenti cascaded over the rhythm section’s rock-solid foundation, with the jam eventually loosening up and offering space for soaring solos before the group found their way back to unison. With the entire crowd clapping along, “Uncle John’s Band” came to a triumphant close, the band earning huge cheers as they took doffed their instruments.The six members huddled in the center of the stage and hugged, only highlighting the strength of the relationships among band members. Clearly excited about the stellar performance, the group took a few photos with the crowd as the house’s applause built to a fever pitch behind them. Dead & Company departed the stage briefly, but with ten minutes left before the venue’s curfew, the band quickly reappeared for a second encore.With Weir donning an acoustic guitar, the band offered up a stunning rendition of “Ripple” for their second encore, Mayer simulating the song’s quivering mandolin part. Slowly, the stadium began to sparkle, as fans across the stands and on the field held up lighters and phones—making for a gorgeous shared moment and a wondrous way to end Dead & Company’s summer tour.You can check out a gallery of photos from Dead & Company’s tour closer in Boulder, CO below courtesy of photographer Bill McAlaine.Setlist: Dead & Company | Folsom Field | Boulder, CO | 7/14/2018Set One: China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Shakedown Street, Brown Eyed Women, Althea, Cassidy > One More Saturday NightSet Two: Scarlet Begonias > Franklin’s Tower > Fire On The Mountain > He’s Gone > The Other One v. 1 > Drums/Space > The Other One v. 2 > Days Between, Sugar MagnoliaEncore One: Uncle John’s BandEncore Two: RippleA full soundboard recording of the performance is available to stream via & Company | Folsom Field | Boulder, CO | 7/14/18 | Photos: Bill McAlaine Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Leopold staunchly defends Burlington Telecom, creditor extends deadline

first_imgby Kevin Kelley. The City of Burlington announced September 30 that an agreement had been reached with CitiCapital to extend the period of forbearance ‘ set to expire on the 30th ‘ to October 29, 2010, with respect to payments under Burlington’s lease-purchase agreement with CitiCapital for Burlington Telecom. Negotiations between Burlington and CitiCapital are ongoing and will continue during the forbearance period, according to a statement from Joe Reinert, Assistant to the Mayor.As Burlington Telecom conducts these life-or-death negotiations with its creditor, the city official at the center of the drama says he is optimistic about BT’s future and is unapologetic about the decision to build a publicly owned fiber optic network. ‘We’re laying the groundwork for increases in customers, revenue and profitability for Burlington Telecom,’ Chief Administrative Officer Jonathan Leopold said in a September 21 interview.Asked if that means the city is likely to retain control of BT, Leopold said ‘not necessarily,’ but declined to comment further about the status of talks with CitiCapital. He also would not reveal the contents of a proposal that Burlington has made to CitiCapital for stabilizing the finances of the city-owned telecom system.The lender agreed in July to a 90-day period of ‘forbearance’ in regard to the nearly $1.8 million in principal and interest payments that the city has failed to make over the past nine months. That deadline now has been extended another 30 days in an attempt to make a deal.BT owes CitiCapital a total of $33.5 million. The creditor could move to take control of the telecom system if the city remains unable to make good on that debt.Burlington Telecom also owes a city cash pool $16.9 million that was borrowed over the course of two years in order to keep the operation afloat. That arrangement ignited a political firestorm. State officials said BT violated its licensing conditions by failing to repay that money and by leaving Burlington taxpayers potentially liable for a debt that the city was prohibited from incurring in the first place.In a September filing with the state Public Service Board, Burlington admits it failed to honor its obligation to repay the cash pool within two months. The city also acknowledges that it violated another state licensing condition by not putting the full BT fiber-optic network in place by mid-September 2008. Nearly 2,000 addresses in the city are still outside the reach of the BT system.‘In hindsight, there definitely were mistakes,’ Leopold said in the interview in his City Hall office. But he strongly defended the city’s decision to establish its own telecom network, arguing that the private sector has shown itself unwilling to invest in top-quality networks in small states such as Vermont.The city was ‘very successful,’ Leopold said, in installing ‘state-of-the-art fiber-optic technology’ in most of BT’s potential service territory. The city was less successful, however, in making BT a viable enterprise, partly because attention was focused until late in 2007 on building the telecom network.‘We’ve seen in the years since then that there is a steep learning curve’ for city officials without extensive experience in running a profitable telecom business, Leopold added.A private company might have been better run, but it would never have made the sort of investment that put BT on a par with the most advanced telecom operations, Leopold continued.‘If you’re a private telecom firm with $50 million to invest, are you going to put it in a place like Manhattan or Boston, or are you going to put it in a thinly populated state like Vermont?’ Leopold asked rhetorically. ‘If government doesn’t get involved, it just won’t happen here.‘The private sector model [for telecom expansion and upgrades] has been demonstrably unsuccessful over the past 20 years,’ he declared, citing studies showing telecom networks in the United States lagging far behind those in some European and Asian countries that have committed public funds to network development.High-speed telecom systems should be seen as ‘the critical infrastructure of the 21st century,’ Leopold suggested. And he drew an analogy to the interstate highway system that was critical to US economic development in the 20th century. Government built that nationwide road network because the private sector would not or could not, Leopold noted.He also sees irony in the $171 million federal subsidy recently provided to three private telecom companies in Vermont for broadband development. (See accompanying story.) ‘Burlington taxpayers are prohibited from subsidizing BT, but it’s perfectly all right to take $171 million in public money and give it to private enterprise,’ Leopold observed. ‘How does that make sense?’Source: Vermont Business Magazine.last_img read more

