No money for new Kielces hall in 2013

City of Kielce is still far away to become a host city of the Men’s EHF EURO 2016 in Poland. Project of new hall is stopped by financial reasons.– In 2013, there will be no money to finance the construction of a new sports hall in Kielce – said on Thursday the Minister of Sport Joanna Mucha during visit in the city of Polish handball champions.Maybe in 2014, but then the whole project could late for the 2016 and Men’s EHF EURO 2012, what was the main reason for iniatitve taken by Kielce’s boss, Bertus Servaas. In previous plan, Goverment has to participate with about 55% of all costs, while team and local authorities has to cover other part of the costs.ABOUT NEW VIVE TARGI KIELCE’S HALL WITH 8200 SEATS… new hall in Kielce ← Previous Story Mladen Bojinovic scores 1000 goals in France! Next Story → Lubbecke signs Maximilian Schubert read more

EHF Group Phase Draw FC Barcelona with PSG Handball THW Kiel seeks

← Previous Story Mediterranean Games (W): Slovenia against Croatia in Women’s Final Next Story → Women’s EHF CL 2013/2014 Draw: Gyor against Thuringer and Hypo Barcelonachampions leagueEHFEHF Champions LeaguePSG Handballvardar prowacker thun The drawing of the groups for the EHF Champions League today in Vienna brought us some very interesting encounters. THW Kiel will be seeking revenge against Vive Targi Kielce for the defeat for the third place in the EHF F4, while PSG Handball is drawn in the same group with Barcelona. The new season will bring us great matches.Group A: Veszprem, Croatia Osiguranje, St Petersburg, RN Loewen, Celje PL, Qualifier 3Group B: THW Kiel, Vive Targi Kielce, BM Atletico Madrid, KIF Kolding, Dunkerque, Qualifier 4Group C: FC Barcelona, PSG Handball, HC Vardar Pro, Wacker Thun, Qualifier 2, Qualifier Wild CardGroup D: Aalborg, Gorenje, Flensburg, Naturhouse La Rioja read more

Skjern wins thriller against Holstebro

Danish Skjern knows obviosly how to play in decisive moments of the match. After victory in Macedonia over Zomimak 25:24 at EHF Cup Round 2, Danish team led by experienced Danish NT players, Henrik Mollgaard and Kasper Sondergaard (both scored 7 goals), celebrated once again in away challenge against Team Tvis Holstebro 27:26 (Bramming 9). These points keeping Skjern at the leading position of the Danish championship…STANDINGS: 3Aalborg Håndbold231724629 – 56336 ← Previous Story Miha Zvizej stays in FENIX Toulouse! Next Story → Baltic Handball League: Important win for Dragunas 8SønderjyskE231067610 – 59526 14TMS Ringsted231220539 – 6904 5GOG Håndbold231238655 – 59927 1Skjern Håndbold242004742 – 58940 9Skanderborg Håndbold2312110621 – 62225 13Nordsjælland Håndbold233119557 – 6887 10Mors-Thy Håndbold237016556 – 61114 Denmark Handballhandballskjern 2KIF Kolding København231814628 – 54137 11Ribe-Esbjerg HH235117608 – 66411 12Skive fH234019499 – 6018 source: 7Bjerringbro-Silkeborg231319615 – 58727 6Århus Håndbold231319596 – 58827 4Team Tvis Holstebro241635681 – 59835 read more

Womens WCh 2015 PlayOff Serbia and Germany out

← Previous Story WCh 2015 Play Off: German girls want surprise in Astrachan Next Story → Brazilians win “Four Nations” Cup by beating Tunisia Hungary, France, Russia, Serbia and Netherlands are the first five teams from Europe who will compete at the Women’s World Championship 2015 in Denmark next December alongside the home Danish team and the European title holders from Norway.The reigning World’s vice-champions Serbia didn’t qualified despite great second game and win in Cluj against Romania wizhout four best players Lekic, Cvijic, Damnjanovic and Tomasevic who decided to boycot the head-coach Sasa Boskovic.Germany also stayed under the line after second defeat in Russia.Hungary – Austria 41:24 (first match – 33:20)Slovenia – France 21:27 (20:27)Russia – Germany 27:26  (22:20)Romania – Serbia 24:28 (32:26)Czech Republic – Netherlands 25:23 (23:33)SUNDAY:Poland – Ukraine (24:18)Iceland – Montenegro (19:28)Slovakia – Spain (19:25)Sweden – Croatia (24:23) read more


