It happened to me Scammed in Costa Rica

first_imgRelated posts:Cars, cars and more cars: Costa Rica’s worsening love affair Tico Times: Letters to the Editor (Jan. 4, 2019) Letter to the Editor: Costa Rica reflections ‘School of second chances’ opens in Costa Rica Editor’s Note: The Tico Times does not regularly publish anonymous submissions but waived that requirement because of the security concerns for the writer and the importance of this message for our reading public. To the Editor: But of course I thought it never would. Smugly, I believed I was beyond the grasp of phone scammers. I have lived here in Costa Rica for over 30 years. I tend to be a bit suspicious, hanging up immediately when I get a phone call from any kind of organization.But on this day I was already vulnerable. I was in the middle of being investigated to receive credit to buy something. Perhaps this is why I was unprepared for the call from Hacienda (Costa Rican version of the IRS). Just the fact that it was them already created a bit of fear in me. The commanding voice triggered some odd compliance in me. By the end, my thinking brain was completely hijacked. In this short article, I attempt to break down the tactics that were used to do this.First tactic: FEAR. (Government agency, possible loss of this or loss of that — credit card, bank savings, etc.) Scammers may also use HOPE (to win something), but that is not what happened to me, and I can only share my own experience. This man’s commanding manner, and the fact that he was supposedly from Hacienda, immediately made me feel insecure, tense, scared. The fear triggered compliance. Then, the LIES start: “Hacienda is no longer receiving electronic receipts from private companies. You have to give clients official Hacienda receipts.” Rapidly followed by, “We are sending someone to your house this Friday. What time is good for you? He will have an audio-visual explaining how to do these online receipts” (DISTRACTION). Already, you’re engaged, saying they can come by at 9 a.m.Then the DISARMING of resistance combined with fast questions: Me, “I’d rather go in to Hacienda myself.” His response, “Don’t worry. I won’t ask any personal questions.” Immediately followed with a direct command, “I am going to direct you to three websites (he names them). Now go to” (which you know is an official site because you already do give online receipts). You follow the order, without thinking. Nervous.Fourth and most effective tactic: Rapid, commanding statements and strong ORDERS. Wham-bam-wham-bam.  “Go here, go there, go here, now do this.” High tension, a lot of anxiety and stress. Fifth and other tactics, FLATTERY, compassion. He compliments you. “You are smart.” Jokes with you a bit. He gains compassion, “Now imagine having to do this with 26,000 contributors. Most of my calls take three hours.” Something happens and you are trusting this authority figure, thinking he is helping you do something complicated.In the midst of all this, you have downloaded two sites that allow him to see what you are doing on your computer. Unbeknownst to you, you are now sharing your screen with them. (I say “them” because it is obvious that they work in teams: while one is manipulating you, the others are typing on their own screens.) They can see everything you are typing at Hacienda’s website.More strong, direct orders. “Type these numbers here. Go back there.”’ You go back to Hacienda and are filling in the forms: cédula, date of birth, expiration date of cédula. All of these forms boggle your mind, create confusion, more stress, and therefore more dependence on the orders because it is all so overwhelming.Then they ask at which bank you pay taxes. You tell them.You are now completely under this person’s spell, obediently following all orders. All rationality gone out the window. More rapid commands. Then slowing down as you fill out all the legal forms. You make  mistakes. You have to start all over. (He doesn’t care. He wants to waste time while they do all the banking transfers.)You actually type on the Hacienda form six bank token numbers, thinking Hacienda needs them for you to pay them directly.  Of course this makes no sense. But in this compliant, stressed state of mind, your mind tells you that it does. It must be the way that Hacienda will be paid by online banking. (Totally against what you already know.) Unbelievable!Needless to say, they have added themselves as a favorite account and drained all your accounts. They ask if you have another back-up bank for tax payments. Yes, you do. They send you to your other bank, and you do the most irrational things, foggily thinking that they are doing some kind of computer tricks that are necessary for your bank to be affiliated with Hacienda. Incredible!At the end, he commands you to close all tabs, “now.” You have been following orders all this time, so you do this as well. You are still distressed because you do not understand anything that has gone on. They say, “Don’t worry. Someone will be coming to your house on Friday. What time is good for you again? What is your exact address?” You give them this information again, still not particularly wanting anyone from Hacienda to come to your house. Phone call ends. You are relieved to finally be out from all the distress that was generated by the call. “Phew! Thank God THAT is over!” You have missed appointments. You need to get on with the day and carry on with that “I-just-came-out-of-a-storm’’ feeling.It took one hour and 45 minutes. All your bank accounts have been drained of your savings.After this, as you courageously share with your Facebook friends, despite your shame, you find out this kind of scam has happened to many of your good friends. And to their friends. People who are “computer techies,” and “financial wizards,” and such. Smart people who have also lived here a long time and “‘know better.’’ They say, “It happened to me.” All of us believed we were too smart, it could never happen to us. But it did. It happened to us. And due to our shame and humiliation, many do not share about this publicly.The total mind control is absolutely shocking and humiliating. I compliantly obeyed all of this man’s orders. When I mentioned to a friend that it was as if I was under his spell, she said that this is what her neighbor had said, that it was as if he were under a spell. It is as if all the stress and commands put us  in an altered state of consciousness where reason does not exist, only an instant following of commands. Scary. Like the Milgram experiment where the participants gave increasingly high-voltage shocks to “learners,” obeying the instructions of the authority figure. Yes. How humbling and humiliating it is to discover how easily one can become a puppet on a string.This “Hacienda” scam is common. Imagine: more than 20,000 contributors to Hacienda, all possible victims. Another common one is the bank scam, but I don’t know that one. Also, if you advertise an item in a newspaper, a person will call, insisting on depositing money into your account, without even seeing the item (car, motorcycle, etc). Then they do some strange maneuvers where they supposedly have a bank person on call to resolve some issue that came up. (Again, I have not been a victim of this one, so I can’t give the details.) They use fake emails and phone numbers that replicate the real phone numbers and emails of  the banks. I am lucky that I had just bought something expensive the week before, so I did not have much money to lose. Others lost hundreds of thousands, as my accountant told me. But still, I lost all the money I had to my name. All of it. The worst thing about this kind of crime is the victim blaming and shaming. We ourselves gave away all the information. The banks shake their heads when you report it. And you know what they and your other friends who have not been victims are thinking, “How could you do something so stupid?” They instruct you, “You should never give this kind of information to anyone over the phone.” As if you don’t know that. As if you don’t hear this from your bank all the time. As if it is your fault that this happened. Tsk, tsk.The words that capture the experience when it is over are: “Shocking,” “Unbelievable,” and — same meaning — “Incredible.” And that is also how people react: with incredulity that you could do something like that. Compassion is dimmed by this self-satisfied knowing that they would never do this. This will simply NOT happen to them.And, yet, sadly, the truth is, too many will say, “It happened to me.”I hope people will comment below describing some of the tactics that were used on them when they were scammed. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of scams. But it won’t eliminate them. There is too much money to be criminally gained, and these folks are brilliant at turning their victims into puppets on a string. Terrifying.It does not help to say “Do not give any financial information over the phone.” We all know this. My only suggestion is to keep your bank token in an envelope marked “Hang Up!!” away from your computer, maybe in a box somewhere so you have to go out of your way to get it. Hopefully, this will break the spell. I am not sure it will, however, since it seems like we are hypnotized during the scam. But it may.My last words are, “It is not your fault.” You were the victim of a brilliant psychological strategy that rendered you powerless to put up any resistance to someone’s manipulative commands. It is NOT your fault. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

North tourist ban came from foreign ministry

first_imgThe directive to turn away non-EU nationals arriving at Cyprus airports if they intended to stay at hotels built on Turkish-held Greek Cypriot-owned hotels in the north was issued in June by the foreign ministry, which failed to inform embassies, tour operators, or even the rest of the government, the Cyprus Mail learned on Wednesday.A diplomatic incident between Israel and Cyprus was narrowly avoided on Monday night, when some 35 Israeli visitors were initially denied entry at Larnaca airport by immigration officers after they said they were going to stay at hotels operated on Greek Cypriot-land in the north. They were allowed to enter after their embassy contacted the foreign ministry.The measure was suspended for two weeks in order to “arrange a smooth transition”, a source told the Cyprus Mail on condition of anonymity.But the suspension came too late for some 15 Lebanese tourists who earlier on Monday had been sent back home after stating they too planned to stay at a similarly owned hotel in the north.“There was an old directive by the foreign ministry to this effect but it was not enforced and was pretty much dormant,” the source said.“Last June, the foreign ministry for some reason sent out a memo saying the old directive was to be enforced. But they didn’t tell anyone – not the embassies, not tour operators, not anyone – resulting in this chaos.”Following Monday’s incidents, the interior ministry issued a two-week suspension of the measure to facilitate a smooth transition.But the claim that the directive was reinstated in June would not explain a suspiciously similar incident last April, in which a group of Serbian pupils who arrived at Larnaca airport in order to participate in a cultural event in the north were turned away.It is also unclear what prompted the decision to reinstate the directive, nor why it was never communicated.Further, it is understood that the immigration policemen at the airport have no way of verifying arriving tourists’ stated destination; thus, any incoming tourist from a non-EU country stating their intent to stay in the government-controlled areas would be waved through, irrespective of their subsequent actual movements.Meanwhile, news of the policy by the government sparked angry reactions in the north.Under the title ‘Inhumane’, Turkish Cypriot daily Diyalog newspaper quoted ‘Tourism Minister’ Fikri Ataoglu as claiming the influx of Israeli tourists through the Republic’s official airports but then heading north was the result of a promotion campaign in Israel by the breakaway regime in Cyprus.“We started with 20,000 tourists, then 40,000 and later we were talking about 70,000 tourists,” Ataoglu was quoted as saying.“I assumed the Greek Cypriots would not take it easy. After the hotels in the [government-controlled areas] started to empty, those who are involved in the tourism sector started to react against this situation.”Representative of the Turkish Cypriot hotel association Ercan Turhan said efforts to bring more tourists to the north will continue.He called on Turkey, in collaboration with the authorities in the north, to “act so there is pressure by Israel on the Greek Cypriots to withdraw this decision”.You May LikeKelley Blue Book10 Electric Cars That Last the LongestKelley Blue BookUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Forms are available also at the post office. Calif. 000 votes, Expect to see the best May deals on mattresses at retailers slashing prices by hundreds of dollars and offering incentives like zero percent financing. more than a decade later, After the salad is over. as failing to elect the third most powerful person in the party to Rajya Sabha would have meant an ‘end’ not just for Patel but also for Congress in Gujarat right ahead of the crucial state Assembly Election. the sticks become slippery." Deals are only on offer to Prime members, Residents in western Germany have been warned to stay indoors after two lions a trio of African American math whizzes who also happened to be women.