Vermont delegation splits vote on budget deal: Leahy, yes; Sanders and Welch, no

first_imgThe Vermont congressional delegation typically votes as a united block. But the budget crisis gripping Congress has broken their unity. Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy voted for it, while Independent Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic Representative Peter Welch voted against the measure. The US Senate, needing 60 yes votes, passed the debt ceiling bill, 74-26, and President Obama signed it today ending, for at least a couple of months, the strangled hold it had on the budget, the economy, and Washington politics. In the end, 28 Republicans and six Democrats voted against it in the Senate. The two independents, Sanders and Joe Lieberman, split, with the Connecticut senator voting for it. In last night’s House vote, the measure passed 269 to 161, getting votes from 174 Republicans and 95 Democrats.In general, the moderates in both parties supported the compromise. The deal calls for $2 trillion of budget cuts over the next decade, with an immediate $400 billion increase in the $14.3 trillion federal borrowing limit, which needed to be enacted today. That $400 million has to be matched with $400 billion in cuts, according to the deal. There is another $500 billion more cuts coming this fall. That $900 billion would be matched by cuts to agency budgets over the next 10 years. While a 12-member, bi-partisan panel will hash out much of the details of what exactly will be cut or what taxes could be raised, the compromise signed by the president today includes no tax increases.The statements below offered by Vermont’s delegation are reflective of the Congress in general, where no one seemed happy with the deal, even those who voted for it. Remarks of Senator Patrick Leahy Senate Passage Of The Bipartisan Agreement On The Debt Ceiling Tuesday, August 2, 2011 – With no time to spare, this bipartisan solution has averted a manufactured crisis that has held hostage our entire economy and every American family in it. A default on U.S. obligations for the first time in our history would have imposed incalculable harm and a credit rate tax on every citizen, every state, every community and every business.This is not a solution I would have preferred, but the compromise finally reached by the White House and congressional leaders puts common sense and the national interest above partisanship and ideology.Our country was pushed to the brink of catastrophe. The choice at hand was not this bill or something better. The choice is between the only bipartisan practical solution to the debt ceiling crisis, or a devastating default on the nation’s debts for the first time in our history. A default would send shock waves throughout our fragile economy. It would slap a credit rate tax on every household and every business in Vermont and across the country.The bipartisan agreement includes $3 trillion in spending reductions reached through bipartisan negotiations that will yield the greatest overall budget savings ever. Just as Vermont families are having to make difficult financial decisions, we need to make long-term budget reforms, and the country should be spared the ordeal of having to go through this same kind of torment again just a few months from now.The Special Congressional Committee chartered by this legislation to recommend future deficit reduction can consider revenue measures, and I will continue to push for an end to outdated tax loopholes for giant oil firms and companies that ship American jobs overseas. I also continue to believe that the wealthiest Americans should pay their fair share in these solutions.If the Special Congressional Committee fails to make bipartisan recommendations, then the agreement calls for cuts in defense spending and protections for Social Security, Medicare benefits, Medicaid, veterans benefits and child nutrition. I strongly support these protections.All along the American people have wanted this debt-limit crisis resolved promptly and fairly through the give-and-take of our representative government. It is extremely unfortunate that many who manufactured this crisis in the first place then stood in the way of a solution for weeks on end, threatening the first default on United States obligations in our history.Many in the Senate recall, as I do, the period just two short decades ago when Congress and a Democratic president were able to balance the federal budget and create budget surpluses that were on their way to paying off the national