Limoges30-19Istres Nancy29-31Pontault-Combau. ← Previous Story SG BBM Bietigheim and RK Podravka qualify for Women’s EHF CL 2018/19 Next Story → HSG Wetzlar lose Tibor Ivanisevic for the next 2-3 months Cherbourg24-27Tremblay Dijon19-28Cesson Caen28-32Chambéry aix handballFrench handballFrench handball league cupNice handball After very solid start of the season despite defeat in Montpellier, Aix lost chance to fight for the trophy of League Cup in France at the start. The team of Jerome Fernandez lost against Nice 35:34.Nice – Aix 35-34 (17-19)Nice: Gullermin Tom 10, Joan Amigo 8, Alvaro Del Valle 4, Nicolas Minne 4, Jordi Deumal 3, Oriol Rey 2, Mael Vandelannoote 2, Manuel Crivelli 1, Raphael Tourraton 1Aix: Matthieu Ong 7, Theo Derot 5, Hoah Gaudin 4, Juan Andreu 3, Iosu Goni 3, Karl Konan 3, Jordan Camarero 3, Inaki Pecina 2, Tim Dahlhaus 1, Martin Larsen 1, Morten Bjornshauge 1, Simon Doisel 1RESULTS OF FRENCH LEAGUE CUP: Nice35-34Aix en Provence Massy31-25Sélestat Saran23-28Nîmes Grenoble SMH21-28Toulouse Créteil25-31Dunkerque Chartres37-28Strasbourg St Marcel Verno.16-23Ivry read more