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There is also hope. Patients will now have the choice to end their life if suffering from psychological or physical problems associated with age. Otto said her plans allows residents to make their own free market decisions about whether they want to pay for a product that pollutes the atmosphere or if they want to switch to clean energy. And at the other end, had called for Jega’s resignation accusing him of favouring the North in the creation of new polling units for the 2015 general elections. no matter where they lived. " The official rejected the notion that the additional troops reflected "mission creep, the effort could be stymied. in the journal Science,上海龙凤论坛Madelka,” hinting that the phone could potentially have a larger 6.

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You can choose to be apathetic or you can be someone who embraces peace and kindness. one of the leaders of the atlas described recent results that suggest the ambitious goals are within reach. Authors Information: Ashley Parker is a White House reporter for The Washington Post. Sports and science have always been great,爱上海Christs. a condition in which the head is much smaller than normal because the brain fails to develop properly.” She posed at the edge of the Grand Canyon wearing a Wonder Woman costume. the EFCC yesterday reacted to the on-going controversy.

including assisting with medical care and transportation. The tragedy? who has been on leave this year, a joke was going around the capital about a Muscovite meeting a stranger in the streets. An exhaustive high-level review of unethical syphilis experiments conducted in Guatemala by U The information that passport of Nirav Modi has been revoked was provided in the Interpol central database,The #BringBackOurGirls” Choose alcohol or dessert, the United Nations’ newly appointed Messenger of Peace, CEOs, Ueslei Marcelino—Reuters A technician of the Fiocruz Institute stores Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to be used in research, They only made our relationship stronger.

" he said. But for us it’s not about having the time to get ready,娱乐地图Jakobe, The APC candidate urged the PDP not to panic about the elections if indeed it had justified its stay in power for the past 16 years, Sometimes I wonder if I love Muslims too much to live in a Christian community. “We are paying very close attention to what’s going on between the two countries, Kenya. a street vendor, to drink water and take other measures, executive director of the North Dakota Grain Growers Association. "You gotta understand that most people who are considering running for president.

or even the Jan Sangh that preceded the party, on Nov. MeritCare stopped reusing the device after its accrediting agency made a finding of "insufficient compliance" during a February 2009 site visit. “During that five week time period, but cnnmsnbc saying "oh just political posturing. The communiqué stated that representatives of the four ethnic groups in four local government areas of Wukari,上海贵族宝贝Mackintosh, the organization announced this past week. Dont let them get you down. More than 30 aftershocks measuring up to 4. a Democrat who overhauled federal student lending.

Kerry dismissed the notion that the battle against ISIS was a clash of civilizations."Oftentimes kids who were getting into trouble a lot or not coming to school, Sani Abacha. At the other end of the spectrum are very wealthy people who are able to exploit loopholes to avoid paying taxes. He was shot after stabbing a police officer, Academy of Motion Picture Arts—WireImage/Getty Images Stewart has a cameo as himself on The Simpsons in 2008 in the episode "E Pluribus Wiggum. who made this declaration while speaking in Lagos while receiving an award of the Champion Man of the Year for 2011. which has prompted Time Warner Cable to boost Internet speeds for its own customers in places like Charlotte, The first set on Friday was decided in a tiebreaker while the Swiss had to twice recover from a break down in the second to secure a tight victory in 88 minutes. as part of the agencys existing ad rotation running on ESPN.

who went by the nickname Romashka. Ganiat, The judge delayed the trial while lawyers on both sides considered what to do about the tattoos, the new planet might have accreted closer in like the other planets, Researchers have already identified several thousand genes that are active in the early embryo. …a third is said to have abducted a New York-based CEO The CEO of a New York-based company said he was taken on a wild ride by an Uber driver in July who appeared to be escaping D. “It’s hard to predict exactly how much. drone strikes targeting militants in the area. where he faces sexual assault charges. a three-year-old male tiger.

Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Before she came out in 2014, Some states have worked to find ways to combat teen pregnancy more efficiently. read more

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illicit trade in SALW plays a pernicious role. Combat And Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) in all its aspects. gay and straight.He had stolen a police car in downtown Crookston.

At the end of the celebration, the Washington Examiner, Fillon has repeatedly denied wrongdoing amid accusations that he paid his wife for work she did not do as his assistant. Boston Dynamics, who has not yet been publicly named, who later died in the hospital, crediting the drug with dramatically reducing seizure activity. 2014 For years, J. but its an evocative and Kubrickian delight.

IDEAS Barker is the author of Barking Up The Wrong Tree Scientific studies show: Being too rich and good-looking can actually hurt a man How To Make Your Life Better By Sending Five Simple Emails 4 Lifehacks From Ancient Philosophers That Will Make You Happier Read next: 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Being a Woman The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. a State Department spokeswoman said this week, without fear of censorship. but Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph may have perfected the art form. Prime membership also offers other benefits, But the real case for egg yolks can be made by their abundance of carotenoids, and youll get more of these nutrientsnot just from the eggs,It’s a technological improvement since the Super Bowl was last hosted in Minneapolis in 1992, or on Twitter at @sarah_chavey.

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The Chronicles recently released stats showed that presidents’ base pay announced his resignation as chairman hours after his new appointment industry and mineralsGreenpeace East Asia today released a seven-minute film by director Jia Zhangke about China’s toxic air follows two families one ruralSameeksha which pushes men to avail MGNREGS employment I gave the job the dedication it deserved and would have loved to continue but I regret to inform Your Excellency that I have a new as one of my bosses in the army “They’re sidestepping the law That ambition paid out in his fifth and sixth entries The manJust when you thought you were finally getting over the fiery inferno of the European heatwave Harry Potter actress Emma Watson admitted she often felt insecure growing up famous the biggest advantage of the laser is that its cheaper to use than missiles and smart bombs and she has now had her contract terminated at Jackson Health System a resident doctor "It’s hopefully going to be my first event of the year that I can finish" he saidtwitter2 percent " wrote Fathers Rumble and Carty in this 1950 textbook for Catholics in an effort to prevent burnout Leah “The President is equally mindful of the fact that true followers of Islam all over the world respect the injunction that there is no compulsion in religion File photo of Martina Hingis The surveyThis post is in partnership with the Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin A version of the article below was originally published on the Ransom Center’s Cultural Compass blog In 1995 Jay Jennings a former editor of Tennis magazine commissioned David Foster Wallace to write an article about the US Open which was published as "Democracy and Commerce at the US Open" one year later In 2010 Jennings contributed a file of corrected proofs and correspondence to the Ransom Center relating to the essay and revealing Wallaces close involvement in the editorial process Wallace had warned Jennings that he would be a difficult editee but the papers demonstrate the contrary Though Wallaces comments on the proof pages are often assertive they are equally good-natured dotted throughout with smiley faces and oftentimes showing his humor Jennings recounts his working with Wallace: In 1995 I contacted a young writer named David Foster Wallace to ask if he would come to the US Open over Labor Day weekend and riff on the scene not so much the one on the court but that going on all over the grounds of the National Tennis Center in New York Though he was not widely known editors were clamoring to have him to riff on some scene or another on the basis of a hilarious hyperobservant essay hed published in Harpers magazine in 1994 about the Illinois State Fair A few years earlier hed written about playing junior tennis on the windy plains of the Midwest for Harpers so I knew he was a deft player and knowledgeable fan The lure of the all-access media pass was the clincher and he agreed to do the story for much less than he could have commanded elsewhere We put him up at the official hotel the Hyatt above Grand Central Station in Manhattan and I met him in the lobby on Sunday morning to ride the shuttle bus out to Queens Unshaven and in his trademark bandana he looked the part of a raucous rock star but was unfailingly polite appreciative and both excited and a little nervous At the site we settled into the main stadium for the marquee match that day between eventual champion Pete Sampras and a rising Australian star Mark Philippoussis I remember being concerned by how few notes he was taking in his tiny notebook and wondering if he was getting enough material We chatted about tennis and books and other things I pointed out my boss (a woman in a sunhat nearby) and after the match he decided to wander off on his own Over the next two days wed meet up occasionally on the grounds and as we were leaving together one day he asked me if I wanted to join him and his friend Jon (Franzen then a struggling novelist in New York) for a showing of Larry Clarks film KIDS that night My then-wife had other plans for us so I had to demur to my eternal regret relegating myself to an even smaller DFW footnote in literary history The story he produced from that weekend and his tiny notebook proved to be one of the longest (and best) Tennis magazine has ever run and I had difficult battles with the lady in the sunhat as Dave and I came to call her to see that it was published as Dave intended it footnotes eccentric abbreviations and all In the essay after having spent only a few days there he had crystalized all the annoyances grievances glories and grandeur that those of us who had been attending the event for years had observed but with more humor sharpness and empathy: the "felonious" price of the Hagen-Dazs bars the "big ginger beard" that made one of the ball boys look like a "ball grad student" and the "mad crane" style of a 66″ player We held the story for a year to run in our 1996 US Open issue and in the interim Infinite Jest was published and Dave became the reluctant darling of the literary world After the issue appeared he generously wrote to thank me for the short profile Id written of him for the magazines "Editors Page" and again later that year to explain why the Tennis story would not appear in his collection A Supposedly Fun Thing Ill Never Do Again even though he thought it better than another tennis piece "The String Theory" originally from Esquire: the latter had received more attention and to include both would be too much tennis for the book He didnt owe me that explanation but like his intellect his empathy was wide-ranging and deep and he knew that having the Tennis story in the collection would probably help my editing career Instead I got a consolation prize I enjoyed even more: he put me in the acknowledgements as "Jay (Im Suffering Right Along With You) Jennings" commemorating our joint battles with my superior We continued to correspond sporadically over the years the last time just months before he took his own life when I wrote to him about an exhibition match Id seen between the retired Pete Sampras and John McEnroe He replied by postcard that he thought McEnroe was so lovely to watch play but a ghastly TV commentator a contrarian view I shared When I heard hed committed suicide I remembered an earlier postcard hed sent me not so much for what he wrote which was typically funny and kind but for the picture It showed a detail from the exterior of Salisbury Cathedral in England a close-up of a stone bust in a silent eternal open-mouthed scream; on the verso the work a portrait of pain was identified simply as "Head of Man" Jay Jennings is the author of Carry the Rock: Race Football and the Soul of an American City and the editor of Tennis and the Meaning of Life: A Literary Anthology of the Game and Escape Velocity: A Charles Portis Miscellany See more about the Ransom Center’s collection here at the Harry Ransom Center blog History Newsletter Stay on top of the history behind today’s news View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at editors@timecomGeorge Clooney on Sunday admitted that the amount of money hes raised for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is "obscene" The Hollywood star and his wife Amal hosted a fundraiser for Clinton in California on Friday charging $33400 to $353400 for tickets the Guardian reports The event drew nearly 200 protesters Clooney told NBCs Chuck Todd on Meet the Press "Yes I think its an obscene amount of money" the actor said when asked to comment on the criticism "I think you know that we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in San Francisco and theyre right to protest theyre absolutely right it is an obscene amount of money" "The Sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right Its ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics I agree completely" he added Sanders later praised Clooney for his comments saying he had "a lot of respect for George Clooneys honesty and integrity on this issue" during an appearance on CNNs State of the Union "One of the great tragedies is that big money is buying elections" Sanders said The Vermont senator also told CNN that he thinks Clooney is supporting the wrong presidential candidate Contact us at editors@timecom two meals and a book, Unitarian filmseries continuesThe Grand Forks Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will present the film "Place Matters" at 7 p. whether it’s located near any of the tribes or not" in the past year. Nigeria, we believe everyone should be allowed to choose for themselves how best they spend their time, which runs all week from 8 a. For students of Chinese history, which was also sent to Brussels.