debt altogether. I remember also the key Senate vote to put us on that path, which had to be achieved without any support from the other side of the aisle. Those balanced budgets and surpluses also were achieved without any constitutional amendment requiring them. And those surpluses grew, until subsequent decisions were made by a new administration, and ratified by a new Congress, that squandered the surpluses and piled the debt up once again.What the American people want, need, and deserve is a return to wise and disciplined leadership. We need the return of a willingness to cooperate and to forge solutions across partisan lines to solve the most pressing issues facing the country. The economic health of the nation and the jobs of millions of hardworking Americans should not be mired in politics.The Senate throughout history has shown its remarkable ability to rise up in times of crisis to reflect the conscience of the nation. Once again, for the good of the country, Democrats and Republicans in both chambers were able to rise to the occasion and put an end to a contrived crisis that has put our entire economy at risk.Sanders Votes No on ‘An Extremely Unfair Agreement’WASHINGTON, August 2 ‘ Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement today after voting against what he called ‘an extremely unfair’ deficit-reduction package:‘I believe that Vermonters and people across the country are extremely dismayed that all of the burden for deficit reduction will fall on the backs of working families, the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor. This extremely unfair agreement does not ask the wealthiest people in this country, most of whom are doing extremely well, or large profitable corporations to contribute one penny. This is not only immoral, it is bad economic policy and will cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs.‘It is impossible at this point to determine exactly what programs will be cut or by how much. That will be determined later in the committee process and I will do everything I can to defend priorities important to Vermont. What we can say, however, is that vitally important programs for Vermont, like LIHEAP, education, Head Start, child care, community health centers, the MILC program for dairy farmers, Pell grants for college students, nutrition programs, environmental protection, affordable housing, community action agencies, small business loans and many other programs will be on the chopping block.‘Further, the so-called deficit reduction super committee of six senators and six House members will have the power to make devastating cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and veterans.‘All of us understand that the current deficit situation is unsustainable and that we need responsible action to address it. It is unconscionable, however, that this agreement would place the entire burden on working families and some of the most vulnerable people in our country.’Welch statement on budget deal voteWASHINGTON, DC ‘ Rep. Peter Welch issued the following statement after the House voted on a budget deal negotiated between the White House and congressional leaders. Welch opposed the measure, which passed by a vote of 269 to 161.‘From the start of this debate, I have been guided by two objectives: First, America must pay its bills. Congress and the President should negotiate, but America should never default. Second, we need a balanced agreement that puts everything on the table.‘While I am pleased that, with this agreement, America will continue to pay its bills, I voted against it because it is not a balanced plan with shared sacrifice. It ignores glaring inequities in the federal tax code while cutting programs important to the middle class, seniors, and low-income Americans. There is simply no excuse for condoning continued tax breaks for Wall Street hedge fund managers, the ethanol industry and big oil companies while the middle class struggles to hang on to their jobs, pay their bills and send their children to college.‘I also voted against this bill because it validates the tactic of putting a gun to the head of the American economy to advance a party’s agenda. Never before has a willful majority in Congress held hostage the full faith and credit of the United States of America in order to get its way on the budget. This is a dangerous precedent that will make it more difficult than ever for Congress to meet the many challenges facing our country. It is regrettable that those who employed it have succeeded.’last_img read more