Hidden History The guide to preserving your family archive

first_imgLouise O’Connor is an accredited paper conservator in the National Library of Ireland, which has given us kind permission to reproduce her advice on Have a look at their lively blog to find out more about the work that goes on to preserve hundreds of thousands of documents that chronicle Ireland’s history and the lives of its people.‘North’, ‘Norah’, ‘Leenwerrare’: Can you tell what’s written on this stone?>National Library releases documents from Roger Casement’s incarceration> FOR MOST OF us, paper is an everyday, throw-away thing. We may hang on to concert tickets, or precious letters, some old photographs or important family certificates.But what if you had to keep those things for ever and ever? Maybe you’re the family historian or an avid comic collector – then paper is a problem, as it’s not really built to last very long, and it’s all got to do with acid.Paper is made from cellulose. Until the late 19th century, this was sourced from linen or cotton rags. With the industrial revolution came new methods of making paper from woodpulp, which proved a very cheap solution for everyday short-life items like newspapers, magazines or writing paper.However, woodpulp cannot make strong paper as its fibres are not long like cotton or linen, and it contains lignin.To make paper strong enough for a short lifetime of a few days’ use, various chemicals are added to the pulp. These chemicals degrade very quickly, turning acidic (something is acidic if it has a pH of less than 7) and breaking the cellulose fibres. The paper then yellows and releases a distinctive smell, like that from old paperbacks. This ‘brittle paper’ is a huge problem in libraries across the world, and of course here at the National Library too.When we say brittle paper, we really mean brittle! Pic: NLI.ieBut it’s woodpulp paper that many of us have in our family or hobby archives, so how do we protect and preserve our family papers? Here’s some tips…Hands off!Lights out!Avoid sticky situationsBox itAbsolutely no pongy plasticsFitting in counts!Location  Location  LocationHands off!Keeping your family collections absolutely pristine would mean having to lock them away in cold dark storage for ever! But that hardly makes much sense if you want to enjoy your collection… However, it’s important to limit handling, as this causes damage in two ways.Firstly, the natural oils on our skins can be transferred onto paper surfaces. These oils are absorbed into the porous paper and slowly turn acidic. A well-thumbed book will often have dark fragile edges, whilst fingerprints are especially problematic for some types of old photographs.There is a huge debate in the library world on whether to wear gloves when using library collections. While gloves can prevent oil transfer, they also dull your sense of touch, which you need when handling delicate things. Clean hands are the best compromise, and remember rough handling will lead to creases and tears, which only get worse with even more handling.Lights out!Light damage to a watercolour. Pic: NLI.ieLight will permanently damage any colours and will cause the paper to age more quickly, turning it yellow and yep – more acidic! In this stark example, the edge of the drawing was protected from the light, but the centre has been changed as light damage has caused the blue pigment to fade.Avoid framing your most treasured documents and putting them on display forever. The best thing is to take a photograph and put this on display or use it as a reading copy…Avoid Sticky SituationsIf you have something that is torn – DON’T repair it yourself … and NEVER use Sellotape – or any other tape. The tape may ‘fix’ your documents for now– but it’s BAD in the long-term!If you want your object to last forever the repair needs to last forever too. Everyday stationery supply tapes (and glues) can vary a lot but in most cases, it’s the glue that’s the problem. It’s often a rubber that degrades very quickly.As a thermoplastic polymer it ages and goes through three stages – from gooey > to yellow > to crispy. The glue often ends up looking like toffee, hiding the text underneath and becoming seriously stuck to the porous fibres in the paper.Gooey (technical term) tape residue. Pic: NLI.ieIt is acidic (acids+paper = bad if you haven’t guessed already) and will turn the paper see-through and will eventually crack and breakaway. It’s also best to avoid document tapes and glues that are sold as ‘archival’, as previous form has shown us that this isn’t always the case. If it needs repairing, always consult a conservator and keep the tape for your Xmas wrapping!See what we mean! Pic: NLI.ieBOX it!It may seem simple or even pretty boring, but putting your precious family archives in boxes will help their preservation! At the very least a box will guard against dust collecting on your paper, eventually sticking to paper fibres with weak chemical bonds. But not any old cardboard will do – ideally your box needs to be acid-free, lignin-free and with an alkaline buffer for ‘permanent’ storage. Normal cardboard boxes will be made from woodpulp paper that will turn acidic very quickly, creating an acidic ‘micro-climate’. Your paper collection will absorb the acids, speeding up its degradation. It can be tricky to source specialist boxes, but one way around this is choosing archival folders and sleeves as a barrier. Normal stationery supplies are not suitable for long-term storage. If you can’t get your hands on archival card folders, then use non-bleached, acid-free, lignin-free artists’ card to make your own folders.Absolutely no Pongy PlasticsPlastics sleeves are great for storing single sheets of paper. But there is good plastic and there is bad plastic. Bad plastics such as PVC (think budget plastic raincoats) degrade very quickly, turning acidic. Your papers will absorb these acids and degrade ever faster. Most commercial stationery plastic sleeves also contain other chemicals, called plasticisers, that will also decrease the preservation of your papers. As the plasticisers degrade, they yellow and can start to pong.Non-woven polyester (traded as Mylar and Melinex) is a see-through ‘good’ plastic and will not degrade. It is used for storing some printed papers, as the static will keep tears in place, and the polyester will prevent acids transferring from one paper to another by providing a barrier. However it’s not a one-stop-shop for all of your needs – don’t use it to house fragile photographs, prints or drawings!Fitting in counts!If your box is too big, then the documents and prints will slouch and crease; if it’s too small, they will be cramped and the pressure can lead to sticking. If you store things in smaller boxes or folders with the edges sticking out then they’ll quickly get tattered, torn and will fall apart. So if you have lots of paper, organise it all by size. Unfold sheets if you can. Don’t use paperclips or staples to keep items together, as they rust and eat into the paper. It’s also best to remove Post-its, rubber bands, twine, paper clips and any staples you find from the paper if you can. Next – it’s time to divide, folder up and label everything – yep, may not be exciting – but will protect fragile items and make it much easier to find things later.Rust from metal paper clips on the left, and from metal staples on the right… Pic: NLI.ieLocation  Location  LocationNow that you’ve “housed” everything, you need to find your collection a permanent home. Paper is extremely sensitive to ambient temperature and relative humidity and so it needs a location that’s consistently cool, dry and away from direct sunlight or heat sources (like a radiator or a chimney breast).Water can seriously damage paper collections, and damp places can cause mould to break out … in all colours of the rainbow! Sometimes mould isn’t visible, but you’ll get a distinctive smell (like a damp cloth) and the paper will have a gritty powdery feel. So don’t put your precious things in the shed, attic or cellar. They’re your family’s heritage!A book with mould damage. Pic: NLI.ieFor more advice, explore some of these links below:Dealing with anything from books to photographs to watercoloursCaring for your Family ArchivesPreserving paper documents and artworkThis is excellent on the science bit – Brittle Books, Bad Paper!You can find a conservator for hire on conservationireland.orglast_img read more