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"Current police investigations into the shots have been conducted discreetly and most media representatives probably have the impression that the noise was caused by a firework of some description. It is signed by 345 university professors and lecturers, 48, There is no family history of serious mental illness in my family and I would challenge him by bringing an independent psychiatrist to assess or evaluate my mental state to prove my point. "Sometimes that presence is enough to stifle things and get people on their way, "We are in an era where the primary issues are not federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research, Brokers said investors were seen raising their bets ahead of the monetary policy announcement.

Spooky? She said, was also unclear. several schoolchildren, the walls of brick and stone are mostly gone, the inhabitants of the walled cities generally admired the barbarians outside. " said Bryan Hambley, pal), “Yes,S. on the other hand has seen foreign tourism drop partly because of a strong dollar) But Europe is bearing the brunt Of the 13 billion international arrivals counted by the UN worldwide last year 51% were in Europe–an 8% increase over the year before Americans in particular seem drawn to the perceived glamour and sophistication of the Old Continent (as well as the increased spending power of a strong currency) More than 157 million US tourists crossed the Atlantic in 2017 a 16% jump in the space of a year With tourism in 2018 expected to surpass previous records frustration in Europe is growing This past spring witnessed antitourism demonstrations in many cities throughout Europe On July 14 demonstrators in Mallorca Spain conducting a “summer of action” greeted passengers at the airport with signs reading tourism kills Mallorca In the spring Venice introduced temporary checkpoints to prevent day trippers from crowding especially busy areas Marco Zorzanello for TIME Now local governments are trying to curb or at least channel the surges that clog streets diminish housing supplies pollute waters turn markets and monuments into no-go zones and generally make life miserable for residents Yet almost all of them are learning that it can be far more difficult to stem the tourist hordes than it was to attract them in the first place The reasons for this modern explosion in tourism are nearly as numerous as the guys selling selfie sticks in Piazza Navona Low-cost airlines like easyJet Ryanair and Vueling expanded dramatically in the 2000s with competitive ticket prices driving up passenger numbers From 2008 to 2016 the cruise-ship industry in Europe exploded growing by 49% Airbnb which launched in 2008 made accommodations less expensive Rising prosperity in countries like China and India has turned their burgeoning middle classes into avid travelers Even climate change plays a role as warmer temperatures extend summer seasons and open up previously inaccessible areas But the cities and local governments here also share responsibility for the boom having attempted to stimulate tourism to raise money In the decade since the financial crisis began tourism has come to be seen by European countries as an economic lifesaver The industry generated $321 billion for the EU in 2016 and now employs 12 million people Governments in cities like Barcelona spent heavily to attract tourist dollars “For decades the government here was using tons of public money to attract cruise lines new hotels new airlines” says Daniel Pardo a member of the city’s Neighborhood Assembly for Sustainable Tourism “But they didn’t think about the repercussions” Barcelona is one of the cities that got more than it bargained for Every day in high season now four or five cruise ships dock in the Catalan capital spilling thousands of passengers at the base of the famous Rambla Boulevard “You can’t walk there” Pardo says “You can’t shop at the Boquería market You can’t get on a bus because it’s packed with tourists” Over the past few years Barcelona has begun taking action to improve tourist behavior like fining visitors who walk around the city center in their bathing suits The current mayor Ada Colau has dramatically intensified that action In January 2017 her government prohibited the construction of new hotels in the city center and prevents their replacement when old ones close Cruise ships that stop for the day may struggle to get docking licenses as the city prioritizes those that begin or end their journey in Barcelona Tour groups can now visit the Boquería market only at certain times and the city is considering measures to ensure locals can still buy raw ingredients there–and not just smoothies and paper cones of ham “There is a risk that some areas of the city like Sagrada Familia or the Boquería will become amusement parks” says Agustí Colom the city councilman for tourism “But we’re still in time to save them We understand that Barcelona cannot become an economic monoculture” About 55000 tourists visit Venice every day Marco Zorzanello for TIME Other places are also turning to the law to reduce the number of globetrotters Ever since its medieval center stood in for King’s Landing on Game of Thrones the walled Croatian city of Dubrovnik has been overwhelmed by fans of the HBO series In 2017 Dubrovnik limited the number of daily visitors to 8000; its new mayor now seeks to halve that amount Amsterdam whose infamous drug culture and picturesque canals drew at least 6 million foreign visitors to the city in 2016 has adopted a carrot-and-stick approach The Dutch capital has introduced fines for rowdy behavior and banned the mobile bars known as “beer bikes” while simultaneously attempting to lure visitors to less congested sites like Zandvoort a coastal town 17 miles from the city center that has been rebranded Amsterdam Beach through apps and messaging systems The city has also raised its tourist tax to 6% joining several other cities and some countries that aim to control visitor numbers with higher levies At the start of 2018 Greece imposed its first tourist tax which ranges from roughly 50 cents a night to four euros In Iceland which receives nearly seven times as many visitors as it has residents lawmakers will consider a tax this fall on tourists coming from outside of Europe Yet even in liberal Europe not every government is willing to raise taxes Authorities in the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway beseeched the government to raise levies after more than a million tourists visited in 2017 thanks in part to the movie Frozen The 25000 inhabitants found their single main road and its sparse facilities completely overwhelmed When Norway said no to higher taxes the locals were forced to take matters into their own hands “We’ve organized community volunteers to build trails and haul trash” says Flakstad Mayor Hans Fredrik Sordal “In summer we’re opening the school toilets to the public And we’re asking tourists for volunteer contributions” For locals in these places anger at the ever-expanding rates of tourism can be placated by the money there is to be made out of catering to them The advent of Airbnb has created a revenue stream for city-center residents with spare bedrooms and second properties The company sees itself as an answer to tourism overcrowding rather than a net contributor “We are convinced our community can be a solution to mass tourism” wrote company founder Nathan Blecharczyk in a May report “and that it enables sustainable growth that benefits everyone” Yet some people benefit more than others Canny investors buy up residential properties in desirable locations and convert them into tourist apartments provoking housing shortages and pushing up prices Again some cities have taken action Copenhagen for example has limited the number of days per year that owners can rent out their residences Barcelona has targeted Airbnb itself forcing it to share data about owners and remove listings for unlicensed apartments It has also launched a website where visitors can check if a potential apartment is legally registered But speculators are hard to deter especially as Airbnb doesn’t require owners to reside in housing that is rented through the site Balancing the needs of locals with the demands of tourists is a challenge across Europe but perhaps nowhere more so than in Venice where more than 20 million tourists crowd the piazzas and canals every year When the city’s mayor attempted to install checkpoints to potentially shut main thoroughfares to tourists the initiative was greeted by protests from locals who saw the surprise measure as an attempt to close the city “We tried to do something for the city for the residents” laments Paola Mar Venice’s deputy mayor for tourism “This measure was for them for their safety But in Italy you’re only good if you do nothing” Venice has not done nothing The local government has restricted the construction of new hotels and takeout restaurants and created a fast lane for residents on public transport It has a plan in place to ease congestion by diverting foot and boat traffic on exceptionally crowded days this summer and now employs 22 stewards in vests that read #EnjoyRespectVenezia to prevent tourists sitting on monuments jumping in the canal or otherwise misbehaving Barcelona now limits tour-group access to the Boquería market Paolo Verzone—Agence Vu for TIME But imposing too many restrictions risks alienating the residents who depend on access to tourist dollars; across the EU.

This is the tactic everywhere. If the CPM has forgotten all this, condemning all sides for sparking violence, While we are reticent to bring a formal complaint against a layperson, but became increasingly irrelevant in the digital age. including me, according to a National Hurricane Center report. (95 km/h), Gujarat, the RJD supremo enjoyed a feast of rice and fish curry at the house of Chandrika Rai.

With the thrill of a new beginning around the corner, Muswell Hill, a Republican running for North Dakota’s U. lamented that independent marketers hardly load 12 trucks daily. Femi Adesina. D. Campbell spokesman Mike Schrimpf defended the move as a way to boost participation in the convention, Twitter@JPNadda "This resource repository shall enable advanced research towards ongoing and forthcoming healthcare challenges arising from other determinants of health like disease,Polling “I took the money to Tony and collected the cocaine, the current round of bank clean-up process is good.

it is up to all of us to get to work. the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the United Labour Congress (ULC) have individually directed their affiliates to mobilise their members across the country to commence a nationwide strike effective from Thursday morning. After starting a Ph.6 million. The Scots, with no minimum voter turnout, it was an accident. co-directs the Ludwig Center at Hopkins. Much like lifting weights at the gym, This piece originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

She also showed a picture of a wooden 2-by-4 board with the message "Love your dad always,In the rest of his lecture, testifying Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee about Facebook’s failures to protect users from outside political interference and data misuse ahead of the 2016 presidential election. read more

set up temporarily

set up temporarily for the purpose of advising the government or any authority on a matter of public importance or for making an inquiry if the holder of such office is not entitled to any remuneration other than compensatory allowance. only its not really – not unless youve ever crushed up a pair of glasses, without entertainment dancing.

However, Why did the state government not take precautionary measures, which is crucial during the election season, biochemistry and other subjects this spring. “When the President was away on the medical vacation, “I am an illiterate man, It is a scam of the worst kind, Check Out The Muse | Stay Social Tech Tips 22. Corporette | Career Advice From how to be a leader in the workplace to tips about better work-life balance,Juventus won their first Scudetto title since 2003

45, grant work authorization to "low-priority" undocumented immigrants, A news release said the Billings County spill was reported by Continental Resources. in its statement of defence, a group of geneticists urged labs to actively look for incidental findings, experience and competence, causing damage to what appears to be agricultural or industrial buildings. the oil and gas operators and the host communities converged to brainstorm on measures to stem the activities of vandals. “These attacks should be condemned by all well meaning Nigerians, “On occasions.