Outdoor Updates: The Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peaks Friday Night

first_imgHiker lost in Florida wilderness uses cell phone light to flag down helicopter A major meteor shower will grace the night sky this Friday night. The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks on Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning. Under clear skies, viewers can spot over 100 meteors per hour shooting through the sky. The meteors will originate from near the constellation Ursa Major, aka the Big Dipper, but shooting stars will be visible throughout the sky. An experienced hiker exploring the Flatwoods Wilderness Park in Thonotosassa, Florida became lost after dark on Sunday. Libia Marsack says that she’d been hiking for a few hours when she set out on a new trail she discovered just before dusk, thinking she could finish it quickly. “I figured it was just a small loop they had there, so I decided to explore that last little trail before I leave and that’s when things started getting bad for me because the trail ended up being much longer than I expected,” Marsack told WTSP News. Unfortunately for those of us in the eastern U.S., a storm system could prevent a clear view of the sky. Rain is expected from New England down into the Appalachians, but if the clouds begin to part, it will be well worth braving the cold to take in Mother Nature’s lightshow. Bushfires continue to burn across Australia, fueled by severe drought and extreme temperatures As the sun set, Marsack began hiking towards what she thought was the trailhead, but ended up on a dirt access road deep within the park. As the battery drained from her cell phone, Marsack called 911. A rescue chopper was dispatched and the hiker flagged it down with the flashlight on her cell phone. Once Marsack’s exact location had been determined, a park ranger on at ATV arrived to collect her.  Look up! The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks Friday night Massive bushfires are burning across Australia. In the most impacted state, New South Wales, fires have burned more than 9.9 million acres and destroyed over 900 homes. Twelve people have died in the fires, including three volunteer firefighters. In New South Wales alone, 100 fires are burning, half of them uncontained. Flames of 230 feet, higher than the height of the Sydney Opera House, have been recorded. The fires are fueled by high winds and record-breaking high temperatures. In December, Australia twice broke its record for all-time highest temperature. For years, scientists have warned that hotter and drier temperatures will contribute to more intense and frequent wildfires.last_img read more