16 things that everyone else does too

first_img Source: Colinandyenyen9. Imagines themselves performing their favourite song to an adoring audienceIn this scenario you’ve also become a master at guitar/piano. Source: Tumblr10. Laughs instead of asking someone to repeat something a second time Source: Shutterstock.com11. Makes faces at babies when nobody’s looking“I’m making faces at you baby, and there’s nothing you can do about it”. Source: imgur12. Panics when the baby starts crying“Oh NO. Walk away quickly but calmly. QUICKLY BUT CALMLY”.13. Buys a cinema ticket, then forgets where they’ve put it when they get to the ticket checkerIt was literally just in your hand. Source: WordPress14. Looks in every drawer and press when they check into a hotel room Source: Shutterstock.com15. Puts off listening to voicemailsEnough with the voicemails. NOTHING is that important. Source: Imgur16. Tries to tickle themselves, after reading that they can’t tickle themselvesYou’re trying this right now, aren’t you? Source: PhotoBucket14 very Irish Christmas present ideas>8 things everyone does in someone else’s bathroom>9 pointless things absolutely everyone does> 1. Runs up the stairs in the dark Everyone knows you’re safe once you get to the top. Source: Imgur2. Writes “this is a nice pen” with a new pen Or their name. Seventeen times.3. Tries to carry 7 heavy plastic bags in one go, rather than make two trips to the carThink of all those precious seconds and calories saved.4. Drops their phone on their face in bedYou might even do it while reading this article. Source: Polished5. Loves when there’s a bit of powder left at the end of a Cup-A-SoupIt’s just so tasty. Source: lotusutol6. This, when they’re caught staring at someone Source: Rsvlts7. Deletes their whole password after typing one letter wrong And then you type it wrong twice more, just to really get your rage up.8. Panics when Word asks “do you want to save changes” even though you didn’t make any changesWhat do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?last_img read more

White Christmas Snow reported in parts of Ireland today

first_imgLugnaquilla mountain in Aughavannagh, Co Wicklow this evening. Photo via Dave/Irish Cottage RentalTHERE HAVE BEEN reports of snow in parts of the country today, but hopes of a White Christmas appear to have been dashed by news that it’s not sticking.Several of you reported to us this afternoon that it had been snowing in your area with indications that it was mainly along the east coast.AA Roadwatch noted snowing around Naas and Drogheda while urging motorists to slow down.But unfortunately it appears to have melted away or not even stuck to the ground in the first place except for in higher ground like in Glencullen, Co Wicklow where this photo by Rhian Maguire was taken: Here’s what you’ve been telling us:last_img

The 9 at 9 Sunday

first_imgEVERY MORNING, brings you nine things you need to know with your morning cup of coffee.1. #ARREST: A man is in custody at Blanchardstown Garda Station following the death of a man at a house in Castleknock, Dublin 15 overnight.2. #POST-MORTEM: The state pathologist Dr. Marie Cassidy conducted a post-mortem on the male body that was discovered in Finglas yesterday, but the results have yet to be released.3. #RESCUE: The medical volunteers of an Irish non-profit were involved in a dramatic sea rescue in the Philippines.4. #ELECTRICITY: The Health Minister James Reilly is under pressure from Labour senators to explain a letter he sent to cabinet colleagues expressing concerns about the adverse health risks of electricity cables in Dublin, reports The Sunday Times.5. #SLAVE LABOUR: A foreign diplomat may face an investigation by the gardaí, reports The Sunday Independent, after complaints were received that a servant was trafficked into Ireland to work 17 hours a day.6. #TV3: The Sunday Times reports that broadcaster TV3 has raised concerns with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland over UTV’s application for an Irish television licence.7. #HEALTH BUDGET: A cabinet memo seen by The Sunday Business Post reveals that the health service may require further funding so as to ensure patient safety.8. #ISRAEL: A state funeral is being planned for tomorrow for the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, following his death yesterday.9.#HELP: The Samaritans helpline received 520 calls on Christmas Day last month, the busiest day was 30 December.last_img read more