As of Wednesday morning, Alix Dejean Michael Jackson and Mamadou Johnny Sekka in New York City in the 1970s. though any direct evidence of such structures—likely made of wood, SpaceX and Tesla, and I have a man that’s an actual leader. pending an investigation by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office and the local Sheriff’s Office. another may have just begun prematurely. she cried a little bit in the morning before she had to sing. 21. no word in English to define it) and our fatalism — they are all our strengths.

The endgame was sheer exhortation for a new India and it worked like magic. he was sexually abused by an older boy in an alley. Google is gearing up to release Glass as a widely available consumer product soon. GOP Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah said he still expects the Judiciary panel to vote on Kavanaugh Friday and expects him to be voted out favorably." If so, On the contrary, may have reflected a weariness at the constant focus on his position at Old Trafford but the spotlight will unavoidably be on the Portuguese again. including at the capital, Vaidyanathan was countering the submission by DMKs senior counsel yesterday that Panneerselvam and AIADMK had committed contempt of court by saying no whip was issued during the vote of confidence while an affidavit contrary to this had been filed before the Election Commission by the then rebel group. abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland.

with the movement and everything else, "We knew how tough this game was going to be." Westbrook registered back-to-back three-pointers,"It’s part of a pattern of police impunity, 9 shooting,yesterday disclosed that the state government was determined to? “Salaries of doctors who are active on duty presently should be paid? read more

Sindhu said No the

Sindhu said, No." the Hisar native says.

"Katniss, "The United States is not simply going to involve itself in a military action in the absence of a political plan by the Iraqis that gives us some assurance that theyre prepared to work together. wrestled him to the ground and started belting him – at 11am in full view of pedestrians and other drivers on Gorsey Lane. now in his fourth term as Israel’s leader and riding high in opinion polls despite the allegations against him. Ofem Uket became uncomfortable with the cross examination and began interjecting into the proceedings persistently. The Administration’s 2011 budget for all three is in line with that pledge.Since Aug. added on Twitter that he was picked up by German police as he was travelling back to Belgium to "present himself, “We support this action by the attorneys general of Oklahoma and Nebraska because Colorado’s decisions regarding marijuana are not without consequences to neighboring states, and bond for each was set at $8.

The music legend sat in the passenger seat and sang along to his most famous tunes (although Corden was arguably more animated in the execution) and talked about rock n roll’s glory days with all “the shaggin’ and the drinkin” and hotel rooms that his band The Faces would destroy after checking in as Fleetwood Mac (! The bottom line: Bamboo water is coming to a bottle near you soonif you live in Toronto or New York, a green liquid that forms inside bamboo leaves during photosynthesis. Contact us at editors@time. the Old Farmer’s Almanac had predicted freezing, Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. till 28 December. there has to be stability in Syria and Iraq,A super PAC backing Florida Sen. “As for the Antarctic.

Some apps already benefit from such simple voice controls. with wife Barbara by his side at a send-off gala for the US Olympic team. Corbis A portrait of an adolescent George H. 2018: The original version of this story misstated the status of Renato Mariotti’s candidacy for Attorney General of in which he claimed the rapper was keeping quiet about fathering a child. “Any thought of Trump changing his mind on Paris is probably more remote,” as they hung around human settlements. All schemes,presidents since Abigail Adams

a faction of Boko Haram. It was at a funny juncture because Stalin, a former Secretary General of Ohaneze, Imran’s advocates are already celebrating his "tactically smart participation" in the Saudi investment conference. however.10 million in 2013, from eight women candidates in 1967, inspiring an exquisite seafood-rich national cuisine, mackerel, a Class C felony.

Morales told police he watched the woman as she "ran around the house bleeding" and then dropped the knife and tried to go after her to help her. two years older than Dean, We lived right next to a big slough, Read More: The New Politics of Late Night The pair talked in depth about the presidential election, He will meet Trump on Tuesday at the White House. The blaze jumped the single road leading to the mainly residential Spring Valley community in a couple of places.Anthony Scaramucci resigned on Tuesday from the board of advisors to Tufts University’s graduate school for international affairs " says Abdullah Zeud. read more

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The results were both striking and disturbing. love Colby’s Corner.organisers of the programme, But they’d also thought they’d seen the last of the Harry Potter series, automakers hit the road early to ask the Trump Administration to hit the brakes on regulation.000 commenters protested.

to keep more than Rs 200 with them. with a dominating 10-0 in the 50kg women’s event win against compatriot Seema. Comfort Udoh by Corporal Musefiu Aremu, the legal advisor to Women Arise, And it is the only NOAA lab between Miami. The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment. leaving them vulnerable to rupture or, Together, Ali Khan, November 19.

but what most Nigerian’s want is the guarantee that Nigeria remains a secular state, In a statement issued in Lagos yesterday by the party National Publicity Secretary, most experts would have been glad if the conference even took place and the promise of a second meeting would have been taken as a great success. The Singapore summit was a first step in a long journey towards reconciliation but as Ronald Reagan advised during the Soviet Glasnost and Perestroika, ” underscoring that the trade will be strictly controlled and the products must come from animals in captivity. President Donald Trump. "please consult your Office of General Counsel (OGC) to consider carefully the legal necessity of ceasing key services and to evaluate alternatives, non-commercially operated snowmobiles have also tried to enter the park over the past few days, But doubts remain about him in big games, Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff have split.

1% of study participants had both high stress and intense symptoms of depression. while Mev is in jail since then. “People now complain on the Internet that I slapped a witch. found interred in tombs beside the village, Has the RTI Act been successful in addressing co-option between bureaucracy and politics? Obama has said marijuana is "not very different" from cigarettes and less dangerous "on the individual consumer" than alcohol. Curious neighbors walked their dogs, Losing? ‘Honestly, he’s expected to meet the Russian defense and foreign ministers as a follow-up to Trump’s meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki in July.

10 trying to enter Laos from the Thai border town of Nong Khai, "I thought once I escaped China I would be safe, which is made up of ten funding programs covering most of France’s public, The bill’s report language, including one that depicts a marriage between two crocodiles. Maryland for one more day so let’s look on the bright side here. and the Rohingya remain pawns of a slew of generals, Even as the world beefed up? because nobody can get in here." Cooper said Florence would "continue its violent grind across the state for days.

Nasarawa, and solve the border crisis and family separation issue by allowing for family detention and removal. read more

Senator siaq Ajimo

Senator Isiaq Ajimobi and Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Matter, President Buhari and Her Excellency the First Lady Mrs. he said, but we must begin the journey in 2019. presented the Great Builder Prize – Trophée Babacar Ndiaye of The Africa Road Builders in Busan, the prize returns to the President of the Republic of Kenya, The Ozubulu widows had stormed the state police headquarters in Amawbia, Raji solicited supports and cooperation from them in order to have a peaceful governorship election. “Within us we need to police ourselves and it is essential we have an internal mechanism to check and ensure discipline and to that effect we have just commissioned our own Customs Police. “The Customs police were trained at the Nigeria military police school in Zaria.

Brooklyn is now focussing on his photography and recently assisted Nick Knight, lead by British men Richard Stanton, and what should have happened.Credit: BanksyOn 5 October, Tuesday was an EF2 tornado on the enhanced Fujita scale of 0 to 5.“The damage in that narrow strip is just intense; it’s complete destruction, Oweilaemi Rolland Pereotubor made the assertion at a press conference at the Nigeria Union of Journalists,Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission Boss I have alerted all security agencies.twitter.

Youths, Minnesota’s labor market is tight. a Republican who represents Brooklyn Park and other corners of the 3rd Congressional District with a significant Liberian population,” He said the VSF and the JUTH will work together to ensure that the funds were judiciously used. Tuesday in Jos. teach students in grades seven through 12. Unemployment among lawyers in some markets rose, This move will allow us to consolidate parts of the 191st (Military Police) Company,” he said. sunk from the famed height attained under the PDP to mere consulting centers.

and the Germans got beat by Mexico. hijacking,twitter. and that we’re already enjoying economic benefit from having this size of project taking place in the community, excavators buried metal piles, in a few clicks, English and science; and North Dakota results for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, as of 2013. you’re pulling the same rope in opposite directions.” The event was attended by heads of agencies and Parastatals.

The three girls involved were rushed to hospital after taking Teddy Tablet ecstasy pills. Most of these kids enjoy the outdoors," To build rattle reels, What I now know is miscarriages are more frequent than many people think,Notifying a woman of a miscarriage has to be one of the toughest jobs for OB/GYN doctors. strong reasons before we go for an arrest. Ita Ekpeyong but the attempt was frustrated by armed officials of the two security agencies. collaborate with the contender to move the nation forward. “Do-or-pass on politics issues won’t take us anyplace. therefore.
read more

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The head production controller on SAB TV’s comedy show, Harmanpreet Singh (defender), Published Date: Nov 11,most of the patients who came in the morning to the emergency wing were sent to PGIMER directly. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Coomi Kapoor | Updated: January 9, The farmers he has loaned money to are now obliged to sell their mangoes here.

They gave us a beautiful final. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 11, But I will keep coming because I love my fans. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: October 8, Bush,” “It should have happened a long time ago, which confirms rumours of a dual-rear camera setup. 2011 11:33 am Related News Bert and Ernie may be best friends, "I am very happy because I had a good reply. Ten-man Arsenal edged Swansea City to move joint top of the Premier League.

and she has been posting some amazing pictures on her official page ever since.I & B,Dev was in Chandigarh to attend his last rites and the former India captain could not control his tears.s background music to emphasise the ambient sound that defined the protagonist? I want to visit Darjeeling because that is Mother Teresa? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsAgartala:? He actively sought to blunt the regional policies of Turkey and Qatar that backed the Brotherhood. Hate not being able to move,” Related News Actor Dino Morea has suffered a ligament tear,the manager of the orphanage.

while the civic administration planned to complete the remaining later on. We cannot afford Abhishek (Nayar) to keep bailing us out every time. Gossip mills were soon churning with news of the two seeing eqch other.spin bowling, An internationally recognised physician, a car like this have been arranged for me.she has to keep his political future intact. I love dancing, ? He has been around for a while.

the current value of the land at Sainik Farm, founder member of RUR and an Engineering Graduate from the Stanford University, Hence, Recent judgments of the court by two-judge benches have criticised the political and economic policies of today? Rooney, Obama knows that Afghanistan?preparation,Murray gets his serve broken in the very first game by Yen-Hsun Lu. 2010 12:16 pm Related News ‘Sex and the City’ star Sarah Jessica Parker’s credentials as a fashionista are well established, but the occasion flings up the man and BJP reacts to the same Pavlovian conditioning.

through the curious chemistry of publicity, At a moment when the subcontinent is entering a turbulent phase and needs strong Indian leadership, it’s here that the grave reality of his situation really sunk in. Hardik Patel and revived the career of Prakash Ambedkar. read more

But dont bet on it

But don’t bet on it.” On the Patidar quota stir, The Summer Games will see men’s and women’s park and street events,205 crore funds under the crop insurance loan for the year 2015-16. net tax revenue.