Do This: Long Island Concert & Events March 25-March 30

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Paul ZerdinAmerica’s Got Talent winner Paul Zerdin’s hilarious and wide-ranging ventriloquist act is something to behold, just ask the audience of NBC’s hit show. Zerdin is a unique talent. He’s able to create various characters—the precocious infant, the pre-adolescent Sam, to name a few—and delivers rip-roaring routines that you’ll never forget. Zerdin has also appeared on The Royal Variety Show and Montreal’s ITV1’s Comedy Rocks. The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. $20-$70. 8 p.m. March 25.Schism (Tool Tribute) featuring VAtallica (Metallica Tribute) / Facelift (Alice In Chains Tribute) / Hurry (Rush Tribute)What’s better than a night of unbridled nostalgia?!? Fans of Tool, Metallica, Alice in Chains and Rush will be in their glory Friday as they gyrate to the potent tunes of some of their all-time favorite tracks, performed by tribute bands that are equally as passionate about these incredible artists. Listen as Vatallica, FAcelift, Hurry and Schism deliver powerful renditions of songs that have changed lives. What a night this promises to be. Revolution Bar and Music Hall, 140 Merrick Rd., Amityville. $20. 7 p.m. March 25.Big Laughs ComedyThe event’s name says it all. The Boulton Center welcomes three hilarious comedians from the tri-state area who have knack for making people laugh. It’s not easy delivering powerful one-liners that prompt belly-churning roars of laughter, as we well know. Comedians are subject to change. YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts, 37 West Main St., Bay Shore. $20. 8 p.m. March 25.Lisa LisaThe Latin hip-hop star has created quite a following over the years with her unique rhythm and range. Her freestyle contemporary band, Cult Jam, was one of the first groups to deliver powerful, off-the-cuff lyrics. The New York City-native is credited with laying the ground for a number of influential Latin performers, including Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The two singers may have achieved worldwide fame, but it all began with Lisa Lisa. With guests Atomic Mary. The Emporium, 9 Railroad Ave., Patchogue. $15, $20 DOS. 8 p.m. March 25.Murder at the Prohibition PubPresented by Knock ‘Em Dead Comedy, “Murder at the Prohibition Pub” tells the story of dueling families and one clan’s desire to open a new club in town. Sounds quite serious, but the show promises plenty of laughs and great music. Get into the spirit by donning prohibition-era clothes. Suffolk Theater, 118 East Main St., Riverhead. $60. 8 p.m. March 25.Photo credit: Forever Came Calling/FacebookForever Came Calling, Major LeagueHard to believe that the punk band has been in the game for a decade already. The California crew received some notoriety from the Warped Tour documentary No Room for Rockstars and developed a strong following. The quartet brings its all each and every night. With Sudden Suspension, Count To Ten, Check Engine Light, Parallel. Amityville Music Hall, 198 Broadway, Amityville. $12-$15. 7 p.m. March 25.Badfish: A Tribute to SublimeCovering everyone’s favorite punk/reggae/ska/pop songs by Sublime is this very cool tribute band, named after the band’s classic tune. Warming up the crowd will be The Warden & FAME, Nonstop to Ciaro and Offshore Regulars. Revolution Bar and Music Hall, 140 Merrick Rd., Amityville. $18. 7 p.m. March 26.Carly Rae Jepsen “Gimmie Love Tour”Carly Rae Jepsen will hit the Paramount in Huntington to spread her infectious pop vocals all over our fair Island. Thanks to Ms. Jepsen, we still haven’t gotten her 2011 summer anthem “Call Me Maybe” out of our heads – and that might be a good thing. This Canadian-born singer is sure to be the life of the party and draw a fun crowd. We’ll see you there! With Special Guest Cardiknox The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. $20-$45. 8 p.m. March 26.Monty Python’s Life of BrianDon’t miss your chance to catch Monty Python’s classic “Life of Brian” on the big screen at the Cinema Arts Center! This 1979 religious satire stands at the top of the genre and remains as engrossing and timely as ever – especially during an election year like this one! Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Ave., Huntington. $4 members, $5 public. 10 p.m. March 26.Photo credit: Oscar G/FacebookOscar GNobody gets a party started like DJ Oscar G. His unique mixes of house tunes will get the blood pumping on the dance floor and keep you there non-stop. This Miami DJ knows how to work a crowd like a pro. Get your dance on! The Emporium, 9 Railroad Ave., Patchogue. $15, $20 DOS. 10 p.m. March 26.Peppa Pig Easter Egg Hunt Craft EventKids will have a blast creating a Peppa Pig-inspired craft and reading along to “Peppa Pig’s Easter Egg Hunt.” For children and parents alike looking for a fun time in Huntington to celebrate the holiday weekend! Book Revue, 313 New York Ave., Huntington. $20 per child. 2 p.m. March 26.Universal Horror: Creepy and ClassicFor those looking for some old school horror, come down to the Cinema Arts Centre to check out their in-depth peek behind the scenes of the making of some of the creepiest horror characters of all time. For the horror and film afficiando. Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Ave., Huntington. $10 members, $15 public. 7:30 p.m. March 28.CapsizeKnown for their hardcore teeth-gnashing strums that come with a lot of heart, the San Diego band Capsize has amassed a fervent and devoted group of followers. Keep your eye on the lead singer whose vocals and charismatic stage presence will stay with you for days afterwards. With Gnashville, Heal, Carve Your Niche, Graves. Amityville Music Hall, 198 Broadway, Amityville. $10-$12. 6:30 p.m. March 28.The ExpendablesThe Santa Cruz, Calif., quartet has been blending reggae with rock for two decades, all the while establishing itself as a top attraction for audiences yearning to sway to the beat as they’re bathed in soulful tunes. Revolution Bar and Music Hall, 140 Merrick Rd., Amityville. $16. 6:30 p.m. March 30.Tom Philbin: A reading by P.J. OchlanThis renowned audiobook narrator will conduct a live-reading from Tom Philbin’s 1985 book Precinct: Siberia, a novel documenting a New York City precinct home to some of the most hardened cops on the beat. Book Revue, 313 New York Ave., Huntington. Price of book. 7 p.m. March 30.last_img read more