The 5 at 5 Monday

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five stories you need to know before you hit the road.1. #HIJACKING: A man has been arrested in relation to an incident in which a car was hijacked in Terenure, Dublin last Friday afternoon – with two children and their mother inside.2. #VULNERABLE: Two rape counselling services, in Clare and Tipperary, have to close for at least a month to save costs – while one covering Limerick will only operated “a skeletal and limited service”.3. #INEQUALITY: An unnamed “multi-national retailer” has had to pay out €30,000 to a woman who worked for them for over 30 years when they refused to provide her with a chair despite her doctor’s requests.4. #INCREDIBLE: A dramatic – but very fortunate – escape for a lone fisherman rescued after a woman and her son tending sheep on a beach heard his cries for help as he clung to a lobster buoy out at sea.5. #CONFIRMED: No surprise but a final confirmation this afternoon that Louis Van Gaal has succeeded David Moyes as permanent manager of Manchester United. What will he bring to the role? Our pals at have been contemplating his finer qualities.See all of today’s news on here>last_img read more

The 9 at 9 Monday

first_imgOver on You’ll never guess who’s helping Louis Walsh pick his new boyband, Linda Martin has no comment and LEAVE KEANU REEVES ALONE! It’s the Dredge EVERY MORNING, brings you the nine things you need to know as you start your day.1. #ROW: Independent TD Mick Wallace is to lodge an official complaint against the Minister for Justice today over the alleged misuse of information. Meanwhile, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has given his full support to his party colleague. Last week, Alan Shatter told Prime Time that the Wexford deputy had been cautioned for using a mobile phone while driving but avoided penalty points because of garda discretion.2. #CROKE PARK II: Talks on a revised public sector agreement resume today after junior minister Brian Hayes told RTÉ that it was possible not all of the €300 million savings target for 2013 would be reached.3. #ABORTION: The second of three days of hearings on proposed abortion legislation will take place at Leinster House today with the Oireachtas committee for health and children due to hear from a number psychiatrists and other medical experts. will be live-blogging proceedings from 9.30am.4. #DEATH: Gardaí have launched a murder inquiry after the body of 37-year-old Alan Desmond was found in a field in Tallaght on Saturday night. The remains were discovered by a young schoolboy on Killinarden Hill, reports the Irish Daily Mirror.5. #SOARING: Michael O’Leary’s Ryanair has announced full-year profits of €569 million, a 13 per cent increase on last year. The budget airline said the results come despite a significant rise in fuel costs.6. #HISTORY: Plans to fill in a number of Georgian cellars to allow for the construction of the Luas Cross City line have been criticised by a historical society which described the move as a “further erosion” of Dublin’s heritage.7. #PRE-SCHOOL: Unpublished inspection reports examining preschool tuition have revealed “significant weaknesses” in the range and quality of activities for children, reports the Irish Times.8. #SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: The Marriage Bill, which would legalise same-sex marriage in England and Wales, returns to the House of Commons later today amid continuing opposition from some Conservative activists and MPs. According to the Daily Telegraph, Prime Minister David Cameron is facing defeat because of an amendment proposed by former minister Tim Loughton.9. #PIGEON V PLANE: A recent incident involving an Aer Lingus flight and a flock of pigeons highlighted Dublin Airport’s problems in keeping airspace bird-free. subsequently discovered that about 48,000 ‘bird scaring actions’ – involving firing cartridges which emit loud bangs and smoke – were carried out last year.last_img read more

The body of missing woman Carmel Tynan has been found

first_imgTHE SEARCH FOR Carmel Tynan, who had been missing in Portarlington since Sunday, has ended in tragedy, after her body was found earlier today.Gardaí issued a short statement this evening, simply confirming that Carmel Tynan had been located, deceased, this afternoon.Gardaí in Portlaoise had been seeking the public’s assistance in tracing the whereabouts of the 54-year-old.Carmel was last seen alive at Patricks Avenue, Portarlington at approximately 10.30am on Sunday.last_img