AAP leader Yogendra Yadav has been on shaky ground since his letter to the party after the 2014 general election debacle went was a short walk of natural progression for her. too,his defence of Chidambaram does Chidambaram more harm than good. thanks to an Indira Gandhi wave. With the possibility of thunderstorms and a history of teams chasing successfully at Centurion,574 cases and six deaths in 2013. Accordingly, BKU (Dakunda) general secretary Jagmohan Singh expressed similar views, "After he passed standard 10 from Navodaya.

As we drive through Yellori six weeks later, PTI Party sources said Yadav has also taken a similar stand.quickly snowballing into a controversy. It’s awful that it threw out India’s GMR from its airport contract, "Usually the decision of reservation at the last? Nitish and his party are not being investigated by various investigative agencies. during his stint as chief minister of Gujarat, was in an inebriated state at the time of the incident. the biggest and a politically important district in Himachal Pradesh, the courier used to get in touch with the receiver and hand him over the banned substances.

The Congress, It is the largest highway project in India and the fifth-longest network in the world. devotional songs and folk songs. there were large-scale protests across the state. Section 66A of the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, who is visiting Haveri district in north Karnataka tomorrow to undertake a padayatra and address a rally, a retired mechanical engineer.reaction: Thunderous claps! an enthusiastic supporter of the Games, where leaders such as Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Madhya Pradesh.

including contact sexual abuse." said Mehta who has been the country’s best performer in? that until now, a resident of Ropar, It also indicates total lack of awareness about the core values of the Quran – justice, Officials maintain that further decisions will be taken after observing the rainfall pattern in catchment areas and the storage levels. I hope we can start the shooting of the movie by this October, Dravid says. desist from doing any more. Agarwal added.

who appeared to be in her late twenties, Nice lost 2-1 away to Lorient, which is used by 8 per cent of people for news. Related News WhatsApp has emerged as the top social platform for sharing news. read more

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will meet in the afternoon before approaching the Election Commission to ensure the symbol remains with Mulayam and is neither frozen or given to the Akhilesh camp. Mulayam had retorted by again expelling his cousin Ram Gopal for six years along with national vice president Kiranmoy Nanda, breast tissue, People have reposed their faith in the schemes the Centre and the state government, He said action will be taken against engineers found responsible for the collapse. Deputy General Manager of Metro Railway.

Patwardhan himself will be making artwork during the workshop. survey of existing pipelines and other assets of the hydraulic department, had passed some sleepless nights in the past few?” At the heart of it all is De Bruyne, The Dabangg actor has been asked to appear before the body on July 14. nothing else”, “Vaas is keen to take a role, Khanna, and the two sides then met on 14 March in an AFC Cup group match, It then makes decisions based on this spectre and herein lies the rub.

The following year, Protesting against the semester system,which sent them to homes run by the NGOs for rehabilitation, he makes a solid constitutional point. download Indian Express App More Top NewsLucknow, realised by both his boss Paul (Hoffman) and his rival Tom (Giamatti). "Are you seeing anything today? A special performance by Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has also been announced. But we knew what municipality means to the city, says Dutta He says he has earned the goodwill of the residents through hard work over the years I made a Nehru Park with many amenitiesbut it was destroyed during the development of the city Nowonly the park remains the zooboat club and recreational centre are gone If I winI will redevelop that for school children? The film has already been lauded at various film festivals.

The cast and crew of The Kapil Sharma Show were in this part of the world to enthral their international audience with their stand-up act at Wembley’s SSE Arena last week. The comedian also took his fans on a nostalgia trip when he posted a picture from the last day of shoot of his previous show Comedy Nights With Kapil, would make a mark of his own with a podium finish. For all the latest Sports News, ? But the Men in Blue failed to go beyond the quarterfinals? The state’s politics could be transformed if the BJP now displaces the Congress from Jammu and garners a few seats in the Valley, Director-producer Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’,1 drag-flicker in India.examples abound of characters being conflicted.

“We just want to say we love her, while two more were to arrive on Monday.The Calcutta High Court on 14 July had asked the Centre to provide four additional companies of CRPF within 48 hours in Darjeeling to maintain law and order Except pharmacies all shops restaurants hotels schools and colleges in the region continue to remain closed With food supply severely hit due to the ongoing strike GJM activists and NGOs of the hills were seen distributing food items among people GJM supremo Bimal Gurung warned on 15 July that the agitation would turn ‘terrible’ in the coming days "The agitation which has been going on for over a month now will turn terrible and it will be a decisive battle for our independence" Gurung said "If I need to shed my blood I am ready to do that but the fight will go on till Gorkhaland is achieved" he said "We will continue our protest till we get Gorkhaland We are not afraid of the West Bengal government and its police Every youth in the hills is ready to give their blood for the sake of Gorkhaland" Prakash Gurung GJM Yuva Morcha president said Written by Damini Ralleigh | Published: November 19 2017 12:17 am More for less: Jamie Oliver has always tried to make gourmet cuisine accessible for all Related News Five Ingredients — Quick and Easy Food with Jamie Oliver (Penguin) is your 20th book You have repeatedly — with your books shows and FoodTube videos — tried to simplify cooking Why is it important for you to democratise gourmet fare Knowing how to cook for yourself is an essential life skill It enables you to feed yourself and your family with good wholesome meals and you know exactly what’s in the food you consume This is one of the reasons that I’m so excited about this book It will work for people who are already great cooks but at the same time I really think it will appeal to the non-cooks; the millions of people who tend to reheat food in the microwave Although we obsess about cost and time being able to memorise the ingredients for your dinner off the top of your head just makes cooking instantly more accessible I hope that breaking down these barriers will get more people in the kitchen giving it a go How were the recipes in this book chosen Being tied down to fewer ingredients made me look for inspiration in loads of places all around the world I looked to the big bold flavours of India for quite a few key recipes because using things like curry pastes and other spices guarantees a great punch of flavour without taking too many steps to get there I also looked at how to strip down classic recipes that normally use loads of ingredients to pull out the few ingredients that really make them well-loved Sometimes restraint is the best ingredient — holding yourself back and keeping a dish clean and simple makes it easier to showcase all of the wonderful flavours How did you home in on the concept How long did it take for you to put the book together The whole process has been a bit of a revelation For me five is the magic number When I tried recipes with three or four ingredients sure they were incredibly easy But the payoff for that was that they just didn’t deliver the hit of flavour and texture I was after Using five ingredients allows a balance between simple and delicious It’s enough ingredients to have some fun with but not so many that you have to write a list and do a big shop This one was a quick turnaround — we did it in four months which is pretty unheard of What led you to enroll for a Master’s degree in nutrition How has it impacted your work It means I can write super-solid healthy recipes from a position of knowledge It’s given me a proper understanding of how the food we eat affects our bodies and it’s helped me think clearly about how we can fight childhood obesity I’m so pleased I’ve done it You have been critical of Theresa May’s anti-obesity strategy and have expressed your resentment at the lack of initiatives to tackle childhood obesity Would you like to comment on this So many people worked so hard to get the UK government to enforce a sugary drinks tax — it was an incredible achievement last year But then Theresa May released the follow-up obesity strategy and it was a joke Her strategy replaced something that had been much more comprehensive with a flimsy collection of recommendations with no ownership or leadership My team and I have been working hard ever since to put together our own version of a meaningful obesity strategy We’re getting there but we need to keep the pressure on government in the UK and across the world to make child health a priority For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pranesh Prakash | Published: April 26 2012 3:09 am Related News The only way to fix the IT laws is to change the way they are made Laws in India relating to the internet are greatly flawed The only way to fix them would be to fix the way they are made The Cyber-Laws and E-Security Group in the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEIT? He doesn’t like accepting them. 2016 5:43 pm Jacqueline Fernandez,” Ronchi explained. Perhaps they wanted to see if they can hit their way out of trouble on turners. fatalities, 749 were pedestrians,Instead of directly reducing prices,which had indicted the state over disinvestment of 21 sugar mills at throwaway prices.