Plitvice Lakes National Park celebrates its 70th anniversary with a series of facilities and amenities

first_imgPlitvice Lakes National Park is known as the oldest, but also the largest national park in Croatia, and this year it is celebrating its 70th anniversary. It was declared a national park on April 8, 1949 due to its exceptional beauty of untouched nature. Thirty years later, on October 26, 1979, Plitvice Lakes were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to travertine, a process that forms travertine barriers and creates lakes, which is the unique universal value of Plitvice Lakes. Promotional ticket prices The first week will be the week of geology and forests, followed by the week of cultural heritage and history, then the week of flora and fauna and finally the week of water and travertine of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Source / photo: Plitvice Lakes National Park As for additional benefits, in the week from April 22 to April 28, 2019, ticket prices for adults will be 50 kuna, for students 30 kuna, and for children 7 to 18 years 20 kuna. These tickets can only be purchased through online sales at web pages of Plitvice Lakes National Park and at least two days in advance. The number of tickets is limited and it is necessary to book a date, time and entrance. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of Plitvice Lakes as a national park and the 40th anniversary of its inscription on the UNESCO List, Plitvice Lakes National Park decided to celebrate with numerous activities and benefits for visitors. Through four thematic weeks, the story of the natural values ​​of the National Park will be told. In addition, a series of 70 stories about the values ​​and attractions of Plitvice Lakes has been prepared, and you can read the stories HERE.last_img read more

P2P lending helps SMEs earn more, scale up business: Research

first_imgBorrowers of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform Investree, which mostly comprise small and medium enterprises (SMEs), had seen a significant increase in revenue and were able to scale-up business since joining the platform, a study by the University of Indonesia shows.The SMEs had seen an income increase of between 20 percent and 50 percent since joining Investree, including some of the small businesses in manufacturing, services and construction, among others, according to the study by the university’s demography center at the School of Economics and Business.Meanwhile, 44 percent of the entrepreneurs in Investree had also been able to employ more people since borrowing from the P2P platform. Topics : The survey data is calculated based on 261 interviews with the P2P lender clients in Java between December 2019 and January.While the study did not reflect P2P lending during the epidemic, Investree cofounder and CEO Adrian Gunadi said the company still recorded a 90-day loan return rate (TKB 90) of 99.5 percent in June.Previously, Indonesian Fintech Lenders Association (AFPI) data showed that P2P lending platforms had seen Rp 1.08 trillion in outstanding loan restructuring requests in May, but only a fraction, Rp 236.9 billion, had been approved by lenders, sending a signal of potential risky loans.Read also: Requests for loan restructuring on the rise as COVID-19 hits P2P borrowersInstitutional lenders made up 72 percent of the platform’s total lenders in April, while the proportion of retail lenders then rebounded in May to more than half of the total lenders.“Our retail lenders had decreased during the partial lockdown period because borrowing money was not their priority. However, fintech lending is still a viable alternative for SMEs,” Adrian said.In April, Investree also announced its first trench of series C funding worth $23.5 million, as well as a plan to expand its market to Thailand and the Philippines this year.Meanwhile, Research and Technology Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said fintech lending needed to cater to more SMEs, especially during the pandemic, when the global economy was experiencing a recession.“Going digital by selling on e-commerce can save SMEs and fintech lending can help by supporting their financing,” he said in the press briefing keynote speech.center_img “This research found that fintech lending is able to support financial inclusion and has had a positive impact on SMEs,” UI School of Business researcher Dewa Wisana said in a press briefing on Thursday.The P2P lending helps the borrowers give out short-term loans that enable the SMEs to scale up their business, eventually qualifying them to take out bigger bank loans, Dewa explained.Small businesses contribute more than 60 percent to GDP. However, in April, the Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Ministry reported that around 37,000 SMEs had reported declining sales and trouble with distribution, among other problems, because of the ongoing health crisis.Online sellers that borrowed from the P2P lending platform were able to increase their income from the initial average of Rp 807 million (US$57,046) to Rp 3.5 billion, the survey also revealed.last_img read more