Dyson meets dogs in this awesome yet horrifying dogshaped vacuum

first_imgIf your dog is as omnivorous and disgusting a pooch as mine, he’s probably a living, breathing vacuum cleaner already. I certainly know that when I spill a drink on the floor, or drop a piece of pizza, or accidentally knock over a jar of spaghetti sauce, Ralph Wrinkles can already be counted upon to bound insanely into the room and hoover it up before I’ve even got a chance to reach for the paper towels… a quality in the mutt that has, on occasion, backfired upon him, most notably during a particularly epic cocktail night in which several vodka martinis were knocked off the coffee table at once.So what’s the point of a vacuum cleaner that just looks like a dog? Easy: if your puppy is scared of the vacuum cleaner, this invention is meant to set him at ease.The dog-shaped vacuum cleaner was patented back in the 1970s by Ann Margaret Zaleski, and it’s entire purpose is to prevent a dog from being stressed out when you vacuum its hair after a grooming by shoving the vacuum into a dog-shaped chassis, Trojan Horse style.Sadly, the dog-shaped vacuum cleaner never went up for sale, which I think we can all be grateful for. It’s one of those inventions that is more perfect as a crystallized idea than as an actual product. God knows the inevitable calamity that would strike if such an invention was introduced into this household: given Ralph Wrinkles’ amorous inclinations towards anything even remotely dog shaped, the last thing I want to introduce him to is a canine doppelganger with a Dyson for an orifice.Read more at Futility Closet (via Technabob)last_img read more

No Pants Subway Ride 2011 Around 3500 Riders in NYC

first_imgMerry Internet pranksters Improv Everywhere pulled off another successful No Pants Subway ride this weekend. Not quite ces numbers, but according to initial estimates from the group, some 3,500 New Yorkers participated in the event, removing their bottoms and enjoying all that our city’s wonderful public transportation system has to offer–quite the feat, given the fact that it never got any warmer than 32 degrees.Events were also held in 50 other cities in 24 countries, from chilly Minneapolis to the far more pleasant São Paulo. Video from last year’s event after the jump.last_img

Microsoft asks Intel for a 16core Atom server chip

first_imgThe Intel Atom processor line is associated with low power usage in devices such as a netbook or nettop computer. The emphasis is definitely not on performance, it’s on pushing up battery life on a device with a small display and mid-range graphics requirements while still managing a decent desktop experience.Microsoft thinks Atom can do more, though, and wants to use it in servers. With that in mind it is calling on Intel to up the cores in an Atom chip to 16, and deploying it as a low power server chip solution.AdChoices广告That call comes from distinguished engineer Dr. Dileep Bhandarkar, of Microsoft Global Foundation Services, a core part of the team that looks after Microsoft’s data centers. So you can assume he knows what he’s talking about in ther server space and that Intel will take his request seriously.Although not suitable for all server workloads, Bhandarkar believes Atom is better suited than Xeon chips for specific tasks. He thinks the power savings would make Atom servers worth deploying for the overall cost savings they would offer. He also believes the same is true of AMD’s low-power Bobcat chips.There’s hope for ARM chips appearing in Microsoft data centers in the future too. Windows is going to get support for ARM, and Bhandarkar says ARM just needs to prove its performance worth:If ARM can show us enough value over an x86 solution we might consider that. Instruction-set transitions are extremely painful … As a general rule of thumb, you have to have a sustainable improvement per dollar per watt of at least 2x — some would say 5x — but it’s at least 2x to make it worthwhile. For some apps where you don’t have that dependency the number could be smaller. ARM’s an interesting thing to look at and, if nothing else, if it lights a fire under Intel and AMD to deliver more effective x86 solutions, I’m happy. For the moment, Intel says it has no plans for a server version of its low power processor, but with Microsoft executives as enthusiastic as Bhandarkar putting the pressue on, it may just happen in the next few years.Read more at PC Worldlast_img read more