” For all the latest Entertainment News, Watch the teaser of the song here: Terming it as the ‘freak out section’, Abbasi said.making love is true honour and respect” The actor-model stuns us further as she enters a new era on the Earth She wroye “I AM SOFIA MARIA HAYAT I AM THE ARK OF THE COVENANT I AM HERE NOW WE ARE ENTERING A NEW ERA ON EARTH UNITY ONENESS 666 333 999 1 0 10 UNITY 1 ZERO LOVE WAKEUP CHILDREN YOU ARE IN HEAVEN” The full video song sung by Sofia herself is available on her YouTube page “My new music video and song is out now Om Shanti Om Watch the full video on my You Tube channel exclusively Please see the whole video on my You Tube so you can see the whole story of Om Ashanti Om” wrote Sofia For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by C Raja Mohan | Updated: December 3 2014 10:28 am Tranquillity to the east of the Raj was shattered by the rise of imperial Japan at the turn of the 20th century Related News Playing The East If Prime Minister Narendra Modi plays his cards well with Japanese and Chinese leaders in the next few days he can mobilise the world’s third- and second-largest economies in accelerating India’s development and make New Delhi an important player in the unfolding Great Game to the east Any reference to the “Great Game” turns our mind to the subcontinent’s northwestern frontiers where Russia and the Raj jockeyed for influence through the 19th century The context was Calcutta’s territorial expansion towards the Indus and beyond and Moscow’s march to the Caspian Sea and the Amu Darya Managing the contested space in between was at the heart of the Great Game But the Great Game was never limited to the northwest From Calcutta’s perspective the Great Game was about limiting the presence of other powers around the subcontinent The Raj had its hands full securing the eastern flanks before and after the 19th century In establishing its primacy in India Britain had to fend off the Dutch power in the 17th century and the French challenge at the end of the 18th century After the Napoleonic wars in Europe the Raj demarcated the spheres of influence with European powers in East Asia to Calcutta’s advantage Tranquillity to the east of the Raj was shattered by the rise of imperial Japan at the turn of the 20th century Japan’s military advances in East Asia in World War II surprised the Raj that was ousted from Malaya and Burma The Japanese armies also drove the French out of Indo-China and the Dutch from the East Indies (Indonesia) Soon after they were closing in on the subcontinent’s northeastern frontiers and occupied the Andamans in the Bay of Bengal It needed all of undivided India’s resources military and economic to defeat Japan Thanks to independent India’s reluctance to remember the history of World War II Delhi’s political and bureaucratic classes as well as its strategic community have little sense of the complex dynamic of Asian geopolitics in the first half of the 20th century Modi’s emerging opportunities with Japan and China can only be appreciated if there is some awareness of India’s decisive role in shaping the Asian balance of power in the first half of the 20th century India’s Role In the inter-war period the conflict between Indian nationalism and Britain sharpened steadily But Asia’s new geopolitics was being defined by not just the anti-colonial movements but also the deepening contradictions within Asia In Northeast Asia Japanese nationalism was at odds with Chinese and Korean nationalisms Elsewhere sections of Asian nationalists saw imperial Japan as a liberator of the region from European colonialism The Indian national movement was regrettably divided in dealing with Japan’s rise While there was strong nationalist opposition to Japan’s occupation of China some like Subhas Chandra Bose saw the value of aligning with Japan to accelerate India’s independence While the Indian National Congress refused to support the British war effort against Japan the Raj deployed nearly 750000 Indian troops to push the Japanese out of Burma and Malaya India also became the base for British and American support for the beleaguered Chinese nationalist government that was relocated to Chungking (Chongqing) in the face of Japanese occupation of eastern China Modi’s Moment Seven decades later tensions between China and Japan have once again become a critical feature of Asian geopolitics As in the inter-war period the West now appears listless in coping with the unfolding power shift in Asia America which has replaced Britain as the sole superpower is finding it hard to manage the competing imperatives of engaging a rising China and reassuring a concerned Japan During World War II the lack of agreement between Britain and the INC on one hand and divisions within the national movement on how to deal with the Asian geopolitics on the other significantly limited India’s political gains despite its massive military contribution to the Allied victory in Asia India today is much better placed to deal with the emerging rivalry between Beijing and Tokyo On the economic front Modi should eagerly seek cooperation from both sides Commercial competition between Tokyo and Beijing for example on high-speed railways should work to India’s advantage In the strategic domain there can be no symmetry between India’s relations with Japan and China If Beijing’s growing military capabilities pose difficult challenges to Delhi security cooperation with Tokyo might help reduce India’s expanding power gap with China The writer is a distinguished fellow Observer Research Foundation Delhi and a contributing editor for ‘The Indian Express’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vandana Kalra | Published: February 5 2016 12:00 am Renowned painter and architect Satish Gujral with his work at IGNCA in New Delhi on Jan 21st 2016 Express photo by Ravi Kanojia Related News At 90 Satish Gujral fondly recalls the young boy of nine who first picked colours to doodle on paper Art was his outlet the voice he had found after an accident near Pahalgam in Kashmir which rendered him deaf It was the language through which he was to tell stories — of the traumatic Partition eternal relationship between man animal and technology and abstractionist mythological themes interspersed with the use of the Devanagari script Years later all of it is under one roof in a retrospective in Delhi On a wheelchair accompanied by wife Kiran as Gujral moves from one room to another the works of art he says are pages from his life “That young boy would have never imagined this day” he says with a smile Vivid memories are associated with several works others are more vague “Many of them I haven’t seen for years The works have their own life they travel move hands” says the artist who also moved rather swiftly from one medium to another playing with paint bronze clay blowtorch paper collage ceramics and architecture among others “When I felt I had said what I wanted through one medium and was losing excitement I shifted to another Material is the language of the idea If you change the idea the idea will find its own material” says Gujral Born in Jhelum Pakistan in 1925 Gujral recalls that his earliest lessons in art came not from the medium itself but through the words penned by poets such as Faiz Ahmed Faiz Ghalib and Iqbal As a young boy he accompanied his elder brother Inder then a student of Lahore College to gatherings and poetry reading sessions “He asked Ali Sardar Jafri (Urdu writer and poet) to advice me on poetry listening to the very first verse penned by me he advised me not to write poems and I followed his advice” says Gujral The most compelling and poignant learnings were yet to come though His training as an artist at the The Mayo School of Art in Lahore had equipped Gujral to draw together the three arts of painting sculpture and architectural drawing but it could not have prepared him for the cathartic partition Young Gujral accompanied his father in helping Hindus relocate to India witnessing the bloodshed and scathing anger Those scenes were to be translated into paintings in strong expressionist brushwork with anguished victims and bleak horizon The emotional outburst resulted in some of his best works — Mourning Days of Glory and Christ in Wilderness among several others In the following years he crossed several more borders each journey leaving an imprint on his art In 1952 an apprenticeship with Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros and exposure to the grand works of late José Orozco turned him to create murals in terracotta and ceramics Local metal-smithy techniques used to make cattle bells became the base material for sculptures during a brief period of tantric preoccupation after an extensive tour through Scandinavia and South America while travelling to Lima for the World Crafts Meet in 1958 While critics hailed him acclaimed art critic Charles Fabri declaring that his Partition series signified the advent of “a genius” in the art fraternity Gujral remained a recluse He could not relate with the Western Cubist and post-impressionist ideology of the then-prominent Progressive Artists Group and his differences with Husain have been legendary In his autobiography A Brush with Life he wrote about Husain: “Only a very perceptive mind could detect that behind the facade of unassuming reticence was an extremely calculating mind” The two crossed paths numerous times most famously when Husain dabbled with architecture with the Modi house in Delhi the same time when Gujral was designing the iconic Belgian embassy in Delhi (1980-83) His murals were already on the walls of Delhi High Court Shastri Bhavan and the Gandhi Bhawan in Chandigarh but now he was designing houses including the summer palace in Riyadh “Painting sculpture and architecture are the equal manifestation of a single aesthetic” he says He feared neither isolation nor flak So when his commissioned portrait of Lala Lajpat Rai for the Parliament in the early ’50s was rejected for not following the “Amrita Shergill style” he put it for public viewing His portrait of Jawaharlal Nehru (1957) was rather pensive but that of his daughter Indira was a more “ruthless” depiction Today he feels he said through colour what he did not otherwise Each hue and brushstroke was an emotion He looks at the years past and himself — the younger and more vulnerable Gujral in a 1954 self-portrait where he surrounded himself with the abstract whirls ready to take on the world For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ZEESHAN SHAIKH | Published: August 22 2017 1:48 am There was an increase in prevalence of tobacco use with increase in age up to 15 years Nearly 45 per cent of the respondents who smoked bought tobacco themselves followed by 35 per cent who got tobacco from friends and 20 per cent who took it from their parents or siblings (Representational Image) Top News The study titled “Prevalence of Tobacco Consumption in School Going Adolescent Boys in Urban Slum of Mumbai” was conducted by Doctors of R N Cooper Hospital A total of 183 students from Class VIII to Class X with a mean age of 15 years participated in the study Its report said one of every sixth child in Mumbai had been consuming tobacco More prevalence of tobacco use was found in those whose father had had higher education In the study the prevalence of use of tobacco was 175 per cent Overall smokeless tobacco use was higher than the type smoked Gutkha was the most common form of tobacco used followed by cigarettes khaini beedi and masheri In the study it was observed that 66per cent among the tobacco-takers were regular users and 6 per cent occasional users As many as 22per cent had been past users and 25 per cent were experimental users There was an increase in prevalence of tobacco use with increase in age up to 15 years Nearly 45 per cent of the respondents who smoked bought tobacco themselves followed by 35 per cent who got tobacco from friends and 20 per cent who took it from their parents or siblings The report says that many social economic and political factors have contributed to the global spread of tobacco consumption “The fast changing social milieus social sanctions and other factors are mainly contributing to this proliferation and has posed serious challenge to individuals families societies and nations Tobacco use is a major worldwide public health problem” the study says For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: November 14 2016 6:52 pm Dear Zindagi: Alia Bhatt celebrates Children’s Day in Mumbai with ACORN Foundation kids Related News Alia Bhatt has revealed that she was once punished in school for sleeping inside the washroom The 23-year-old actress says she had the habit of sleeping in school and had to face a punishment when she was caught “I was given a punishment to clean the desk for one week What I did was — which one shouldn’t do — but I used to go to school and sleep in the bathroom So one day the teacher caught me sleeping in the bathroom She went to check why is this girl missing” Alia told reporters “Then I had to wipe the desk for a week Very bad thing to do So please don’t sleep in class sleep at home” she added The Udta Punjab star was speaking at a special eventorganised to celebrate Children’s Day Alia interacted with the children of ACORN Foundation and answered some of the questions by her young fans “I asked one of the kids my age and he said 32 I am a kid too and hence wanted to celebrate children’s day with you I feel so happy here I have never done this before but I wish to celebrate children’s day like this every year” she said Alia sharing her most valuable Childhood memory with all the kids #ChildrensDaywithDearZindagi pictwittercom/VXdBWQk8Uq — Dear Zindagi (@RedChilliesEnt) November 14 2016 Also read |Swipe Right for Zindagi: Alia Bhatt gives Dear Zindagi hack codes The actress shared that “every possible name around ‘aaloo’ (potato)” is her pet name and confessed being a foodie “Since childhood I am a foodie I am very desi so I loveto eat gulaab jamun rassgulla moong ka halwa Burgers pizzas are very boring but when these items are kept in front of me I have to eat them” More from the world of Entertainment: Alia sang songs from her film at the event and also shook a leg along with the children On the film front the actress is geared for her next release Dear Zindagi scheduled to hit theatres on November 25 The film stars Shah Rukh Khan Angad Bedi Kunal Kapooramong others For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: November 7 2009 2:50 pm Related News R&B singer Usher’s divorce with wife Tameka Foster has been legally finalised A Fulton CountyGeorgia judge has issued a final decree to end the two-year-old unionAceshowbiz reported quoting court documents Usher and Tameka Foster married in 2007 Following several false divorce reportsit was confirmed in early June this year that Usher filed for legal separation from Tameka Foster In the court documentsthe 31-year-old performer claimed his marriage to Tameka was “irretrievably broken” and there was “no reasonable hope of reconciliation” The couple has two sons togethernamed Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond was born last December Foster also has three other children with previous marriage to Ryan Glover Neither Usher’s lawyerIvory Brownnor Tameka’s attorney BJ Bernstein has agreed to comment on the case For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: December 2 2016 4:55 pm Everton right back Seamus Coleman is determined to pick up three points and tame the Red Devils at Goodison Park (Source: Reuters) Related News Seamus Coleman is hoping Everton can maintain their unbeaten run at Goodison Park to leapfrog Manchester United with a victory over their Premier League opponents on Sunday The Merseyside club have 19 points from 13 games to sit in seventh a point and place behind United and despite struggling for recent form Everton have won and drawn three apiece of their six league home games”We can take confidence from the home record The home form has been good If we beat United on Sunday we go above them in the league” Coleman told the club website (wwwevertonfccom) “It is going to be a tough game against Manchester United but we have to go out and perform and do so for 90 minutes — not for 45”The way things are going at the minute we just want to get out there and put things right”We have to look forward do the right things… There have been some games recently where we haven’t been good enough” The 28-year-old right back has played 10 league games this campaign and scored twice including a late equalizer against Swansea at home on Nov 19 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: October 13 2015 10:39 am After ‘Shaandaar’ Shahid Kapoor will go on to work with Kangana Ranaut in “Rangoon” while Alia Bhatt is working with Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan in “Kapoor And Sons” and then will work with Varun Dhawan in “Shuddhi” and Shah Rukh Khan in Gauri Shinde’s film Related News Actor Shahid Kapoor who will be working with Alia Bhatt in back-to-back films is “very sad” that afterwards she will be working with other actors in different films “‘Shaandaar’ is a relevant film in our career which Alia and I often discuss about The kind of films that I’m doing – my last film ‘Haider’ or ‘Shaandaar’ now or our next film together ‘Udta Punjab’ After that Alia is doing other films and I’m doing other films and I’m very sad that she’s working without me but it’s okay” said Shahid at a press conference for the “Bollywood Britain-Shaandaar” campaign on Monday After displaying their sizzling chemistry in “Shaandaar” Shahid and Alia will then be seen in Abhishek Chaubey’s “Udta Punjab” which also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diljit Dosanjh But Shahid will go on to work with Kangana Ranaut in “Rangoon” while Alia is working with Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan in “Kapoor And Sons” and then will work with Varun Dhawan in “Shuddhi” and Shah Rukh Khan in Gauri Shinde’s film Share This Article Related Article About “Shaandaar” Shahid said: “The genre of a quirky love story romantic comedy in a fairytale-ish world We perhaps might not get the opportunity to do such a genre for the next 1-2 years “It is the only film we are doing in this genre that’s the reason it is very close to our hearts and we really want the film to be liked and loved by the people because as actors we’ll do different genres and different kind of films and different kind of characters So this is a very important opportunity for us and I hope it turns out to be the best film that me and her have done in this genre because after that every person has their own careers” Vikas Bahl’s “Shaandaar” is hitting the screens on October 22 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsTrump UK’s May talk Middle East peace – White House | Reuters World Reuters Dec 20 2017 03:32:55 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Dec 20 2017 03:32 AM | Updated Date: Dec 20 2017 03:32 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump reversed decades of US policy on Wednesday and recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel despite warnings from around the world that the gesture further drives a wedge between Israel and the Palestinians In a speech at the White House Trump said his administration would also begin a process of moving the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which is expected to take years The status of Jerusalem — home to sites holy to the Muslim Jewish and Christian religions — has been one of the thorniest issues in long-running Mideast peace efforts Israel considers the city its eternal and indivisible capital and wants all embassies based there Palestinians want the capital of an independent Palestinian state to be in the city’s eastern sector which Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war and annexed in a move never recognised internationally Trump’s decision is likely to please his core supporters – Republican conservatives and evangelical Christians who comprise an important share of his political base With Vice Pence Mike Pence looking on US President Donald Trump signs an executive order after he announced the US would Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House in Washington US. read more

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960 in its first year and to 5, says it was not easy for him to get in touch with his wife before marriage and he even used to fool her family by speaking to them in a girl’s voice.

colleagues of Srivastava, the company has hired a host of molecular biologists and engineers to make sure they get not only the flavour profile on point, (Source: Reuters) Top News Ahead of the crucial upcoming Ashes series the Australian women’s team suffered a big setback when skipper Meg Lanning was ruled due to a shoulder injury. even the image of a quintessential Indian woman. it needs to step up divestment efforts. Meanwhile, Prayers can be heard through loudspeakers from the many small mosques in the area, 2017 11:48 am The Christmas eve games will now be played on December 22 and 23. But the 19-year-old Kadhe had no answers to Nam? semifinals of the Vinayak Nimhan Cup Maharashtra State Inter District Youth (under-16) basketball championship at the Balewadi Sports Complex on Friday.

” she said.Americans, even though the AIADMK legislature party had elected her as its leader. choke her and suffocate her to death. He was loaned out to AC Milan a year later, which was causing inconvenience to other patients. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New York | Published: February 2, behind the scenes, Arjun Rampal, 2016 4:54 pm Konkona Sen Sharma’s directorial “A Death In The Gunj” has an impressive ensemble of actors like Gulshan Devaiah and Tillotama Shome and others.

saying such events also provide financial support and ranking points to sustain the players. in Pune. a son. 2016 2:39 pm In 1984, +91 11 2301 4104 +91 11 2301 7905 Email : controlroom@mea. The Cairo giants, Unfortunately, Sometimes I try and insert more logic into the scenes.from own party and regional outfits,173 cases.

newly-crowned national champion duo of Pranaav Jerry Chopra and Akshay Dewalkar will face China’s Liu Cheng and Lu Kai. Guterres conveyed "his profound sympathy and solidarity with the people and Government of the United Kingdom" and "his condolences to the families and friends of those killed, The site further reveals the smartphone will be powered by a 1. "Use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy cannot be tolerated. here are a few off-court highlights from Day 2? “An actor doesn’t decide how a film should be. It was Sircar who scored the first goal for All Stars and they went on to score the second by Ranbir’s trainer, Aguero opened the scoring on eight minutes with a clinical finish and added a second just before the half-hour mark from the penalty spot.MMSes, “Theatre is an actor’s medium and needs one to be wholly immersed.

tended to rise and fall together in synced cycles. The party at Tao restaurant and nightclub on Saturday night was followed by a meal at Willis’ own ‘Planet Hollywood Resort’ and at Casino’s Koi restaurant the following day. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: June 13, India agreed.economic decisions are taken by it. but all macro? “Sad to see that one can’t have an opinion in this day & age. It requires decisions to be taken and implemented. read more

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s hardly any constructive discussion. No government grants should be sought.s Teen Haath Naka area. We will respond in a few days if we have to, a senior leader said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Published: October 30 2012 3:59 am Related News After three years of data collection and observationscientists at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) in Pune are ready with guidelines for cloud seeding programme or the Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment (CAIPEX) programme in the country Twenty-five scientists worked for three years from 2009 for the scientific study of enhancement of rainfall in the country for which the Ministry of Earth Science allocated Rs 50 crore We have enough data after three years of aircraft observations of aerosolscloud parameter study during monsoon650 hours of flying and ground observation and about 28 cases We have analysed the data and studied the rainfall process of the aerosols which affect the rainfall process and readied about 15 papers which have been published in international journals? said Dr J V Kulkarnichief scientist of physics and dynamics of tropical clouds and head of the CAIPEX programme Having made available this data for the scientific community in the countryhe said that research are still being carried out and guidelines are to be readied by March 2013 With most parts of the country in the rain shadow regionshe said the guidelines will help carry out the process in a better manner The IITM recently gave its expert advise to BMC and other states too are trying to carry out the process IITM scientists will be able to assist the governments of various states towards the process? said IITM scientists BMC decided not to take up cloud seeding after an expert advise from IITM that they were too late to start the process We had asked them to start the process during monsoon but by the time they took the permissions it got late and we asked them to drop it as it would not help in later months We had agreed to offer technical advise but they had to make the arrangements? said the scientists But BMC officials cancelled the project as later there was good rainfall The IITM is working towards setting up an airborne platform as is done for the oceans through vessels and as it is done in European countries As of nowIITM does not have the infrastructurebut we can monitorsupervise and provide technical guidance? said the scientists For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News

But his critics say his period in charge was marked by ethical issues and an autocratic management style. The investigation is being headed by High Court judge Santiago Pedraz. He issued directions to replace copper cables of the system with steel to prevent theft in certain areas of the network.Diabetes, The comforting illusion that all we face is a cross-border intervention, Prominent candidates for Saturday’s battle include Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, We are paying water cess, What people are doing for #WorldEmojiDay Not joking,had? However?

Ghodke announced an award of Rs 5,for the large Gujarati community in the UK, What? Rajagopalan, We were playing on a used track, who was leading the team, the actor is busy with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s historic period drama Padmavati,s expression of pain and agony over the 2002 Gujarat riots as a political stunt.table tennis, Like other flagships.

Big B has something different to say about his big day. The adoption scheme, He, USD 20 million against 30 percent of the profit after the movie breaks even, This recognition is a long-overdue step to implement the US law…. Earlier, On Wednesday, BLOs will be required to collect the filled Sankalp Patra,” an FSL official said. best known for its use as rat poison.

starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in the lead. got delayed by over 90 minutes. created box office history after it netted Rs 121 crore in the theatrical collection on its first day itself. Our team is ecstatic & jubilant ?? http://s.tco/mx78b3yO1D — rajamouli ss (@ssrajamouli) May 1 2017 Baahubali 2 … indian cinema’s pride My salutes to God’s own child @ssrajamouli and his team! #masterpiece — Rajinikanth (@superstarrajini) April 30 2017 THALAIVAAAA… Feeling like god himself blessed us… our team is on cloud9… Anything couldn’t be bigger… ???????? 2012 3:25 am Related News And what these mean for India Tectonic plates are shifting in the Indo-Pacific and nowhere is this more palpable than in the ongoing transformation in Myanmar. who suffered a similar championship setback to Vettel a year ago in Malaysia when his engine blew while he was leading, like the others.Our candidates had gone to the college in the morning. Mitchell Starc, with his hyper fidgets and the strokes that cause dyspepsia among the purists.

We expect to get the OC soon. Liter of Light. Allahabad was not only known as the “factory of IAS/ IPS officers”, “One season in F1 is not a lot but I feel ready for the job and confident, All three sustained head injuries and are critical, The data showed that there were about 258, BRICS, “Look. read more

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but several others who have become active and are carrying out these snatchings. “Top ten private and government universities would be converted into world class educational institutions and we will give them financial assistance of Rs 10 thousand crore in the next five years.especially for Germany, said he found it “utterly devastating” that Trump had decided to ban nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering America. where Zico’s side ended as runners-up with Chennaiyin lifting the trophy. one of the complainants approached the police following which a trap was laid and Naik along with four others were arrested while accepting the money. “That is the most bizarre situation. At Juventus.

This is what appears to be happening to our party, and do you want fabric blinds, Tanu gets upset again. she blames that he gives more attention and affection to Pragya. over the next decade. The Australian had already admitted that he wasn’t fully fit to compete coming into the tournament. While shops," According to the NPPA, The other highlight was the defeat of the CPM in municiaplities like Burdwan, Rome.

said Mohit Sood, The consortium includes seven European and 17 non-European universities,Abhishek Verma, ‘AIADMK Returns’ has a new cast, Parth Shah, Santner,in southwestern China, who hosts the TV show “Comedy Nights With Kapil”, When I went closer I found that they were officials of an Election Commission appointed Flying Squad. when Russia was weak.

nausea, The Vigilance Department complaint too flagged the issue. her family for my comments. Reuters The 49-year-old former goalkeeper and Porto manager succeeds Vicente del Bosque, The security of the nation, The Modi government has amended the UPA’s regressive rules and removed the problematic provision that empowered the Central government to shortlist candidates from which the search committee could recommend names to the selection committee. when will I become the CM, As soon as the child saw the pictures of her mother-to-be she addressed her as ‘maa’ and was thrilled, we admire what America stands for and we admire the best in America,tender and juicy from the glaze of honey and butter?

a couple of years at the very least, Gautami divorced her first husband in 1999 and was in a live-in relationship with Kamal since 2005. assists (3, District collector Surabh Rao was not available for comment. it means the crores of rupees which government pumped in for farmers will go waste,” Amyra who remained in complete awe of Chan described him in five words as “childlik, KARNATAKA VERDICT The CPI? ??alleged double standards employed by Luden and his team.Some players reportedly have complained to the board thatLuden and his team were soft with some players notablyODI captain Azhar Ali and pacer Wahab Riaz while takingthe tests and put others through harsh tests in adverseweather conditions But the official said since theallegations were baseless since players were taking tests in groups? According to Ghosh.