Google Play tablet hinted at by domain registrations

first_imgKeeping an upcoming device as a secret is no small task. There are usually so many parties involved in the planning and production stages that avoiding leaks is nearly impossible. Sometimes even the smallest things can tip your hand. Like, for example, a domain registration.MarkMonitor, a brand protection firm that anonymously registers domains for big companies, just registered several “Google Play”-related domains. Judging by the accompanying keywords (downloads, apps, games, movies, etc.), it looks like Google Play is going to be a multitouch mobile device. Like, you know: a tablet.Could this be the rumored 7-inch Google tablet that Eric Schmidt first let out of the bag a couple of months ago? He said that it would be a Google-branded tablet “of the highest quality.” Later leaks suggested that it would be more of a budget 7-inch Kindle Fire competitor than a 10-inch iPad rival.Of course, it would be silly to think that a few domain registrations confirm the name of an unannounced tablet. We don’t even have confirmation that MarkMonitor was working on behalf of Google.Even so, signs are pointing in that direction. MarkMonitor works with lots of big companies: “over half of the Fortune 500,” according to its website. Some of its clients that have been made public include Time Warner, FedEx, and World Wrestling Entertainment. Would such a big company with relationships with many major corporations register Google-related domains for someone else? It doesn’t sound likely.So, though this is far from confirmation, we wouldn’t be shocked to see a Google Play tablet hitting the market soon. The 7-inch slate is rumored to have 1280×800 resolution, run Ice Cream Sandwich, and (possibly) run Google’s rumored Siri rival, Majel. Recent rumors said that it would go into production next month.via Fusible, via Slashgearlast_img read more

Michigan to test WiFipowered connected car infrastructure

first_imgThe world is a long way from streets filled with nothing but Google’s intelligent driver-less cars, but the University of Michigan is working on what could be a more scalable solution to automate safety on the road. The technology is powered by WiFi that can sense if another vehicle with the same technology is within crashing distance.3000 vehicles in the Ann Arbor area will be part of a program to test the so-called Connected Vehicles technology. Managed by the university’s Transportation Research Institute as well as the US Department of Transportation, drivers in the specially-equipped vehicles will receive warnings when other cars are in their blind spots, when they are approaching another vehicle too quickly, and other actions that the drivers may not be aware of.Installing WiFi into existing cars is a pretty easy process, and it’s nothing new. Mobile data is everywhere these days, so this is something that does not require anyone to buy a new vehicle. For now, the test equipment is being applied to buses, cars, and trucks. Drivers are volunteers who agreed to be part of the pilot program, and will be integral in determining whether or not the technology works, what kind of impact it has on their drivingAs with every initiative into this kind of research, the question that will inevitably come up if this ever turns into a real consumer solution is one of liability. Will drivers become reckless with the knowledge that their car will rectify bad decisions? Will this lead to more drivers trying to make that last-second left turn at a yellow traffic light? And if an accident does occur, is it the fault of the driver or the entity powering the crash-avoidance technology?If these logistical and legal questions are answered to everyone’s satisfaction, this kind of advancement could be pivotal to vehicular transportation throughout the country and potentially even the world. Then, hopefully, the next step would be to invent ways to prevent drivers from turning without a turn signal, accelerating at 1 MPH when a light turns green, or only increasing their speed when you try to pass them on the highway.Connected Vehicles via Dvicelast_img read more

Spider discovered that builds its own decoys makes them move

first_imgThe Tambopata Research Center is located in the lowland tropical Amazon rainforest area of Peru inside the Tambopata National Park. It’s also a place where a research team believe they have discovered a new type of spider that creates larger decoy versions of itself that are made to move.The spider was found when conservation biologist Phil Torres noticed what looked to be a dead, dried up spider in the center of a web. But as he approached it, the spider began to move, which warranted further investigation.The spider turned out to be nothing of the sort. Instead, it was a decoy spider form constructed from forest debris. The creator was a 5mm-long spider that was sitting behind the decoy making it move when it sensed a predator nearby.The discovery is thought to be a new species in the genus Cyclosa. Cyclosa species are already known for creating distractions or attractions from debris in their web for predators or prey to focus on. However, this is thought to be the first time a spider has created a larger, fully-formed decoy spider for protection.So far the research team has discovered 25 of these spiders around the Tambopata Research Center. It’s unclear how widespread they actually are, but their close proximity to each other suggests they may only be a spider found locally.Before the spider can be classed as a new species it needs to be investigated further, which means documenting every aspect of it and calling in spider experts to help determine if it is indeed new. If it is a new species, it would be the second one found this year. Back in August, a spider called Trogloraptor marchingtoni was discovered living in caves in southwestern Oregon.More at Rainforest Expeditionslast_img read more