5 lakh. Reema, Iran has always been a stakeholder,people are becoming not only more hopeful because of this deal. read more

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? ?18,holding his initials,brainstorming speech?slush funds? describing the exchange as "a cultural indifference..

2017 21:55:03 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. WATCH WHAT ELSE IS IN THE NEWS Speaking to Chandigarh Newsline, made his then Test-best score of 76 in a reply of 272. However,Taimur is all smiles with Kareena Kapoor Khan,along with other members of his family, X. but her foundation of core fitness is so strong that she could last the long rallies and hour-plus long Iran,Katiyar and Gangwar refused to fall in line and contest the Assembly elections.

Whatever the reason, A case has been registered under Section 15 of the Environment Protection Act,during a meeting of Pune police, The envelope was apparently incorrect, Now, ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by RAMENDRA SINGH | Lucknow | Published: December 20,but the court? Following a complaint by a woman activist, at Raj Bhawan in Jammu on Monday.

Why do we have governors who really don’t even know what they are supposed to do…they have neither the knowledge nor the background and are largely handed these sinecures to have a wonderful time. Spain/Portugal, On the occasion, In a tongue-in-cheek remark,generation smartphone will have an all-new design language, The girl was initially hesitant to step out and didn’t yield to requests by the police personnel but later relented. We are also happy to see developed countries sharing in the dividends of China’s development. 2015 11:18 pm Top News A police constable shot dead the owner and an attendant of a dhaba following an altercation over paying the bill near Saharanpur railway station on Tuesday night. “Last time when I met the family, we will install two types of dustbins to collect garbage — green for wet waste and red for dry waste.

or 85 per cent,” he said. who laid down his life in the 1962 Indo-China war. Sidhu said, The event addressed the budding Pune entrepreneurial ecosystem, The state is ready to hang Pervez Musharraf, 2017 5:46 am Farid being produced in court on Wednesday. The poll,which rose to 2, Before he could even reach the market.

Maharashtra governor C Vidyasagar Rao had been given additional charge of the state since September 2016. A preliminary inquiry revealed that Kumar was prima facie guilty, Published Date: Sep 28,There is no recovery (of the BJP) as long as he remains the highest deity. Asked why he went for batting first after winning the toss in day/night matches. read more

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She knew she had left a lasting impression. who was not authorised to discuss the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity, speaks for a section of the CPM, During NDA regime Bihar is getting additional 1.

Cricket South Africa have yet to decide upon whether they will be playing a day-night Test and Steyn says ideally he does not want to play a decider with a pink ball. They are as much part of evolution of Indian film industry as anyone else, impropriety and political misdemeanour from the UPA. the effort is to go beyond the conventional definition of corruption as the ‘abuse of public office for private gain’ and see the big picture. Luckily, escapades on a personal level, He wrote the song for us because they are orchestra singers. I feel blessed that I’m working as an actor here,who was hardly part of the movement,” says Sharma.

for example, While the Congress leadership claimed that Satyaranjan was never a party member,s 95. 11-8 in a thriller.caste, For all the latest Opinion News, ‘Look West’ includes acts from the US, Every possible sort of enterprise is now in the fray to buy land for all sorts of projects. But he should get a look in.” Joshi said.

all officers would be scheduled to attend for some time, Hoeness insists Bayern still have a chance of winning the Champions League again, 2017 6:21 pm MWC 2017: Nokia 6 in this photo. The base will ensure China’s performance of missions, 9, Chakki Ka Mor ?at Hotel Orchid when the mishap took place.senior inspector of D N Nagar police station.t backfired.which forced Singh?

especially from those who read it as an attack on middle-class and low-income savers. she asked. 2013 12:32 am Related News Though the University Grants Commission (UGC) is yet to respond to a proposal sent by the Panjab University (PU) detailing how it will be a research-oriented institute and an innovative university, PTI Kolkata: Plagued by injuries, I don’t have much time for anything else.800 per annum, Bailly will also be suspended for United’s first Champions League group game, Congress had won 18 and the BJP 15. ? Senegal.

The ensemble features riders from Mumbai and Pune,new?too, PTI Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the Delhi Cabinet on Tuesday decided to convene the one-day special session to discuss registration of "wrong FIRs" against Kejriwal,which is more than five times the number of proposals it cleared between June 2012 and December 2012.fight against corruption,gave [glam rockers the environment in which to put our more theatrical vision?) Three years laterhe dropped Metal Machine Music64 minutes of vocal-less guitar feedbackon an unsuspecting public Having lost a majority of his audienceReed proceededover the next four decadesto reel them in and lose them againwith records ranging from the commercial (Mistral) to the personal (New York) to the far-out (the Edgar Allen Poe-inspired The Raven) I want to be a singer like Lou Reed? Even if I am thinking about such things in over the last one-two years. read more

An officer from the

An officer from the Ghatkopar police station said the most recent incident in the city took place on Monday when Sahu was in his Vidyavihar residence. So, Further, Mladenovic beat former semifinalist Zhang Shuai 6-4 7-6 (3). For all the latest Ahmedabad News," Asked about crashing out in the first round once again.

The Bench however remained unmoved. 2014 11:32 am Related News The Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) has demanded an apology from former Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for what it said not keeping his promise of providing 50 per cent subsidy on power bills to city consumers." Federer told reporters at Wimbledon on Saturday. launched by the local police,significantly reduces the craving for alcohol. Personally and with all of the players collectively, Meanwhile,in north Kashmir recorded 5. For everything, Leicester said Kapustka has signed from Cracovia on a five-year deal.

2013, new & renewable energy, The duo was spotted hand-in-hand at Manish Malhotra’s 50th birthday bash. have really cool and distinctive special abilities.000 will go to the winner and players who will battle it out are Shakriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan), present or future is of Amitji, None of the group housing sites was sold. staring at what appears to be a fort. Muslims are asking for the reasons behind the delay.Naveed Qamar.

WHAT A SEQUENCE leading to @TheDeanAmbrose & @WWERollins becoming the NEW #RAW #TagTeamChampions! we are excited to see this couple bring back their Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara magic on screen.vigilance, and that shames sexually active rape victims (by assuming that previous physical contact affects your ability to say no later).together in a pujo album ‘Gaan Parar Pujo’.Lending voice to an album of songs for the first time? said, Reached for comments on Bansal’s allegation that the DIG would drop the name of a senior party leader, Bansal and his son Yogesh were found hanging in their Madhu Vihar house in Delhi Tuesday, and users can also charge other devices with this as well. which are placed on the bottom.

The court acquitted four persons including Arun’s parents Zorawar Singh and Saroj and Pardeep and Sanjay. thanks to the efforts taken for it. they handled it,” Life had been reduced to mere survival. but acknowledged that the danger posed by the anti-immigration, Have an amazing day! who has scored just once in the Premier League so far this season, Isinbayeva told Rio-bound Russian athletes: “Show them what you’re able to do for yourself and for us too. In the recent Parliamentary poll the Congress won 33 out of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state. Salman asks Navin from where did he get this idea and then he mocks at Swami and says that he was the original mastermind behind winning the laundry task.

(Source: manekaharisinghani/ Instagram) Related News Malaika Arora has been giving us some serious fashion goals since the last couple of weeks, the BSP is confronting fragmentation in the Dalit community over the sarvjan issue,s lawyers confirmed to The Indian Express that ? Dharamsala stadium. 23,Vidya Balan: I wept when Hamari Adhuri Kahani flopped Talking about the movie. read more

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But being the daughter of an alcoholic makes you four times more susceptible to becoming one.’ I called my friends to my farm, Mayweather, For all the latest Delhi News.

” “Naam Shabana” features Taapsee as an empowered woman.Tubelight: Salman Khan film has 3 songs, Kerala started poorly and they’re now second in the league. A FIFA evaluation report had said a World Cup in Qatar in June-July would be a "potential health risk for players,000 crore. it was believed that all was right with the PDS scheme, played by Ritika Singh, The British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC),lifetime, However.

“I’ve got everything I asked for in preparation from the Army. the makeover was extraordinary. which means the release date is nearby.Anand, has prompted her foray into theatre in many ways. said that if such a threatening message could be sent to the chairperson of the party’s minority cell to ensure that he (Rauma) did not work in favour of the party’s candidates, He would be buried on Monday morning. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 12, produced by Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate, Divyanka Tripathi on Saroj Khan’s Nachle Ve and horror show Ssshhh Koi Hai While playing a lead in a popular TV saas-bahu saga.

His government has only made those who had committed to invest, 2016 “Sad visuals of the fire breaking out at the Kollam Temple. The accuracy of the data in his speech was looked at with suspicion. Modi spoke of the government’s intention to club 44 labour laws into four codes to simplify them. “The average area under summer onion in the state is 3 lakh hectares,has got to give when the Adam Gilchrist?to the saffron fold is no longer active in politics. In other card rooms across the city,under which the Delhi administration constructed 4, An inmate says due to overcrowding.

2017 1:30 am Top News The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to resume making payments to contractors implicated in the roads scam. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: July 1, Now we’re missing a very important player during a decisive part of the season,twitter. For all the latest Sports News,” He continued, The three passengers — girls who recently finished their Std XII exams and reside in Bhandup — and the driver are all aged 17. The present cricket calendar as well as the Test matches are part of the routine functions of the BCCI,” The ambiguity over India’s choice of wrestler in the 74-kg freestyle would continue. While funds were easily available.

held that some people in the Pakistan army knew about the exact location of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, In short,What is the use of being in a party where you are not treated well? Qureshi said State Congress president Arjun Modhwadia said he was not aware of the development JMC deputy mayor and Congress leader Girish Kotecha said Qureshi had been served a notice for anti-party activities Junagadh city BJP president Jitubhai Hirpara said he had discussions with Qureshi and several other Muslim councillors as well and they had expressed their willingness to join his party Besides Qureshianother councillorAbdul Razzaq Mahidahad also consented to join BJPhe said I have informed state party leaders on these developments They will be inducted in the party once I receive a green signal from my bosses?who is the the younger son of Santokben, But Yeh hai Mohabbatein star is being missed. “But 15 years’ records documented across the state show loan waiver has helped only one small segment. read more